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Obesity may be linked with slow metabolism for some

Friday Oct 25 2013

Some people may actually have a slow metabolism

BBC News tells us that the “slow metabolism 'obesity excuse' [is] true”. The news site says that a mutation has been found that slows metabolism and causes people to become severely obese by early childhood...

Double chins banished with 'fatburner injections'?

Friday Oct 25 2013

Double chins banished with 'fatburner injections'?

'Say goodbye to double chins with a new ‘fat-eater’ treatment that doesn’t need surgery' is the encouraging news in the Daily Mail. A smallish study found that a so-called fatburner injection, ATX-10, achieved significant results …

NICE say GPs 'should be nicer' to fat people

Thursday Oct 17 2013

NICE say GPs 'should be nicer' to fat people

"Don't be nasty to fat people," is the front page headline in the Daily Mail. The paper reports on new draft guidelines that encourage doctors to be "respectful and non-blaming" when discussing people's weight problems…

Toll of obesity-related deaths 'underestimated'

Friday Aug 16 2013

Toll of obesity-related deaths 'underestimated'

"Obesity killing more people than thought," reports Sky News, which is among many media outlets that fail to mention that the headline is based on estimates of US obesity-related deaths…

Children of obese mums may die younger

Wednesday Aug 14 2013

Fat mums’ kids die younger

New research looking at the health outcomes for children of overweight or obese women has prompted a flurry of media headlines, with BBC News outlining that, "Children born to obese and overweight mothers are more likely to die early…

Why 'fat gene' mutation may make you obese

Tuesday Jul 16 2013

Why does ‘fat mutation' makes people fat?

“Fat-boosting gene mystery ‘solved’,” reports BBC News. There is a wide range of existing evidence suggesting that people who have a variation in a gene called FTO are more likely to be obese…

Just a few extra pounds increases heart failure risk

Wednesday Jun 26 2013

Just a few extra pounds increases heart failure risk

"Few extra pounds ‘could be deadly’," the Daily Express warns. It reports on an impressively large study, using a genetic technique called Mendelian randomization, which estimates that just being slightly overweight increases heart failure risk by 17%...

Childhood obesity-related hospital visits quadruple

Thursday Jun 13 2013

Child obesity hospital visits up fourfold

"Generation XXL" is the headline on the front page of Metro, as the results of a new study show that hospital admissions related to obesity in children have soared…

No proof coffee causes obesity and diabetes

Wednesday May 29 2013

Coffee linked to obesity and diabetes

'Is your caffeine fix making you fat?' is the compelling question posed by the Mail Online website, which goes on to report that a study 'shows five cups of coffee a day could cause obesity.' But the study in question…

Celebrity chefs can’t be blamed for obesity rates

Wednesday Apr 24 2013

Celeb cookbooks can’t be blamed for obesity rates

"TV chefs 'adding to obesity crisis by encouraging us to eat fatty dishes'," reports the Metro, with similar stories blaming celebrity chefs for our bulging waistlines in much of the media…

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