What is a home birth like (midwife)? 

Midwife Sue Rowland explains what it’s like to give birth at home.

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Transcript of What is a home birth like (midwife)?

What is a home birth like (midwife)?


Sue: In England approximately 1 in 50 people choose to give birth at home so if you decide to do this you’re not on your own.


A home birth is really nice. It means you can have your baby in your own environment. It can help you to cope with pain because you release a happy hormone and so you can be more relaxed, more comfortable, more mobile because you can walk in the garden, you can walk around the house.  There are more places for you to go at home than in a hospital where you have one room.


The only pain relief that you can’t have is an epidural because you need an anaesthetist and drips and things for that but you can have all the other pain relief. You’ll have one midwife for most of your labour and at the end of the labour when you get into second stage the first midwife will call for a second midwife to help her.


It’s slightly more likely for you to get transferred into hospital if this is your first baby. It could be that you might need more pain relief so that’s the commonest reason that people get transferred.


If your pregnancy’s low risk – and by that I mean no medical complications, the baby’s in the right position, the pregnancy’s progressed well, you’re healthy, the baby is expected to be healthy, then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t think of having a home birth.




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