What if I don't love my baby (Dads)? 

Four fathers talk about how they coped with worries about forming an emotional bond with their baby.

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Transcript of What if I don't love my baby (Dads)?

I’m going to be a dad. What if I don’t love my baby?

Sheldon: When I found out I was going to have a baby I was taken aback. My biggest worry I guess was whether we’d bond, whether we’d make a connection, I watched so many things, heard so many stories about men crying at their births, feeling that rush of emotion as soon as they see a baby and I really did just fear that wouldn’t have that. As soon as I saw her the emotion did just rush out and I was very happy, that may not be the case for everybody

Alex: Bonding with the baby, I really had this feeling once the baby is born that I don’t directly love her with all of my heart but once I did really have that feeling but once she started recognising you, she starts seeing you and she starts smiling, when she doesn’t do it to other people then you are daddy and I recognise you now. And when you walk around the bed and her eyes keep tracking you. The first time I gave her this bottle and you get the feeling that you are nurturing her, that you are providing for her, it’s not just the money you put in the bank account.

Greg:  Different people relate to your baby in different ways, in my case my parents holding my baby was pretty amazing, I got much more the sense of family.

Tommy: With work, being away you have so little time, I will really worried about it.

Sheldon: I think sometimes you’ve got to be patient. There are so many stages of bonding that come along, there’s the first moment you see each other, the first time you pick her up and the falls asleep on your body, there’s so many different ways which you can bond so you’ve just got to be patient and enjoy them for what they are.


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