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Our guide to hitting the headlines

Friday Dec 27 2013

Boffins, are you have trouble communicating the fruits of your labour to a wider audience? Well, worry no more. Drawing on decades of journalistic experience we have drawn up the definitive guide to getting your work in the news…

Controversy over DSM-5: new mental health guide

Thursday Aug 15 2013

Sixteen years in the making and weighing in at over 800 pages, the publication of the new version of the so-called 'Psychiatric Bible' – the DSM-5 – has led to claims the diagnostic manual is over-medicalising normal human behaviour and moods…

Some types of e-cigarettes to be regulated as medicines

Wednesday Jun 12 2013

E-cigarettes are to be regulated as a quit-smoking aid from 2016. But are they safe, and do they work?

Does the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet work?

Monday Jan 14 2013

The 5:2 diet and other forms of intermittent fasting have become increasingly popular, with claims these diets help you lose weight, live longer and prevent disease. But is there any evidence?

Research into patient feedback websites usage

Thursday Nov 15 2012

Rating your doctor or hospital online is not just the preserve of the 'chattering classes', new research suggests. While the research has not yet hit the headlines, it has been circulated on social media and is available to access for free...

Half of medical reporting 'is subject to spin'

Wednesday Sep 19 2012

A story that you will probably not be reading in your daily paper anytime soon casts serious doubts on the reliability of mainstream medical and health journalism. A study found that over half of all news stories were subject to some form of 'spin'…

Hope and hype: stem cells in the media

Friday Nov 18 2011

Stem cells are often portrayed in the media as a miracle cure for many serious conditions and disabilities. Hugely positive headlines have led significant and understandable public interest in this fascinating cutting-edge science...

What’s your poison? Alcohol special report

Wednesday Oct 19 2011

Is Britain beset by binge boozers? Will wine help you lose weight? Could six cans of lager help you live longer? The media pose questions like these on an almost daily basis, often using and abusing the findings of...

Supplements: Who needs them? A special report

Tuesday May 31 2011

Millions of us take health supplements hoping to achieve good health, ease illness or defy ageing. But do they work? This report discusses the issues surrounding them and looks at some of the evidence for the most popular supplements.

Miracle foods: a special report

Tuesday Feb 1 2011

“Curry could save your life.” “Beetroot can fight dementia.” Every day there’s a new crop of seemingly life-changing headlines about how the food we eat affects our health. Read our special report on the supposed health properties of common foods.

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