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Caesareans linked to obesity in offspring

Thursday Feb 27 2014

C-sections linked to obesity in later life

"Babies born by caesarean section are more likely to be obese adults," the Daily Mail reports, after an analysis found a link between caesarean section and obesity in later life. However, a direct link between the two remains unproven…

Lingonberries claimed to prevent weight gain

Friday Jan 24 2014

Lingonberries claimed to prevent weight gain

“Lingonberries ‘could prevent weight gain’,” says The Daily Telegraph, reporting on the so-called “superberries” from Scandinavia. But before rushing to your local Swedish grocer, it’s worth noting that these tests were done on mice…

Central heating could be contributing to obesity

Thursday Jan 23 2014

Shivering burns up to five times the normal amount of energy

“Overheated homes and offices adding to weighty problem,” The Daily Telegraph reports. Dutch researchers have argued that the widespread use of central heating stops people’s bodies using up energy to stay warm…

Gastric balloon pill launched in UK

Wednesday Jan 22 2014

Gastric balloon pill launched in UK

Most of the UK media has got rather overexcited about the UK launch of Obalon, a gastric balloon in pill form that can be swallowed to help overweight people achieve rapid weight loss without invasive surgery...

Do diet drinks really make you fatter?

Monday Jan 20 2014

Do diet drinks really make you fatter?

"Does even Diet Coke make you fat?" asks the Mail Online. The question is prompted by the results of a large US study involving more than 23,000 US adults. It found that people who were overweight or obese drank more sugar-free drinks than people who…

Is sugar the cause of our obesity epidemic?

Wednesday Jan 15 2014

Is sugar the cause of our obesity epidemic?

Sugar hit the headlines last week when the Daily Mail and The Independent led with the quote "Sugar is the new tobacco", and many news outlets focused on the link being made between...

Report warns of a looming UK obesity crisis

Monday Jan 13 2014

Report warns of a looming UK obesity crisis

“Estimates that half the UK population will be obese by 2050 "underestimate" the problem, a report has claimed,” according to BBC News, while the Daily Mail describes how a “bombshell report reveals true scale of crisis”…

Spoon-feeding link to child obesity 'not proven'

Wednesday Jan 8 2014

Spoon-fed babies 'more likely to be fat' claims

"Spoon-fed babies more likely to be overweight," reports The Independent. The study the news comes from found an association between feeding techniques and weight gain, although many other factors may also be involved…

Study may bust myth of 'fat and fit' healthy obesity

Wednesday Dec 4 2013

You cannot be 'fat and fit' study argues

The Times has reported that the idea you can be ‘fat and fit’ is “a big fat myth”. The term ‘fat and fit’ refers to the hypothesis that if you are obese, but all other metabolic factors such as blood pressure, are within recommended limits…

Is Christmas weight gain harder to lose?

Friday Nov 29 2013

Is Christmas weight gain harder to lose?

"Most of us gain 2lb over Christmas and never lose it," is the uncheerful news on the Mail Online website. It reports on a study that found that volunteers gained around 0.8kg between November and January that they then struggled to lose…

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