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Commuting 'can lower your sense of wellbeing'

Thursday Feb 13 2014

Most commuters have lowered sense of wellbeing

“It's official: Commuting to work makes you miserable,” the Daily Mail reports. A new report compiled by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has found that daily commuting took a toll on most commuters’ sense of wellbeing…

Roll-ups 'as hazardous as factory made cigarettes'

Wednesday Feb 12 2014

Roll-ups just as bad as factory-made cigarettes

“Rollies vs Straights: Roll-your-own ‘at least as hazardous as any other type of cigarette’,” reports The Independent. “Roll-ups” (cigarettes made using rolling tobacco and paper), have been associated with poverty…

MPs vote to ban smoking in cars carrying children

Tuesday Feb 11 2014

MPs vote to ban smoking in cars with children

"MPs overwhelmingly back ban on smoking in cars carrying children," reports The Guardian. The media headlines are based on the passing of an amendment to the Children and Families Bill in the House of Commons, which empowers – but does not compel…

Female stroke survivors’ quality of life investigated

Monday Feb 10 2014

Female stroke survivors’ quality of life investigated

"Women have a poorer quality of life after stroke than men," reports BBC News. This headline stemmed from a new US study that found women had a lower quality of life than men three and 12 months after experiencing a stroke or mini-stroke…

Dangers of cat bites overstated by media

Friday Feb 7 2014

Cat bites can cause deep puncture wounds

“Why even a tiny cat bite could leave you in hospital: Cats’ teeth ‘inject bacteria deep into the joints and tissue’, doctors warn”. The Daily Mail inaccurately claims that one in three people bitten by cats need to go into hospital…

Could stem cell research spell the end of baldness?

Wednesday Jan 29 2014

Further research into baldness stem cell cure

“Baldness has plagued men for centuries, but the dreaded comb-over may soon be history,” The Times reports, somewhat prematurely. This news comes from laboratory research in which human skin cells were injected into mice…

Does marriage make your bones grow stronger?

Friday Jan 24 2014

Stable marriage may be linked to bone stability in men

"Marriage really does make you stronger: Husbands have tougher bones than their single counterparts," reports the Mail Online – but apparently this only applies if the man marries after the age of 25. The news stems from a study of 632 US men and women…

Genetic effects of shift work examined

Tuesday Jan 21 2014

Genetic effects of shift work examined

“Night work ‘throws body into chaos’,” reports the BBC News website. The news is based on a new study from researchers at the University of Surrey which found that the daily rhythms of genes are disrupted by shifting sleep times…

Little proof sunbathing cuts heart attack risk

Tuesday Jan 21 2014

Scant evidence sunbathing cuts heart attack risks

"Sunbathing 'can cut risk of heart attacks and strokes'," reports the Metro – but there is little hard evidence to back the claim. New research has tried to explain previous observations that blood pressure is lower in the summer than in the winter in…

Women who spend too long sitting may die earlier

Friday Jan 17 2014

Women who spend too long sitting may die earlier

“Why sitting for too long can be deadly for older women... even if they go to the gym,” reports the Mail Online. The study this news is based on found an association between sedentary behaviour…

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