What is it like being a birth partner? 

Fathers talk about what it feels like to be at the birth of their baby.

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Transcript of What is it like being a birth partner?

What is it like being a birth partner?


Alex: There’s no way in the world I would have missed the birth, just first to be with my partner at the time, just make sure she went through it correctly but it’s also a once in a lifetime event, so I think you will kick yourself the rest of your life if you miss it. Only one bit that I missed because they put the epidural in which goes into the spine, that wasn’t… the only bit I wasn’t happy to be with, but everything else it was like ‘I want to see it’, even if it would have been a caesarean I would have been there.


Sheldon: To be honest there’s no way I could have missed it, it was an integral part of it with the hypnobirthing that we took on. I was right in there in the birthing pool with her, stroking her back, giving her light touch massage, keeping her calm.  My wife would probably kill me for saying this on screen but in a birthing pool with poo and everything coming out [laughs] I still wouldn’t have missed it even if I knew at the time I was going to be swimming in poo, I would have said ‘right, throw me in there.’


Greg: We were quite apprehensive about together being in a hospital going through something potentially stressful and I guess you worry that you might have a silly argument. My wife had been in labour for three days…it was the moment they put the baby in your arms at the end of it all that’s quite amazing, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


Tommy: Like all of you have you’ve said it’s a fantastic experience, it’s traumatic, it’s exciting and it’s life-changing.


Sheldon: I can kind of understand why some men wouldn’t want to be there. You know, you could have an aversion to blood, your wife screaming, being in pain. I think sometimes you’ve got to leave your preconceptions behind and think about what you can do for your partner because you know, you can be there or you can either miss it and then regret it for the rest of your life and never have that experience again, you don’t want to miss out on these things.


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