How much sleep should my newborn baby have? 

Midwife Natalie Carter talks about how much sleep a newborn needs and how every baby is different.

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Transcript of How much sleep should my newborn baby have?

How much sleep should my newborn baby have?


Natalie: Some babies will actually sleep up to 18, 20 hours a day, but it’s important to remember that not all babies will sleep that much and every baby is different.


Some babies may be sleeping through the night when they are around 8 weeks old but it’s much more likely that your baby may actually never sleep completely through the night, particularly if you’re breastfeeding your baby, they may well still require a feed at some point during the night. It’s important you don’t compare your baby to any other.


Once you’ve had time with your baby at home you may find you find things that helps your baby to go to sleep in the evenings such as a warm bath, or a feed, or a lullaby. You will start to learn what your baby needs to help them fall asleep. 


Don’t worry in the early days if you find your baby doesn’t settle in their Moses basket or cot – whatever it is you’re using – it’s very common that babies will fall asleep while being held by somebody and then wake when they are down in their cot. They simply just want to be near their human contact.


Please do try and get some sleep when your baby sleeps during the day because it will help you cope with the interrupted sleep at night.


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