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Walking for 150 minutes each week can help keep you & your growing baby healthy

Give your baby a better start in life

Getting babies healthy and active from birth gets them off to the best start

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This bump is made for walking – staying active during pregnancy

Did you know that 150 minutes of walking each week has loads of benefits for pregnant mums? And it doesn’t even have to be in one go!

A healthier baby

Being active during pregnancy means you're likely maintain a healthier weight and be able to cope better with the physical demands of pregnancy and labour. It also reduces the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, birth defects and diabetes.

It can also prevent gestational diabetes, which makes your baby grow too big in pregnancy, and can lead to delivery complications and low blood sugar. Being active can also prevent you from getting high blood pressure, which can result in a stillbirth.

And a healthier you

And for you, 150 minutes of walking a week makes it easier to get back to your normal weight after your baby is born. It can also:

  • Give you more energy, help you sleep better, and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. So even if you’re feeling shattered, it’s a great reason to try to get some walking in.
  • Make you stronger, so you can carry the weight of your growing baby.
  • Prepare your body for the physical challenge of labour. This can help to make labour quicker and reduces the risk of complications.
  • Help to lessen the risk of depression after your baby is born.

Top tips – easy ways to build 150 minutes of walking into your routine

It’s easy, when you know how! Just use your two feet whenever you can:

  • Walk to work, a friend’s house or the shops
  • If you already have kids, walk them to school
  • Get off the bus one stop early
  • Park the car further away than you need
  • Take the long way
  • Use the stairs, not the lift
  • If you work in an office, deliver messages in person rather than over the phone/ email
  • Talk and walk with a friend
  • Walk the dog – or someone else’s!

And if you fancy a change from walking, why not try:

  • Swimming
  • Aquanatal classes
  • Yoga
  • Dance classes

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