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Video games 'beneficial' for children

Monday Aug 4 2014

A new study looked at whether playing computer games is beneficial

Children who play video games for less than an hour every day were better adjusted than those who did not play at all, a study finds.

Could new potential treatment mean safer IVF?

Monday Jul 21 2014

Around 2% of babies are now born through IVF

"Dozen babies born using 'safer' IVF treatment," reads today’s headline in The Independent. This headline was based on a new study providing proof of concept that the natural hormone kisspeptin-54 could...

Spoons lead to inaccurate medicine doses for kids

Tuesday Jul 15 2014

Spoon measurements confusing for parents

“Using a spoon to measure medicine for children can lead to potentially dangerous dosing mistakes,” the Daily Mail reports. Parents have long been instructed to provide liquid medication to their children in dosages…

Obesity link for siblings

Thursday Jul 10 2014

Obesity link found between siblings

“Children are five times more likely to become obese if their older brother or sister is overweight,” reports the Daily Mail. There is a widespread assumption that a significant risk factor for child obesity is if they have…

Call to tackle maternal blood infection risk

Wednesday Jul 9 2014

Risk of blood infection in labour 'overlooked'

“Pregnant women and new mothers need closer attention for signs of potentially fatal sepsis, a study says,” reports BBC News. While still rare, sepsis – a blood infection – is now the leading cause of maternal death in the UK...

Tests can predict teens most likely to binge drink

Thursday Jul 3 2014

Tests can predict teens likely to binge drink

“A single glass of wine or beer at the age of 14 can help a young teenager along the path to binge drinking,” the Daily Mail warns. But having a single drink does not mean a child is bound to become a “binge boozer”…

Kids who know their fast food logos 'grow up fat'

Tuesday Jul 1 2014

Kids who know their fast food logos 'grow up fat'

"Children who recognise fast food brands are more likely to be obese," the Mail Online reports. The headline is based on a US study that investigated whether there was an association between obesity and brand awareness in children…

Give kids water not fruit juice, parents advised

Thursday Jun 26 2014

Give kids water not fruit juice, parents advised

“Ban all drinks but water from dinner table, parents told,” is the The Daily Telegraph's front page headline. Obviously, the government is unlikely to directly intervene in our diets in such a draconian way. In fact…

Teens could be given whooping cough booster

Wednesday Jun 25 2014

Teens may need whooping cough booster

“One in five children who see a doctor with a persistent cough may have…whooping cough, new research indicates,” The Independent reports. These findings have sparked calls for teenagers to be given a booster dose of the vaccine.

Possible pesticide link to autistic disorders

Monday Jun 23 2014

Pesticides linked to autistic disorders

"Pregnant women who live near fields sprayed with pesticides can run more than three times the risk of having a child with autism," the Mail Online reports. New research raises concerns that exposure to pesticides may impact on a pregnancy…

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