Transforming digital health and care

NHS.UK is designing a digital health and care service that better connects people to the information and services they need. The user is at the heart of everything we do.

NHS.UK will provide clear, simple health information connected to quality, trusted digital services. We will offer a personalised experience, supporting people to manage their own health. NHS.UK will be central to a network of services provided by national, local and third party organisations. We will help to deliver the next generation of digital healthcare, improve efficiency and increase quality for all.

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Our current focus:


Transforming NHS Choices

Transforming NHS Choices to deliver the next generation of digital services. With relevant, practical, action-focused content and smart sign-posting to services.


Digital service standards

Publishing service standards and practical guidance to help the NHS deliver quality and trusted digital services.


Register with a GP

A service that simplifies the process for patients and helps to reduce pressure on key NHS services.

The user at the heart of NHS.UK

Our work is research-led and focuses on the needs of patients, carers and front-line staff. We constantly iterate. Our work starts small, is tested and evolves based on users’ feedback. We make things open. We want to share, learn and adapt. We work in partnership with digital health and care teams and across organisational boundaries.

We’ve made the following:

Long term conditions

I need to manage a long-term condition

Providing a personalised experience to help patients understand and manage long term conditions

Diabetes prototype
Register with a GP

I need to register with a GP

Simplifying the process of registering with a GP.

GP registration prototype

I need to book and manage appointments

Connecting people with the services they need, when they need them.

Booking prototype Booking change prototype
Connecting to services

I need to know what I can do with this symptom

Using information on shoulder pain to connect to physiotherapy.

Physio prototype
Symptoms and Conditions

I need to know what I should do next

Relevant, practical and action-focused content and smart sign-posting to services.

Symptoms and conditions pages