How do I write a birth plan? 

Midwife Sue Rowland shares hints and tips on how to write a birth plan.

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How do I write a birth plan?


Sue: It’s not absolutely vital that you make a birth plan you don’t have to make one but it’s really, really helpful to know what ideas you have for your labour and how you want your labour to progress and how your partner can be involved.


The sort of things you need to discuss in your birth plan are things like what position you’re going to be in, what pain relief you’re going to have who’s going top be there is your partner going to cut the cord. It’s really important to know what you each want.


Having written a birth plan it’s really important that anybody you c0me across who’s going to look after you either before labour or during labour you just show it to them so show it to the doctors show it to the midwives and let them know that you do have some ideas and a plan of what you want to happen.


You have to be very flexible though because things can change when you’re in labour. If the labour changes, if your plans change because of the way the labour’s going there’ll be a continuing discussion with the health professional looking after you to make sure that you get as near as possible to what you planned.


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