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Statins may slow progression of MS

Wednesday Mar 19 2014

Statins may slow progression of MS

"Multiple sclerosis patients may benefit from statins," The Guardian reports. A UK study has found that the cholesterol lowering drugs also slows shrinkage to the brain in people living with MS…

New fast track drug scheme to help severely ill

Friday Mar 14 2014

Fast track drug scheme launched

"'Early access' drugs scheme launched for severely ill," BBC News reports. The government has launched the Early Access to Medicines Scheme designed to help patients with life threatening or debilitating conditions access unlicensed...

Oxytocin nasal spray tested for anorexia

Thursday Mar 13 2014

Oxytocin nasal spray tested for anorexia

“A kiss to 'cure' anorexia: 'Love hormone' can help reduce sufferers' obsession with food and weight,” is the unsupported claim on the Mail Online. This story involved the media’s favourite hormone, oxytocin which…

Statins side effects are minimal study argues

Thursday Mar 13 2014

Statins side effects are minimal study argues

"Cholesterol-lowering statins have almost no side effects," The Guardian reports. A new UK study argues that the majority of reported side effects are actually due to the nocebo effect; symptoms that are literally "all in the mind"…

Antibiotic resistance 'toolkit' launched

Friday Mar 7 2014

Antibiotic resistance 'toolkit' launched

"Antibiotics: 'national threat' from steep rise in patients who are resistant to drugs,” The Daily Telegraph reports. The Mail Online reports that there were, “600 reported cases of drugs failing…

HIV 'gene hack' offers new treatment hope

Thursday Mar 6 2014

HIV 'gene hack' offers new treatment hope

"HIV gene therapy using GM cells hailed a success after trial," reports The Guardian, while the BBC tells us that an "immune upgrade" could offer “HIV shielding"...

Claims of 'anti-ageing pill' may be premature

Friday Feb 28 2014

Anti-aging drug shows promise – at least in mice

The Daily Telegraph and Daily Express both carry headlines about how a “pill” to help humans live longer could be on the cards. Though while the substance being studied shows promise, the research only involved mice…

NICE publishes new draft guidelines on statins use

Wednesday Feb 12 2014

Thousands more should be prescribed statins say NICE

"Millions more people should be put on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs," BBC News reports. Draft guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended that the drugs should be given to people with an…

Media hype blood clot risk of birth control pills

Monday Feb 3 2014

Birth control pill blood clot risk hyped by media

“Deadly risk of pill used by 1m women: Every GP in Britain told to warn about threat from popular contraceptive,” reports the Mail Online. Combined hormonal contraceptives (or “the pill”) are in the news after letters were sent to doctors…

New warnings issued over deadly DNP 'diet drug'

Wednesday Jan 15 2014

Warnings issued over deadly DNP 'diet drug'

'The families of two young people who died after taking the fat-burning pill DNP are campaigning for it to be classified as a class-C drug to criminalise its possession and supply in the hope of preventing more deaths' The Guardian reports…

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