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Claim weight loss is linked to mealtimes unsupported

Friday Feb 22 2013

Should you make lunch your main meal?

"Lunching like a prince and dining like a pauper really is the key to keeping trim," the Daily Mail explains, reporting how evening meals should be light and post-dinner snacks avoided. This claim is unsupported by the findings of the research...

Latest obesity stats for England are alarming

Thursday Feb 21 2013

Latest obesity stats for England are alarming

Most of the UK news media is covering the latest official NHS statistics on obesity, that show the obesity epidemic is showing no signs of abating. Worrying findings include only one in three men is now a healthy weight…

'Fizzy drink tax' to stop UK being 'fat man of Europe'

Monday Feb 18 2013

'Fizzy drink tax' to stop UK being 'fat man of Europe'

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has published a report containing 10 recommendations designed to tackle the UK’s obesity epidemic – a story covered by most of the UK media…

Could how high people live affect their weight?

Thursday Feb 14 2013

Thin air – thinner people? – altitude link to weight

Could how high people live affect their weight? Do slimmers need to head for the hills? Reuters has reported on a new study that suggests that people who dwell at high altitude are less likely to be obese...

Obesity may cause low vitamin D levels

Thursday Feb 7 2013

Obesity link to vitamin D deficiency

"Study finds obesity can lead to lack of vitamin D," BBC News has reported. This fascinating, insightful and accurate BBC story highlights a new danger to add to the long list of problems caused by obesity...

Tool to predict babies likely to become obese

Thursday Nov 29 2012

Can 'chubby calculator' predict obesity risk at birth?

“Parents can learn whether their newborn is at risk of becoming fat using a simple online calculator,” The Daily Telegraph has reported. The story is based on a study that looked at whether a baby’s chances of becoming obese in childhood…

Do 'fat genes' really make you happier?

Wednesday Nov 21 2012

'Santa gene' identified – makes you 'fat and jolly'

'Fat people really are more jolly,' is the Daily Mail's childishly over-simplistic take on a complex piece of research that looks at the association between BMI, depression and a specific genetic variant called FTO...

Is childcare ‘making kids chubbier’?

Tuesday Nov 20 2012

Childcare ‘making kids chubbier’

'Children who go to nursery are 50% more likely to be overweight than those cared for by their parents' the Daily Mail reports. This follows a Canadian study that found that kids sent to daycare were 50% more likely to be overweight in later childhood…

Are TV cookery shows making us fat?

Wednesday Nov 14 2012

Are TV cookery shows making us fat?

"Is Nigella making you fat?" asks the Daily Mail, telling readers that, "TV cookery shows make us tuck into unhealthy snacks". The headline comes from a small study that found young adults who watched a 10-minute clip of a cookery...

Is your doctor fattist?

Thursday Nov 8 2012

'Fattist doctors' have 'bias against fat people' claims

'Doctors are 'prejudiced' against overweight patients' the Daily Mail claims after the publication of a study aiming to assess doctors’ attitudes towards overweight and obese people…

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