When should I introduce my baby to solid foods? 

A health visitor talks about when the best time is to introduce your baby to solid foods

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Transcript of When should I introduce my baby to solid foods?

When should I introduce my baby to solid foods? Introducing your baby to solid food is often called weaning, and it starts around six months of age. Up until then your baby will receive all its nutrients from breast milk or formula milk.  Weaning’s a really important stage in your baby’s development.  It’s a really exciting time when you and your baby will explore different tastes and different textures.  You’ll know when your baby’s ready for weaning – your baby will be able to sit up, be holding their head upright, they’ll be putting things in to their mouth, and chewing. A baby that’s not quite ready for weaning will probably just push the food away. If your baby’s chewing their fist, or maybe waking up throughout the night when they haven’t done previously, or wanting extra feeds, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be weaned.  Your baby’s first food is either pureed or mashed, and ideally a root vegetable, a fruit, baby rice or a baby cereal made from your breast milk and formula milk.  It’s got to be something that’s easily digestible. Whilst you’re weaning, you continue to give your baby either your breast milk or formula milk.  We don’t recommend that you give whole fat cow’s milk until your baby is a year old. To encourage your baby to feed themselves, it’s a good idea to give them soft cooked finger foods.  It will be messy so make sure the floor is covered – use a towel or a piece of plastic. At six months you can start to encourage the use of a cup - an open cup, or a free flowing cup that doesn’t have a valve.  This will aid your baby’s development in sipping, and is ideal for dental health. At around about eight to nine months your baby will be on three meals a day.  That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, so your baby will be eating with you - family meals, family fun and everyday routine.  


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