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Does a high-fibre diet help relieve asthma?

Tuesday Jan 7 2014

High-fibre diet could help relieve asthma

"Eating more fibre could help treat symptoms of asthma, scientists say," The Independent reports. This headline is based on a mouse study that looked at the role that different types of dietary fibre play in the…

Buffaloberries – 2014's new 'superfood'

Friday Jan 3 2014

Buffaloberries – 2014’s new 'superfood'

"The buffaloberry is the new superfood of 2014," the Mail Online declares. But there is limited evidence to back up the hype. Researchers have found that the North American berry is a rich source of antioxidants and could be a viable crop…

Dad’s diet may impact on offspring’s future health

Wednesday Dec 11 2013

Dad’s diet may impact on offspring’s gene health

“Dad's diet before conception plays crucial role in long-term health of offspring,” reports the Mail Online, recommending that prospective dads “stick to greens and avoid junk…

Daily sugar intake should be cut, study finds

Wednesday Dec 11 2013

A study has found the recommended daily intake of sugar should be cut

"Sugar intake should be halved to just five teaspoons a day," reports The Daily Telegraph, while somewhat confusingly the Mail Online website says we should be eating less than seven teaspoons of sugar a day…

Study may bust myth of 'fat and fit' healthy obesity

Wednesday Dec 4 2013

You cannot be 'fat and fit' study argues

The Times has reported that the idea you can be ‘fat and fit’ is “a big fat myth”. The term ‘fat and fit’ refers to the hypothesis that if you are obese, but all other metabolic factors such as blood pressure, are within recommended limits…

Heart's strain rate may be raised by energy drinks

Monday Dec 2 2013

Energy drinks may make heart beat harder

Caffeine energy drinks “intensify heart contractions,” BBC News reports. The news is based on a small study of 18 healthy adults who had heart scans taken before and one hour after drinking an energy drink containing caffeine and taurine…

Is Christmas weight gain harder to lose?

Friday Nov 29 2013

Is Christmas weight gain harder to lose?

"Most of us gain 2lb over Christmas and never lose it," is the uncheerful news on the Mail Online website. It reports on a study that found that volunteers gained around 0.8kg between November and January that they then struggled to lose…

Some girls may have a 'sweet tooth' gene

Thursday Nov 28 2013

Some girls may have a 'sweet tooth' gene

"Scientists discover a gene which makes certain foods taste better for women," Mail Online reports. The story is based on a study of 150 four-year-olds that looked at whether there was an association between a specific gene variant…

Facial flushing is a sign of 'alcohol intolerance'

Thursday Nov 21 2013

Facial flushing is a sign of 'alcohol intolerance'

“Flushing red after drinking is bad sign for boozers,” Metro reports. A Korean study suggests that people who do flush after drinking could be more vulnerable to the harmful effects of alcohol on blood pressure…

Nut eaters may have a longer life expectancy

Thursday Nov 21 2013

Nut eaters may have longer life expectancy

"The answer to living longer is in a nutshell" is the pun in the Metro newspaper, reporting on a study into nut consumption. The study followed 76,464 female and 42,498 male health professionals in the US for up to 30…

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