What's the right portion size for my toddler? 

Health visitor Ruth Oshikanlu discusses the right portion size for your toddler.

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Transcript of What's the right portion size for my toddler?

What's the right portion size for my toddler?   Ruth: “There is no such thing as an ideal portion size. What children eat varies from day to day. They would eat according to their energy requirements. So larger children or more active children would eat larger portion sizes and smaller or less active children would eat smaller portion sizes.   Young children need to grow and develop and need at least two to three portions of protein daily. Good protein sources include fish, meat, eggs and pulses. It's also important that they have at least five portions of fruit and vegetables daily. Portion sizes would vary depending on the type of food. For example, a portion of carbohydrates would include one to three spoons of mash potato, a slice of bread or one Weetabix.   Protein portions could include one to two tablespoons of minced meat, a half to three quarters of chicken breast or one to two tablespoons of beans. Milk and dairy portions include one to two slices of cheese, one to two pots of yoghurt, about 50g each, and 4fl oz to 5fl oz of milk.   Full-fat milk is fine until the age of two. If your child has a healthy appetite and is growing well, you can switch to semi-skimmed milk. Young children have small stomachs, so it's important that they eat little and often.   In a day, they could have three meals, as well as two to three snacks. It's important that you allow your child to guide you. Your child will eat as much as they need to eat. So offer moderate portions, never force your child to eat, never withhold snacks, as this may affect their eating patterns.”


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