How do I keep my toddler safe in the home? (12 to 30 months) 

Katrina Phillips of the Child Accident Prevention Trust talks about the steps you can take to keep your toddler safe in the home.

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Transcript of How do I keep my toddler safe in the home? (12 to 30 months)

How do I keep my toddler safe in the home?   Katrina: “Young children are really curious and they need to explore. It's actually how they learn about the world. You can't rely on small children to remember the safety advice that you give them, so it is down to you to keep an eye on them to keep them safe from harm.   Babies and young children can be strangled by blind cords. Get into the habit of always tying the blind cord up out of reach.

Keep balcony doors locked. Keep gates locked so children can't get out onto the road and keep garden tools locked away.   It's best not to smoke around children, because breathing in the smoke just isn't good for their health. If you do have a smoker in your house, encourage them to smoke outside, so that you're not exposing your child to that smoke. Encourage them to stub their cigarette out and make sure it's well out, so that it doesn't smoulder and start a fire.   Fit a smoke alarm upstairs as well as downstairs, and also fit a guard in front of any fires. Get into the habit, when you're going to bed at night, to just switch off electrical appliances, so that they can't start a fire while you and the family are fast asleep.   Get your gas appliances serviced every year. Fit a carbon-monoxide alarm and that will actually sound a warning, if levels of the poisonous gas are too high in your home.   There are lots of simple, small, practical things that you can do that will make a huge difference to keeping your child safe from serious harm.”    


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