How can I help my child make friends? (12 to 30 months) 

Health visitor Sara Patience describes how you can help your child make friends, and how important friends are for your child's confidence and development.

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Transcript of How can I help my child make friends? (12 to 30 months)

How can I help my child make friends?   Sara: “Making friends is important, because your child will become more confident, they'll interact more easily, they'll go to school and be more relaxed and make friends easily, especially if they're an only child and not used to the company of others.   Find out where your local children's centres and playgroups are. They will run a range of activities that your child will enjoy. You can take your child to groups from when they're born. There are children's centres and parent-and-toddler groups. Your child might enjoy that.   It's common that children don't like to share, so initially a young child won't play with another child, but they play alongside other children, and they have to learn to share and empathise with other children.   If you take them to groups, they will learn alongside other children that it's nice to share and become friends. If you're not sure of where to take your child, ask your health visitor. They will have a list of all the local parent-toddler groups and children's centres that you can go to.”    


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