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Monday Sep 18 2017

"Scientists invent injection that could deliver every childhood vaccine in one go," reports The Independent. Various media sources have run stories on a new injection they claim could allow multiple childhood vaccines to be delivered in a single jab…

No change to alcohol guidelines for pregnancy

Tuesday Sep 12 2017

"There is little evidence having the occasional drink while pregnant harms a baby," reports the Mail Online. This follows a review of international research looking at whether low alcohol consumption was linked with adverse pregnancy outcomes…

Older babies 'sleep better' in their own room

Tuesday Sep 5 2017

'Babies who sleep in separate rooms from their parents have earlier bedtimes, take less time to nod off and get more shut eye' the Mail Online reports. That was a finding of an international survey looking at sleeping habits in infants aged 6-12 months…

C-section mums warned about dangers of 'vaginal seeding'

Wednesday Aug 23 2017

"A technique called vaginal seeding, sometimes used for babies born by caesarean section, 'can give newborns deadly infections and sepsis'," warns the Mail Online. While this arguably overstates the risk the practice is not recommended…

Reports that antibacterials in pregnancy are 'harmful' unfounded

Monday Aug 14 2017

"Warning to pregnant women, don't use antibacterial soap! Chemicals in the products can make children fat and disrupt their development," is the alarming, yet entirely unsupported, headline from the Mail Online...

Vitamin B3 found in Marmite not proven to prevent miscarriage

Thursday Aug 10 2017

"Like it or loathe it, but Marmite could help prevent millions of miscarriages and birth defects around the world," is the overly optimistic headline in The Daily Telegraph. The news is based on research into just four families…

Saliva 'may speed healing' but 'kissing it better' probably won't

Thursday Aug 10 2017

"Kissing it better really works: Saliva found to have properties that help speed up the healing process," reports the Mail Online. Researchers in Chile investigated how human saliva may help wounds to heal more efficiently…

Western sperm counts 'halved' in last 40 years

Wednesday Jul 26 2017

"Sperm counts among Western men have halved in last 40 years," The Guardian reports. A major review of research carried out since 1973 found an estimated 50-60% drop in sperm count in developed nations...

High-dose vitamin D 'doesn't prevent colds and flu in kids'

Wednesday Jul 19 2017

"Vitamin D will not protect your child from a cold: myth-busting study says 'more isn't always better' to help toddlers stay healthy," says the Mail Online. The story is based on a study that looked at…

Face-to-face bullying much more common than cyberbullying

Thursday Jul 13 2017

"Children suffer significantly more face-to-face bullying than online abuse," reports the Mail Online. UK researchers questioned nearly 300,000 15-year-olds about their experiences of bullying in the biggest study of the subject to date…

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