Online patient feedback: Jean's story 

Jean had a good experience at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, but thought that the food could be better. See how the hospital responded to her online feedback.

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Transcript of Online patient feedback: Jean's story

My main intention was to leave a really positive comment

about the excellent service I'd had

from the doctors and therapists at the hospital.

And when I looked on the website,

it then invited you to say what you didn't quite like as much.

We'd made a few jokes about the food, the patients when we were there

and made a few comments.

I thought, well, why not put a serious comment about the food

while I make positive comments on other things?

I said words to the effect of,

"A hospital is a place where health is promoted,

where hopefully people go to get cured."

"And yet the food to me seemed to be the opposite of that."

It wasn't healthy food.

It was very heavy and stodgy and there was just far too much of it.

We deal with comments by collecting them

through our patient advice and liaison service at the hospital.

We encourage patients to provide comments

about their experiences of the hospital

through a variety of formal systems.

We then report on those to managers and service leads across the hospital.

One of the patients was concerned about the old-fashioned nature of the menus.

And perhaps heavy puddings, lack of salads and things like that.

So, we obviously take those comments on seriously,

and we're open to any suggestions.

So we were able to make some adjustments.

What we've done is looked at actually increasing the menu size.

We've changed from a three-week to a four-week cycle.

There's also the benefit of increased nutritional value

from having more variety from the menu.

(Jean) When I actually saw there was a reply to my comments I had made,

both about the food and the excellent service I'd had in treatment,

I was absolutely astonished.

They replied saying what they'd done to make changes in the hospital food.

I was very, very surprised about that.

I think that it's really important to reply to all patient comments

about their experience of the hospital

to show how we listen to people,

but also how we learn from their experiences

to improve our ways of working.

Some of the benefits have been

that we're not only replying to that individual's comment,

but also that it's open to the public.

Other trusts and other patients can see the improvements we've been making

to the nutritional service within this hospital.

We show we do care and we do acknowledge patients' comments

and that we do react to them as well.

So it's very useful.

As patients have more choice of which hospitals they would like to go to,

comments are becoming much more important

as they give us the opportunity to learn and improve the ways that we work.

(Jean) I actually feel it's worthwhile making a comment.

As long as you make it constructively, I actually now believe things can change

as a result of that.

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