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Ibuprofen unlikely to extend life

Friday Dec 19 2014

Ibuprofen: good for killing pain, but can upset your stomach

The Daily Mirror today reports that, “taking ibuprofen every day could extend your life by up to 12 YEARS”. The Daily Express also has a similar front page headline, while...

Almost half of all adults take prescription drugs

Thursday Dec 11 2014

Almost half of all adults take prescription drugs

“Half of women and 43% of men in England are now regularly taking prescription drugs,” BBC News reports. The figures have come to light as part of a new survey into drug prescribing patterns…

Hopes for chemicals that turn 'bad' fat 'good'

Tuesday Dec 9 2014

Hopes for a compound that turns 'bad' fat 'good'

"Scientists discovered how to trigger a molecule which can turn 'bad' white fat cells into 'good' energy-burning brown fat cells," The Daily Telegraph reports, saying that it could "replace the treadmill". But this proof of concept lab research…

Text alerts 'help prompt people to take their pills'

Monday Dec 8 2014

Text alerts 'help prompt people to take their pills'

"A text messaging service could help people remember to take the medicines they have been prescribed," BBC News reports after a small trial scheme in London helped increase drug adherence in people with cardiovascular disease…

Drug found to help repair spinal cord injuries

Thursday Dec 4 2014

New drug found to help repair spine injuries

"A drug that can encourage nerves in the spinal cord to grow and repair injuries has been developed by US scientists," BBC News reports. The drug, intracellular sigma peptide, helped restore varying degrees of nerve functions in previously disabled rats…

Can a pill cure binge drinking and dementia?

Monday Dec 1 2014

Binge drinking and dementia drug cure claims

"'Wonder' drug could cure binge drinking, Alzheimer's and dementia," the Mail Online reports. But before you raise a glass or two, these are premature claims based on research in rats that has not yet been proven, or even tested, in people…

HIV drug may slow the spread of prostate cancer

Monday Dec 1 2014

It is hoped that the drug can help prevent prostate cancer spreading into the bones

“A drug used to treat HIV infection can slow the spread of prostate cancer, research has shown,” The Independent reports. The news centres on the drug maraviroc (Celsentri), which researchers have found may slow the spread of prostate cancer…

Ebola vaccine shows promise in human trials

Thursday Nov 27 2014

Ebola vaccine shows promise in human trials

“Ebola vaccine trial results promising, says manufacturer,” The Guardian reports. Initial results from a trial involving 20 healthy adults found that the vaccine seems to be safe…

'Good ways to pop a pill'

Friday Nov 14 2014

Swallowing a pill is never fun, but for some it's really difficult

"Just a spoonful of water helps the medicine go down: Scientists discover the best way to swallow tablets," explains the Mail Online today. In fact, scientists haven't necessarily discovered the "best"...

Do people who take weight loss pills eat unhealthily?

Friday Nov 14 2014

Slimming pills: do they really make you think you can eat more cookies?

"Are slimming pills fuelling the obesity epidemic?" asks the Mail Online, reporting on research that suggests dieters "mistakenly believe they can eat whatever they want" after taking weight-loss drugs...

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