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Exercise and therapy 'useful for chronic fatigue syndrome'

Wednesday Oct 28 2015

"ME can be beaten by positive thinking and taking more exercise," is the rather simplistic message from the Daily Mail following the results of a long-term study involving 481 people…

Living near an airport 'may be bad for your health'

Wednesday Oct 21 2015

"People who live within six miles [of an airport] have higher levels of asthma and heart problems," the Daily Mail reports after a US study has suggested exposure to carbon monoxide from planes may impact on…

Modern sleep patterns 'mirror how our ancestors slept'

Friday Oct 16 2015

"Forget eight hours of sleep a night – we only actually need six," the Daily Mail reports. Research into hunter gatherer tribes suggests getting six to seven hours sleep a night may not be a modern phenomenon and is actually the norm for humans…

Is Ebola an STI? Virus can survive in semen for up to nine months

Thursday Oct 15 2015

"Survivors of Ebola can carry the virus in their sperm and transmit it sexually for up to nine months, a study has found," The Guardian reports. It was previously thought the Ebola virus stayed in bodily fluids for just three months…

Standing 'no healthier than sitting'

Tuesday Oct 13 2015

"Sitting down at work no worse than standing up," ITV News reports. A new study seems to contradict earlier advice – including recommendations on this website – that standing rather than sitting at work…

Olive oil and wholegrains 'lower heart disease risk'

Tuesday Sep 29 2015

“Butter isn’t better than margarine after all,” declares the Mail Online, after a new study finds that reducing saturated fat does indeed lower the risk of heart disease...

Fidgeting probably not a useful alternative to proper exercise

Thursday Sep 24 2015

"Fidgeting 'offsets unhealthy effects of sitting for long periods and may help you live longer'," the Daily Mirror reports. A new study reported fidgeting may help make up for the harmful effects of most people's sedentary lifestyles…

UK women's life expectancy 'second worst' in Western Europe

Wednesday Sep 23 2015

"British women have second worst life expectancy in Europe," The Guardian reports. This is one of the findings of a Europe-wide health report carried out by the World Health Organization…

Tai chi 'may help people cope better with diseases of ageing'

Monday Sep 21 2015

"Tai chi can help older patients with disabling conditions," The Guardian reports after an analysis of old data found the martial art may help relieve some symptoms of four age-related diseases…

Decreasing portion sizes could cut obesity levels

Wednesday Sep 16 2015

"Reducing the portion sizes … would help reverse the obesity epidemic, say researchers," BBC News reports. The researchers, who pooled the results of over 70 previous studies, found a link between portion size and overeating…

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