How do we make our home safe for our baby? 

Midwife Natalie Carter explains the ways you can make your home safer for your newborn.

Find out more about the ways you can make your home safe for your newborn

Transcript of How do we make our home safe for our baby?

How do we make our home safe for our baby?


Natalie: When you first come home with your baby there’s actually very little you need to do in your home itself to make it safe, because your baby is not really moving around very much at the moment.  They’re very stationary and really you’re their prime protector but of course there are some common-sense things that you need to think about.


Don’t ever smoke around your baby or let anybody else smoke around your baby and even if they have gone outside to have a cigarette please remember that the smoke is on their clothes and the baby will inhale it as secondary smoke.


To prevent scalding your child, please remember never to carry hot drinks or hot food or cook with the child in your arms, and also when it comes to their bath time check the temperature of the water with your elbow.  Never leave a child in any amount of water on their own because they are also susceptible to drowning in as little as 5cm.


When changing your baby, either nappy or clothing, you may want to use a changing mat on the floor or a towel so that there’s no harm of the baby rolling although please be careful of your back. Make sure that if you’re using a high surface you never leave your baby unattended ‘cause they may soon start to roll off so never leave them alone.


Only use toys that are suitable for your baby’s age, and when using toys be careful there are no detachable parts that may get stuck in their mouth or their throat or they may hang around their neck.


A safer home for your baby will also mean peace of mind for you.


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