What if I don't love my baby? (mums) 

Four mums talk about how long it took them to form an emotional bond with their new baby.

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Transcript of What if I don't love my baby? (mums)

I’m going to be a mum. What if I don’t love my baby?

Yasemin: When you become pregnant although you so want this baby, there’s always a fear that you are going to reject the baby. When it comes along.

Leyla: When you’re pregnant, you think your baby is going to look a certain way, then when the baby is born it’s all grey and wrinkly, and it’s not doing anything, and it’s just staring at you, and you’re expecting to do something with it.

Beckie: When I gave birth to him I did love him but I hadn’t got this ‘wow, oh my gosh’, but that grew over time and the more time I spent with him, the more I thought ‘oh my god’. I think that people think when the baby is born it’s going to be an instant thing and I’m just going to fall in love with this baby and that’s it. It’s only when they’re born that you think yeah I’ve got love for you, it’s like getting to know anyone. It builds, you have to get to know them, they have to get to know you, you have to learn what they like and then you fall in love with them.

Joanna: There are many expectations, to be this perfect mum and love the baby from day one, it’s too much.

Beckie: I’ve had friends who told me they fell in love with their baby instantly and I’m sat there thinking, ‘why didn’t I do that? Why did I feel so down’?

Joanna: I think many women aspire to this ideal bond, this picturesque thing that’s not what you imagine.



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