How can I make my home safe for my baby? 

A health visitor talks about how to make your home safe for your baby

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Transcript of How can I make my home safe for my baby?

How can I make my home safe for my baby? Children under the age of four are most at risk of accidents around the home, but there’s a lot that we can do to keep them safe.  As a parent it’s a really good idea to get down on the floor, to your baby’s level – their eye view – and see what safety issues are around them. Blind and curtain cords are very dangerous.  Your baby may get tangled up in them or your baby is at risk of strangulation by them, so it’s really important that you tie them up tightly and put them out of reach of your baby. Around your baby’s cot it’s really important that you don’t tie things around it or hang things down from it, and when your baby is asleep remove the toys.  Now that your baby’s crawling, you need to be thinking about safety around the stair area, placing the stair-gate at the bottom of the stairs, as well as the top. Around your window area, it’s a good idea to remove any low furniture that your baby might be able to climb on.   Make sure that your windows have locks on them. Babies are massively at risk of choking, particularly from skinned foods, for example grapes.  It’s an idea to remove the skin and stay with your baby at all times.  Babies can choke by putting small objects in their mouth so it’s really important that these small objects are kept away, out of reach from your baby.  Medicines and tablets need to be locked away, ideally in a locked cupboard, or in a high cupboard away from your baby’s reach.  Ensure that you have a fire alarm or smoke detector and these are tested regularly.  The fire service or your local council will be able to help you with this. If you have any worries, or require any more information, please do contact your health visitor, who’ll be able to help you with these safety issues.  


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