Can my baby eat everything my family eats? (9 to 12 months) 

Health visitor Krystal Mesmain goes through the different foods that both your family and your baby can eat.

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Transcript of Can my baby eat everything my family eats? (9 to 12 months)

Can my baby eat everything my family eats?   Krystal: “ Your child can eat most of the foods that the rest of the family eats and they can have it at meal times.   However, there are some foods for the first 12 months to avoid. It's a good idea to avoid swordfish, shark and marlin, because of the high levels of mercury.   However, other types of fish are OK to eat. Make sure there are no bones in there. Eggs are safe but it's important you make sure they're thoroughly cooked and that the white and the yellow part of the egg is solid.   Nuts are safe for children to eat, however, it's best to avoid whole nuts until a child is aged over five to avoid the risk of choking.   It's best to avoid honey, because it's high in sugar and also there's a bacteria in the honey that can make babies quite ill.   Keep salt to a minimum. Young children's kidneys can't cope with it. So it's important to keep it to a maximum of 1g a day.   It's not a good idea to sweeten your children's food, but if you're stewing fruit, add milk to it, because that might sweeten the taste for your child.   Low-fat, low-calorie and high-fibre foods might sound healthy, but they're best to avoid for children, because they need foods that are high in calories to thrive. They should be eating with the family.   You can have lots of foods of different flavours and textures in front of them. There can be finger foods that they can pick up and put in their mouth. It will be messy, but you don't want to discourage the child. Children know when they've had enough and will turn away or stop eating their food. Be patient. It takes time. This is a really fun time for you, the child and your family.”    


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