When do boys stand up to wee? (from 24 months) 

Health visitor Krystal Mesmain discusses when to expect boys to stand up to pee, and how you can encourage them to start.

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Transcript of When do boys stand up to wee? (from 24 months)

When do boys stand up to wee?   Krystal: “It's important to not rush your child to learn how to stand up and wee. So, initially, they will sit down and it's important not to rush them or it can lead to confusion. Once they've mastered those skills, then you can teach them how to stand up and wee. Your toddler can learn how to wee, to stand up, by watching an older sibling or a family member.   They can be great for encouragement. Because your infant is small, they will probably need a step stool to help them wee in a bowl correctly. Some potties have step stools. Make sure it's very steady, so your infant doesn't fall off. Weeing in an upright position can be tricky. It involves a lot of coordination to aim the penis towards the back of the toilet, so expect a lot of accidents.   You can help your son to learn to wee by standing up by getting him to stand close to the toilet bowl and holding his penis, so he can aim. It can be helpful to have something to aim at such as cereal, as it floats and it's degradable. It will take lots of practice, possibly a year or more, before the toilet bowl, the walls and the floor are clear from splashes. In the meantime, be patient and generous with praise and keep the spray cleaner handy.”    


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