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Behind the Headlines

Your guide to the science that makes the news

Replacing sugary drinks with water may reduce diabetes risk

Friday May 1 2015

Sugary drinks increases diabetes risk, while water can cut it

"Swapping orange squash for a cup of tea cuts diabetes risk," The Daily Telegraph reports. The news is based on a major UK study, involving around 25,000 adults...

Diet swap study highlights bowel effects of Western-style diet

Wednesday Apr 29 2015

Diet swap study highlights bowel effects of western-style diet

"Diet swap experiment reveals junk food's harm to guts," BBC News reports. African-American volunteers were asked to eat an African diet, while Africans were asked to eat a typical American diet, and the effects on the bowel were striking…

Brain’s 'hunger hub' could be switched off

Tuesday Apr 28 2015

Brain’s 'hunger hub' could be switched off

“Have scientists found a way to banish hunger pangs?,” the Mail Online asks. The question is prompted by research in mice looking at the “biological pathways” that regulate appetite and hunger…

No evidence organic milk in pregnancy lowers a baby's IQ

Tuesday Apr 28 2015

Could organic milk in pregnancy lower the baby's IQ?

"Pregnant women who switch to 'healthier' organic milk may be putting the brain development of their unborn babies at risk," The Guardian reports after researchers found…

Coffee could make breast cancer drug tamoxifen more effective

Wednesday Apr 22 2015

Coffee could make breast cancer drug tamoxifen more effective

"A cancer-killing cocktail of the hormone drug tamoxifen and two coffees every day was found to reduce the risk of [breast cancer] tumours returning," the Mail Online reports. The same study also found evidence that caffeine slowed the cancer's growth…

Why you should drink (water) before you drive

Monday Apr 20 2015

Why you should drink before you drive (water, that is)

"Not drinking enough water has same effect as drink driving," The Daily Telegraph reports. A small study found participants made more mistakes on a driving simulator task when they were mildly dehydrated than when they had plenty of fluids…

Do diet soft drinks actually make you gain weight?

Wednesday Apr 8 2015

Does drinking diet fizzy drinks actually make you fatter?

"Is Diet Coke making you fat? People who drink at least one can a day have larger waist measurements," the Mail Online reports. A US study found an association between the daily consumption of diet fizzy drinks and expanded waist size…

Healthy diet could cut risk of Alzheimer's disease

Tuesday Mar 31 2015

MIND diet may 'halve' the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

"A new diet could more than halve a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease," the Mail Online reports. In a new study, researchers looked at the effects of three diets on the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease…

Sperm quality pesticides claim 'should be treated with caution'

Tuesday Mar 31 2015

Pesticides on fruit and veg may damage sperm quality

"Pesticides on fruit and vegetables may be damaging sperm counts and men should consider going organic if they want to have children," The Daily Telegraph reports…

Parents fail to spot that their kids are obese

Monday Mar 30 2015

Parents failing to spot that their kids are obese

"Parents hardly ever spot obesity in their children, resulting in damaging consequences for health," BBC News reports after a new study found a third of UK parents underestimated the weight of their child…

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