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Huge rise in gout cases

Monday Oct 1 2012

Gout, 'disease of kings', is making a return

'Disease of kings' is on the rise as more people get gout because of rising rates of obesity, according to the Daily Mail. Gout is a condition that causes pain and swelling in the joints. It often affects the big toe but can affect larger joints...

Can you really be both 'fat and fit?'

Wednesday Sep 5 2012

Can you really be both 'fat and fit'

People "can be obese yet physically healthy and fit and at no greater risk of heart disease or cancer", according to BBC News. This counterintuitive headline stems from a study that was...

Obesity surgery 'rockets'

Friday Aug 24 2012

Gastric bypass surgery up 530% in 6 years

‘Fat Britain’, says the Daily Mail, in a report on the growing number of gastric bypass operations reportedly costing the NHS £85million a year. The media has reported extensively on weight-loss surgery for obesity today, with...

Avoid obesity to stave off mental decline

Tuesday Aug 21 2012

Avoid obesity to stave off mental decline

“Obesity ‘bad for brain’ by hastening cognitive decline”, reports the BBC, with most of the mainstream national media covering the same story. The news is based on the results of a...

TV watching tots turning into 'telly tubbies'

Monday Jul 16 2012

TV watching tots risk turning into 'telly tubbies'

“TV habits 'can predict kids' waist size and fitness,'” reported BBC News, while the Metro carried the balder headline “Two-year-olds who watch too much television ‘will get fat’.” So does the amount of time...

Ex-smokers pile on the pounds

Wednesday Jul 11 2012

Ex-smokers pile on the pounds

“The average weight gain associated with giving up smoking is much higher than previously thought,” BBC News has reported. The story comes from a study looking at weight change in smokers who...

'Flab jab' hopes are premature

Monday Jul 9 2012

'Obesity vaccine hope'

A “flab jab” that gets our immune systems to fight weight gain could let us “stay slim on a junk food diet”, the Daily Mail has reported, along with much of the rest of the national press. The Mail added that "mice...

BMI 'may not reflect child obesity'

Friday Jun 15 2012

BMI 'may not reflect child obesity'

Assessing children’s weight using body mass index may mean that the obesity epidemic is being underestimated, said The Daily Telegraph. Body mass index, or BMI, looks at how appropriate a person’s weight is...

Stigma 'lingers after weight loss'

Wednesday May 30 2012

Stigma 'lingers after weight loss'

“No matter how much weight you’ve lost, your friends still think of you as fat,” according to the Daily Mail. The newspaper has reported new research showing that overweight women and women who...

Weight control in pregnancy reviewed

Friday May 18 2012

Weight control in pregnancy reviewed

“Dieting in pregnancy is good for you,” according to The Independent, while the Daily Mail has warned pregnant women not to eat for two since “piling on the pounds during pregnancy” increases the risk of complications...

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