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The programme - collecting information for the health of the nation

What is was a programme led by NHS England and NHS Digital that focused on bringing together securely, health and social care information from different settings in order to see what works well in the NHS and what could be done better.

Latest news

The National Data Guardian for health and care recently published a review of the choices patients have regarding the sharing of their information. The review recommended new ways for people to consent to, and/or opt out of, their information being shared. As these are different to what was proposed as part of, NHS England has taken the decision to close the programme.

However, the government and the NHS remain absolutely committed to improving patient health by connecting information nationally – while ensuring it is handled securely and patients are aware of the choices they have. This work will now be taken forward by the National Information Board, working closely with GPs and other healthcare professionals.

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Page last reviewed: 03/08/2016

Next review due: 03/08/2019

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