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'Hibernation protein' could help repair dementia damage

Thursday Jan 15 2015

'Hibernation protein' could help repair dementia damage

"Neurodegenerative diseases have been halted by harnessing the regenerative power of hibernation," BBC News reports. Researchers have identified a protein used by animals…

How therapy and exercise 'may help some with CFS'

Wednesday Jan 14 2015

Exercise fears 'worsens' chronic fatigue syndrome

"Chronic fatigue syndrome patients' fear of exercise can hinder treatment," The Guardian reports. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a long-term condition that causes persistent and debilitating fatigue. We do not know what...

Napping 'key' to babies' memory and learning

Tuesday Jan 13 2015

Naps 'key' to infant learning and memory

"The key to learning and memory in early life is a lengthy nap, say scientists," BBC News reports. The scientists were interested in babies' abilities to remember activities and events. They carried out a study…

Could brain protein help people 'sleep off' the flu?

Tuesday Jan 13 2015

Brain protein may help people 'sleep off' the flu

"Scientists…believe that a nasal spray could be produced which boosts a protein so sufferers could sleep off the flu," The Daily Telegraph reports. As yet, the research has been confined to assessing the role of one protein in mice...

'Bionic' spinal implant helped paralysed rats walk

Friday Jan 9 2015

'Bionic' spinal implant helped paralysed rats walk

"Elastic implant 'restores movement' in paralysed rats," BBC News reports after researchers developed an implant that can be used to treat damaged spinal cords in rats…

How 'baby talk' may give infants a cognitive boost

Friday Jan 9 2015

How 'baby talk' gives infants a cognitive boost

"Say 'mama'! Talking to babies boosts their ability to make friends and learn," the Mail Online reports. In a review, two American psychologists argue that even very young infants respond to speech, and that "baby talk" is essential for their development…

Out-of-character criminal actions linked to dementia

Wednesday Jan 7 2015

Out of character criminal actions linked to dementia

“Could criminal behaviour be the first sign of dementia?” the Mail Online asks. A US study found an association between sudden, unusual criminal behaviour, such as shoplifting or urinating in public, and various types of dementia…

Memory gaps in graduates a 'stroke warning sign'

Friday Dec 12 2014

Memory gaps in educated 'stroke warning sign'

“People with memory problems who have a university education could be at greater risk of a stroke,” BBC News reports. The hypothesis is that the gaps in memory could be the result of reduced blood flow to the brain, which may then trigger a stroke…

Drug found to help repair spinal cord injuries

Thursday Dec 4 2014

New drug found to help repair spine injuries

"A drug that can encourage nerves in the spinal cord to grow and repair injuries has been developed by US scientists," BBC News reports. The drug, intracellular sigma peptide, helped restore varying degrees of nerve functions in previously disabled rats…

Can a pill cure binge drinking and dementia?

Monday Dec 1 2014

Binge drinking and dementia drug cure claims

"'Wonder' drug could cure binge drinking, Alzheimer's and dementia," the Mail Online reports. But before you raise a glass or two, these are premature claims based on research in rats that has not yet been proven, or even tested, in people…

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