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Heart attack, stroke and diabetes 'can shorten life by 23 years'

Wednesday Jul 8 2015

"Suffering from heart disease, stroke and type two diabetes could knock 23 years off life," The Daily Telegraph reports, covering the stark conclusion of a major new UK study. The good news is many chronic diseases, such as stroke, are preventable…

Gene therapy breakthrough for cystic fibrosis

Friday Jul 3 2015

"Cystic fibrosis hope as new gene therapy improves condition," The Daily Telegraph reports. Researchers have, for the first time, managed to successfully "smuggle" healthy copies of genes into the lungs of people with cystic fibrosis…

Elderly living near noisy roads have 'increased stroke risk'

Wednesday Jun 24 2015

“Living in a neighbourhood with noisy road traffic may…increase the risk of stroke,” The Guardian reports. Researchers looked at noise levels across London and found a link...

Smoking causes half of all deaths in 12 different cancers

Thursday Jun 18 2015

"Roughly half of deaths from 12 smoking-related cancers may be linked directly to cigarette use, a US study estimates," the Mail Online reports. Due to similar smoking rates, it is likely that a similar pattern exists in the UK…

Four out of ten Brits may naturally show fewer flu symptoms

Tuesday Jun 16 2015

"Four in 10 Britons immune to flu symptoms, leading to hopes of a new vaccine," The Independent reports. A survey of around 1,400 people found 43% of them had a type of immune cell – T cells – that helps protect against infection…

Eating chocolate may slightly lower your risk of stroke

Tuesday Jun 16 2015

"Two chocolate bars a day can SLASH the risk of heart disease and stroke," the Daily Mirror reports. The headline is prompted by results from a study investigating how chocolate is linked to cardiovascular diseases...

Half a handful of nuts a day 'reduces early death risk'

Friday Jun 12 2015

'A handful of nuts can save your life, says new study' The Daily Telegraph reports. A new Dutch study found a link between daily nut consumption and a reduced chance of dying from a number of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease…

Facebook and Twitter could be used to help people quit smoking

Thursday Jun 11 2015

"Using social media to kick the [smoking] habit means you're 'TWICE as likely to succeed'," the Mail Online reports. A study of a Canadian social media campaign aimed at helping young people quit smoking found it…

Five-year 'death test' for older adults launched online

Thursday Jun 4 2015

"Are you dying to know? Scientists develop death test to predict if you'll make it to 2020," The Daily Telegraph reports. The test is based on analysis of data collected from the UK Biobank…

Mildly cold weather 'more deadly' than heatwaves or very cold snaps

Thursday May 21 2015

"Mildly cold, drizzly days far deadlier than extreme temperatures," The Independent reports. An international study looking at weather-related deaths estimated that moderate cold killed far more people than extremely hot or cold temperatures…

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