My child wants to be with me all the time - what can I do? (6 to 18 months) 

Health visitor Penny Lazell talks about what you can do if your baby gets anxious when you leave the room, and how to ease their separation anxiety.

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Transcript of My child wants to be with me all the time - what can I do? (6 to 18 months)

My child wants to be with me all the time – what can I do?   Penny:  It's quite normal for your baby to get anxious when you leave the room or if it can't see you, around about eight months of age. This usually will carry on until about a year and then will subside, so don't worry about it.   If your baby is getting anxious, it's a really good idea just to try to reassure them that you're not leaving forever and you will be back soon. You can turn it into a game. You can play things like peekaboo and they soon get used to this reassurance that you will come back.   Try to avoid sneaking away from your baby. They will know what you're trying to do. So instead say goodbye to them. Tell them you're leaving. And then when you return, give them a big hug and say hello.   It's often not a good idea to leave your baby when they're tired, hungry or unwell. They will need you at those times. But other times, try and just leave them for short periods with people they know, close relatives, and gradually start extending that time. It is really hard to see your baby distressed and anxious, but this is a stage of development that they need to go through. This will teach them that they can be with other people, other than just you.   Usually by about a year of age, your baby will be confident and the separation anxiety will go. But for some, it does a little bit longer.  Just hang in there, keep cool, don't change your plans, stick with it and within no time at all, you'll have your baby going to other people.    


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