What exercise should I do after birth? 

Midwife Suzanne Barber describes how and where to exercise after birth.

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What exercise should I do after birth?


Suzanne: When you’ve had your baby you’ll probably be quite tired and you won’t feel like doing much in the way of exercise but the most important thing is to start working those pelvic floors as soon as possible.  It doesn’t take much, just a gentle squeeze, holding for ten seconds and then relaxing, will help you to get back in tone.


But it’s important to use the opportunities you have around the home to do those little spurts of exercise. Running up the stairs, when you go to pick up your baby, make sure you keep yourself upright and bend at the knees and keep those tummy muscles in.


There’s nothing new mothers love more than taking their babies out to the shops and showing them off in the new prams, but make the most of the opportunity of having a few brisk moments.


Because your bones and ligaments are a little bit weakened from childbirth remember to look after your back and keep up nice and straight.  You will notice your tummy muscles will be a little bit looser. Lie on your back, hold your tummy muscles tight against your abdominal wall, use your pelvic floors at the same time and you will soon get your tone back.


One of the fun things to do after you’ve had a baby is to take your baby swimming.  Wait until your post-natal bleeding has completely stopped, which might take up to about six weeks.  Don’t forget to take your partner or a friend with you, because once you’ve had fun in the water with baby it’s an ideal opportunity to get some exercise.




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