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Behind the Headlines 2014 Quiz of the Year

Monday Dec 29 2014

In 2014, Behind the Headlines covered more than 500 health stories that made it into the mainstream media. Test your knowledge of 2014's health news with our month-by-month quiz...

The top 10 most popular news stories of 2014

Wednesday Dec 24 2014

In this 'end of year report' we count down the top 10 most-read Behind the Headlines stories of 2014…

Our guide to hitting the headlines

Monday Dec 22 2014

Boffins, are you have trouble communicating the fruits of your labour to a wider audience? Well, worry no more. Drawing on decades of journalistic experience we have drawn up the definitive guide to getting your work in the news…

Shift workers more likely to report poor health

Thursday Dec 18 2014

"Higher rates of obesity and ill-health have been found in shift workers than the general population," BBC News reports. These are the key findings of a survey into health trends among shift workers; defined as any working pattern outside…

Can we count on counting calories?

Monday Oct 13 2014

It's a concept at the cornerstone of most diets: counting the calories of your food intake so you don't go over the limit. But just how accurate are calorie labels...

Phone consultations do not reduce GP workload

Monday Aug 4 2014

Over-the-phone medical consultations “don’t cut the pressure” on busy GP surgeries, BBC News and The Daily Telegraph report. They were reporting the findings of a two-year study into the effectiveness of phone consultations with a GP or a nurse...

Cycling safety – a special report

Monday Feb 24 2014

Cycling has become increasingly popular but has it also become more dangerous? What causes cycling accidents and who are most at danger? Do the benefits of cycling outweigh the risks? Behind the Headlines attempts to answer these and other questions…

E-cigs – will EU regulation do more harm than good?

Friday Feb 21 2014

The upcoming EU Tobacco Product Directive will lead to e-cigarettes being regulated as medicines as well as the amount of nicotine in the products being strictly limited. These plans have left some ‘vapers’ fuming, claiming they are not evidence-based…

Is sugar the cause of our obesity epidemic?

Wednesday Jan 15 2014

Sugar hit the headlines last week when the Daily Mail and The Independent led with the quote "Sugar is the new tobacco", and many news outlets focused on the link being made between...

2013 Quiz of the Year

Monday Dec 30 2013

In 2013, Behind the Headlines has covered more than 500 health stories that made it into the mainstream media. If you've been paying attention you should find this quiz easy and fun...

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