How can I regulate my baby's temperature? 

Midwife Kate Taylor describes the best ways to regulate your baby’s temperature.

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How can I Regulate my Baby’s Temperature?

Kate:  There is some research out there at the moment that says if your overwrap your baby, it can raise their temperature because they can’t control their temperatures very well when they’re little, and that could lead to the unfortunate effect of cot death.

Babies shouldn’t be allowed to get too hot, they should be dressed in light, loose clothing, like a vest, baby grow, cardigan maybe. You don’t need to have hats on your baby indoors at all, and if you’re going out and it’s cold or very windy, you may want to put a hat on the baby.

When you’re settling them down to sleep at any time of the day or night you’ve got to consider the temperature of the room that they’re in at the time. We recommend that all babies sleep in their own cots, with their feet to the foot of the cot so they can’t slide down any more, and on their back until they’re able to move and roll over themselves.

Layer them with blankets tucked in and around the mattress to keep them nice and safe and secure, up to their shoulders / chest height. You don’t want the blankets or anything going over the baby’s head, because they lose and control their temperature a little bit through their head, we wouldn’t want to have that taken away from them.

You want your baby to be comfortable, safe, and secure, not to be too overheated, not to be cold either, but just to feel comfortable.


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