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Your NHS guide to long-term conditions and self care

Your healthcare

In this section you’ll find advice on how to get up-to-date information on your condition, how it’s treated and the best ways to look after your own day-to-day care. It includes a round-up of the best internet health sites, tips on taking your medicines and information on making a care plan as well as how to get the most from health professionals, including your doctor and pharmacists.

What is self care?

An explanation of self care and how it can improve life for people with a long-term health condition.

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Living with your condition

Practical advice on making small changes to your life to help you cope better on a day-to-day basis.

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What is a care plan?

A care plan written especially for you will help you receive the help you need from health professionals and social workers.

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Having a care plan review

How an annual review of your care can help you cope better with your condition.

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Getting on top of your medicines

General tips on taking your medicines responsibly, and gadgets that make taking them easier.

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Getting an information prescription

Find out about this new way to get information about your condition.

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Getting the most from your doctor’s appointment

How to prepare for your visit to the doctor, and what questions to ask at the consultation.

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Making the most of your pharmacist

How your pharmacist can help you, from arranging home deliveries, to a detailed review of your medicines.

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Finding out more about your condition

Your guide to reliable and accurate information on your condition and its treatment, including internet sites you can trust.

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Concerns and complaints

What to do if you're not getting the information and support you are entitled to. Also, information on how to make a complaint against the NHS.

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What help should you expect?

If you're living with a long-term condition you can use this tool to find out if you are receiving the right care and support.

Long-term conditions self-assessment

Search for services

Get help with all aspects of your long-term condition from the NHS in your area

Caring for Jasmine: Marie, Paris and Alan

Caring for Jasmine

Marie, Paris and Alan are carers for Jasmine, who has autism, scoliosis, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Give your health a boost with tips on losing weight, healthy eating, exercise, drinking less, stopping smoking and lots more.

Long-term conditions

Living with a long-term condition, including healthcare, medicines and support