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Viagra 'may cause visual disturbance' in some men

Wednesday Oct 1 2014

Viagra 'may cause eye damage' in some men

"Viagra may permanently damage vision in some men, study finds," reports The Guardian. But the news is, in fact, based on research in mice. This research suggests the medication may not be suitable for men who carry a gene mutation…

Will a 'wonder drug' be available in 10 years?

Monday Sep 29 2014

Claims of a cure-all wonder drug 'available in 10 years'

"Wonder drug to fight cancer and Alzheimer's disease within 10 years," is the headline in The Daily Telegraph. This headline is a textbook example of hope (and hype) triumphing over reality…

Cherry juice touted as treatment for gout

Monday Sep 29 2014

Cherry juice touted as treatment for gout

“Daily drinks of cherry juice concentrate could help thousands of patients beat gout,” the Mail on Sunday reports. This headline is based on a small study that found drinking tart cherry juice twice a day temporarily lowered the blood uric acid levels…

Antibiotic treatments 'fail' 15% of the time

Friday Sep 26 2014

Around one in seven antibiotic treatments fail

"Antibiotic treatments from GPs 'fail 15% of the time','' BBC News reports. In one of the largest studies of its kind, researchers estimate that just under one in seven antibiotic prescriptions in 2011 failed to treat the underlying infection…

Benefits of statins 'outweigh diabetes risk'

Wednesday Sep 24 2014

Statins increase weight and diabetes risk

“Statins increase risk of diabetes but benefits are still worth it, say experts,” The Guardian reports. A large study found the medication lead to a modest increase in weight and subsequent diabetes risk…

Bacteria found in honey may help fight infection

Thursday Sep 11 2014

Bacteria found in honey may help fight infection

"Bacteria found in honeybee stomachs could be used as alternative to antibiotics," reports The Independent. The world desperately needs new antibiotics to counter the growing threat of bacteria developing resistance...

Ebola vaccine hope after successful animal study

Monday Sep 8 2014

Ebola vaccine hope after successful animal studies

"Hopes for an effective Ebola vaccine have been raised after trials of an experimental jab found that it gave monkeys long-term protection," The Guardian reports. An initial animal study found that a new vaccine boosted immunity…

Antidepressant use in pregnancy linked to ADHD

Wednesday Aug 27 2014

Antidepressant use in pregnancy linked to ADHD

'Pregnant women who take anti-depressants 'could raise their child's risk of ADHD’' the Daily Mail reports. Researchers found that women who used the drugs in pregnancy had an increase risk of having a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder…

Dual vaccine approach could help eradicate polio

Friday Aug 22 2014

Dual vaccine approach could help eradicate polio

Double vaccines "could hasten the end of polio," BBC News reports. Researchers in India found that using a combination of the oral and injected vaccines provided enhanced protection against the disease...

Common antibiotic linked to 'tiny' rise in heart deaths

Wednesday Aug 20 2014

Antibiotics may help ease chronic back pain

An antibiotic given to millions of people in the UK to treat chest infections has been linked to an increased risk of heart death, report The Daily Telegraph and The Independent...

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