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Iodine supplements could help mums, babies and the economy

Monday Aug 10 2015

"Providing pregnant women with iodine supplements could boost children’s intelligence and save thousands of pounds in future health costs," The Daily Telegraph reports...

Nose balloon could be used to treat glue ear

Tuesday Jul 28 2015

"Using the nose to inflate a balloon helps heal glue ear," BBC News reports. The technique, known as autoinflation, was found to be effective in around half of cases of this common childhood ear condition…

Unhealthy thinking about body and weight 'can start in childhood'

Thursday Jul 23 2015

"Basis for eating disorders found in children as young as eight," The Guardian reports. A new UK survey of around 6,000 children found the roots of unhealthy thinking about body and weight can predate adolescence…

Sugar intake should be drastically reduced says report

Friday Jul 17 2015

"Sugar intake 'should be halved'," BBC News reports. The headline is prompted by a government report that recommends no more than 5% of our calorie intake should come from "free sugars". The previous recommendation was 10%...

Homer Simpson and Peppa Pig 'linked to childhood obesity'

Friday Jul 17 2015

"Peppa Pig and Homer Simpson could be fuelling the child obesity crisis by causing youngsters to eat more," The Daily Telegraph reports after a series of psychological experiments found a link between exposure to overweight characters…

Reports that 1 pregnant woman in 3 in UK binge drink unconfirmed

Tuesday Jul 7 2015

"A third of British women risk doing severe harm to their unborn babies by binge drinking during pregnancy," the Mail Online reports. While a concerning statistic, the evidence behind the headline is perhaps not as clear-cut…

Report warns of threat to unborn babies from CMV virus

Tuesday Jun 30 2015

"Thousands of pregnant women are unwittingly passing on infections to their unborn babies that cause severe disabilities," is the headline in the Daily Mail after a new report highlighted the risks cytomegalovirus (CMV) can pose to pregnancies…

Women with history of stillbirth at 'high risk of another'

Friday Jun 26 2015

“Women who suffer stillbirths are four times more likely to suffer the tragedy again,” the Daily Mirror reports. Researchers warn that women with a history of stillbirth should be regarded as being at high risk of another...

Meningitis B vaccine 'available from September'

Monday Jun 22 2015

"All newborn babies in England and Scotland are to be offered a vaccine to combat meningitis B from September," BBC News reports. This will be the world’s first publicly funded vaccination programme for the potentially fatal disease…

Too soon to say if breastfeeding problems could be genetic

Thursday Jun 18 2015

"Is your inability to breastfeed written in your genes?" the Mail Online asks. The question is prompted by animal research that discovered that a genetic mutation in a protein called ZnT2 that may restrict milk production after pregnancy…

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