How can I encourage my child to use the potty? 

When it comes to potty training a little encouragement goes a long way. Health visitor Naresh Lane explains how you can help your child.

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Transcript of How can I encourage my child to use the potty?

How can I encourage my child to use the potty?   Naresh:  “It's a good idea to plan ahead for potty training your toddler when there's minimal disruptions in the household and when they're in a cooperative frame of mind.   To encourage your child to use the potty, leave it lying around the house, somewhere they can easily access it, such as a bathroom, so that they can get used to knowing what it's for.   If you can see that your child wants to do a wee, encourage them towards the potty to show them where it is and help them take their nappy off if they need that assistance.   Leave your toddler's nappy off during the day, if you know they're going to have their bowels open at certain times of day, so you can encourage them towards using the potty at that time.   Make potty training part of your child's daily routine using the potty after meals and before bedtime.   To encourage your child to continue using the potty - lots of praise, without making a big deal out of it, goes a long way. It can take a while for your child to get used to using the potty. If they do slip up, just clean it up with minimal fuss. We don't want them to get worried or anxious about it.   If your child is getting stressed about using the potty and worried and anxious, don't worry about it. Just leave it for a few weeks before you bring out the potty again.”    


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