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Last line in antibiotic resistance under threat

Thursday Nov 19 2015

"The last line of antibiotic defence against some serious infections is under threat," The Guardian reports, after researchers found that E.coli bacteria from food products in China has developed resistance to colistin, a polymixin antibiotic…

Will a cholesterol-busting vaccine work for humans?

Thursday Nov 12 2015

"Could a vaccine replace the need for daily statins?" asks the Mail Online. An experimental vaccine has been found to lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in a small number of mice and macaque monkeys, but has not yet been tested in humans...

Ovarian cancer drug 'can help with some types of prostate cancer'

Thursday Oct 29 2015

"Ovarian cancer pill 'effective' at treating men with prostate cancer," The Independent reports after a small trial found the drug olaparib slowed tumour growth in men with a certain type of prostate cancer…

Cheap Alzheimer's drug 'may help keep people out of care homes'

Tuesday Oct 27 2015

"Alzheimer's drug may keep late-stage sufferers out of nursing homes," The Guardian reports. A study found people with Alzheimer's who continued to take a drug called donepezil were less likely to be admitted into care than...

Could anti-inflammatory drugs prevent schizophrenia?

Monday Oct 19 2015

"It may be possible to prevent schizophrenia by calming the brain's immune system," BBC News reports after researchers found raised levels of immune activity in people thought to be at high risk of developing schizophrenia…

Reports of HIV 'breakthrough' and 'cure' are premature

Monday Oct 12 2015

"HIV breakthrough could lead to a cure," the Mail Online says, reporting on a study which looked at the phenomenon known as post-treatment control – where people with HIV remain in remission, even after treatment…

Cannabis 'safe to treat pain' but no proof it helps

Monday Oct 5 2015

"Smoking cannabis daily 'is safe when treating chronic pain – but only if you're an experienced user', study finds," says a Mail Online headline. It refers to a study done in Canada to see how safe medical cannabis is for treating chronic pain...

Are calcium pills any good at cutting fracture risk?

Wednesday Sep 30 2015

"Calcium supplements don't work, say experts," The Daily Telegraph reports. While this headline is not strictly true, new research has shown that for most healthy people, calcium supplements will make little difference...

Too soon for 'aspirin doubles cancer survival' claim

Monday Sep 28 2015

"Aspirin could almost double your chance of surviving cancer," the Daily Mail reports, with most of the newspapers featuring similar claims...

Could an arthritis drug also help treat Alzheimer's disease?

Tuesday Sep 22 2015

"Arthritis drug could soon reverse Alzheimer's symptoms after successful tests on mice," The Independent reports. The drug – salsalate – may help regulate levels of the abnormal tau protein associated with Alzheimer's…

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