When can we have sex again after birth? 

Health visitor Maggie Fisher talks about how soon couples can re-start their sex life after the birth of their baby.

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Transcript of When can we have sex again after birth?

When can we have sex again after birth?


Maggie: It’s a very individual thing and it’s really when you and your partner feel comfortable and ready to have sex again.  It’s something that’s good to discuss.  Most women after having a baby that it’s something that’s going to hurt or feel painful and actually a lot of men are quite scared of hurting their partner.  It’s something to take gently and feel free to start as and when you both wish to.  It’s a good idea to think about contraception because you can get pregnant straight away.  Even if you’re breastfeeding it’s possible to ovulate before you have your first period so it’s something to discuss with your health visitor, your midwife or your GP.  It’s quite natural after you’ve had a baby for it to feel quite dry and uncomfortable down there so do use some lubricant jelly which will help penetration to feel less uncomfortable.  If you don’t feel like having sex straight away then there are other ways to feel close and intimate with your partner – kissing, cuddling, massage, masturbation.  

It may be that you don’t feel interested in sex after you’ve had a baby.  This is quite normal.  But if that continues and it starts to affect your relationship then please do talk to your health visitor or GP about this.  Every couple is different – you have different needs and desires.  The most important thing is to talk to one another about what you want and to just keep communicating and if something feels painful or difficult then stop and just take it gradually.


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