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Heart failure drug digoxin linked to premature death

Tuesday May 5 2015

Heart failure drug digoxin linked to premature death

"A heart drug taken by 250,000 Britons can actually hasten death, a major study has found," the Mail Online warns today. An analysis of previous research on digoxin, used to treat heart failure, suggests it can raise the risk of premature death…

New prostate cancer treatment has promising results in mice

Thursday Apr 30 2015

New prostate cancer treatment has impressive results in mice

"Prostate cancer resistant to conventional treatment could be all but wiped out by a therapy that boosts the immune system," the Daily Mail reports. The therapy, as yet only used in mice, destroyed previously resistant cancerous cells…

New asthma treatment within five years, researchers hope

Thursday Apr 23 2015

Asthma cure 'within five years' claims after drug breakthrough

"Asthma cure could be in reach," The Independent reports. Researchers have discovered that protein molecules called calcium-sensing receptors play a pivotal role in asthma. Drugs known to block these proteins already exist...

Athlete’s foot cream could also treat multiple sclerosis

Wednesday Apr 22 2015

Athlete’s foot cream could also treat multiple sclerosis

"Two common drugs – one used for treating athlete's foot and another for alleviating eczema – may be useful therapies for multiple sclerosis," BBC News reports. The drugs have shown promise in lab and animal studies…

Paracetamol may blunt feelings of pleasure as well as pain

Wednesday Apr 15 2015

Paracetamol may blunt feelings of pleasure as well as pain

"Paracetamol may dull emotions as well as physical pain, new study shows'," The Guardian reports. The story comes from research testing whether over-the-counter painkiller paracetamol can blunt not just the feeling of pain but also emotions…

Paracetamol 'not effective' for lower back pain or arthritis

Wednesday Apr 1 2015

Paracetamol 'not effective' for low back pain or arthritis

"Paracetamol doesn't help lower-back pain or arthritis, study shows," The Guardian reports on a new review. The review found no evidence that paracetamol had a significant positive effect, compared to placebo…

Do antibiotics in pregnancy cause cerebral palsy and epilepsy?

Thursday Mar 26 2015

Antibiotic use in pregnancy linked to cerebral palsy and epilepsy

"Antibiotic used in pregnancy linked to risk of epilepsy and cerebral palsy," The Guardian reports. The results of a new study suggest women who take macrolide antibiotics were slightly more likely to give birth to a child with one (or both)…

Frequent antibiotic use linked to higher type 2 diabetes risk

Wednesday Mar 25 2015

Frequent antibiotic users have higher type 2 diabetes risk

"Repeated antibiotic use linked to diabetes," BBC News reports. A major new study found that people who took five or more courses a year had a higher than normal risk of developing type 2 diabetes…

New blood test could help prevent antibiotic misuse

Thursday Mar 19 2015

New blood test could help prevent antibiotic misuse

“A new blood test can help doctors tease out whether an infection is caused by a bacteria or a virus within two hours,” BBC News reports. The test could help to appropriately target the use of both antibiotics and antivirals...

Could epilepsy drug be used to treat Alzheimer's disease?

Tuesday Mar 17 2015

Scientists are looking at new ways to treat dementia using existing drugs

A drug commonly used to treat epilepsy could help "slow down" the progress of Alzheimer's disease, reports The Daily Express. According to the news story, the drug levetiracetam was shown to...

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