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Moderate regular drinking may 'damage sperm'

Friday Oct 3 2014

Even moderate regular drinking damages sperm

“Just five alcoholic drinks a week could reduce sperm quality,” The Guardian reports. A study involving Danish military recruits found that even moderate drinking, if done regularly, was associated with a drop in quality…

High levels of tooth decay found in three-year-olds

Tuesday Sep 30 2014

One in eight three-year-olds have tooth decay

"Tooth decay affects 12% of three-year-olds, says survey," BBC News reports. The survey, carried out by Public Health England, found big variations in different parts of the country. Experts believe sugary drinks are to blame for this trend…

Mums 'feel shame' about how they feed their babies

Friday Sep 19 2014

Both breast and bottlefeeding mums 'feel shame'

"Mothers are made to feel 'marginalised and ashamed' when they breastfeed in public, according to an international study," the Mail Online reports. But the same study found mothers who bottlefeed also feel subject to criticism…

Cosmetics blamed for raised child asthma risk

Wednesday Sep 17 2014

Household chemicals may up child asthma risk

"Chemicals in make-up and perfumes fuelling rise in children with asthma," reports the Mail Online. One scientist, the website claims, suggests that women should take measures such as checking the contents of their make-up and avoiding using…

Sugar intake guideline 'needs lowering'

Tuesday Sep 16 2014

Sugar intake guideline 'needs lowering'

"Sugar intake must be slashed further, say scientists," BBC News reports. A new study suggests that lowering the recommended limit to less than 3% would improve public dental health…

Pregnant drinking may harm kids' mental health

Friday Sep 12 2014

Advice is clear: avoid alcohol in pregnancy

"Binge drinking ONCE during pregnancy can damage your child's mental health and school results," says the Mail Online. The headline follows an analysis of results from...

Sibling bullying linked to young adult depression

Tuesday Sep 9 2014

Sibling bullying linked to adult depression

“Being bullied regularly by a sibling could put children at risk of depression when they are older,” BBC News reports. A new UK study followed children from birth to early adulthood. Analysis of more than 3,000 children found…

1 in 5 child deaths 'preventable'

Friday Sep 5 2014

1 in 5 child deaths 'preventable'

“One in five child deaths ‘preventable’,” reports BBC News. The headline was prompted by the publication of a three-part series of papers on child death in high-income countries published in The Lancet…

Missing breakfast linked to type 2 diabetes

Wednesday Sep 3 2014

Missing breakfast linked to type 2 diabetes

"Skipping breakfast in childhood may raise the risk of diabetes," the Mail Online reports. A study of UK schoolchildren found that those who didn’t regularly eat breakfast had early signs of having risk markers for type 2 diabetes...

Antidepressant use in pregnancy linked to ADHD

Wednesday Aug 27 2014

Antidepressant use in pregnancy linked to ADHD

'Pregnant women who take anti-depressants 'could raise their child's risk of ADHD’' the Daily Mail reports. Researchers found that women who used the drugs in pregnancy had an increase risk of having a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder…

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