What is a water birth like? 

Mothers and fathers swap stories of what their water birth at home was like.

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What is a home water birth like?


Sophie: I’ve had all three of mine in water. The best thing probably was the pain relief actually – I found it really, really soothing getting into the water, and not having the pain relief and then getting in just felt really lovely.


Fritha: I wanted to leave getting in the pool kind of until I was finding the pain unbearable because that’s what I’d been told and I’d been told that if you got in too early than it could slow down the birth.


Shamila: I think you can rest between your contractions in a way that you can’t do when you’re on dry land because particularly if you’ve got an inflatable pool because it was so comfortable to just lean on the side which is why I was thinking ‘I wish I had done this before’ because every time I had a contraction out of water my legs would like wobble uncontrollably, especially when they got a bit stronger.


Fritha: I felt just so much lighter as soon as I got in because I enjoyed swimming when I was pregnant.


Sophia: I kind of was quite lucky because I kind of had the baby, felt like ‘actually I just want to get out of it now’ because it was quite yucky and quite blurgh and got out and kind of then just had the midwives around me and sorting me out, and then my husband got the lovely job of (laughs) of bumping it all out and cleaning the pool out so I, yeah. It’s absolutely, all three times, the most amazing experience of my life, kind of looking down and doing the final push where you feel them come out and then looking down and just seeing this baby’s face in the water, and then being able to lift...and all three of them have been able to sort of just move my leg and lift them up myself through the water and it still makes me feel emotional now. It was really really amazing.


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