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Sperm quality pesticides claim 'should be treated with caution'

Tuesday Mar 31 2015

Pesticides on fruit and veg may damage sperm quality

"Pesticides on fruit and vegetables may be damaging sperm counts and men should consider going organic if they want to have children," The Daily Telegraph reports…

Parents fail to spot that their kids are obese

Monday Mar 30 2015

Parents failing to spot that their kids are obese

"Parents hardly ever spot obesity in their children, resulting in damaging consequences for health," BBC News reports after a new study found a third of UK parents underestimated the weight of their child…

Milk and dairy 'good for the brain' claim unproven

Thursday Mar 26 2015

Milk and dairy 'good for the brain' claim unproven

"Three glasses of milk every day ‘helps prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's’," is the misleading headline in The Daily Telegraph. The study it reports on only found that a high-dairy diet was linked to increased levels of an…

Research casts doubt on aspartame sensitivity

Friday Mar 20 2015

Aspartame: sweeter than a candy-coated kitten

"Sweetener linked to cancer is safe to use," reports the Mail Online. Aspartame – a commonly-used artificial sweetener – has been dogged by controversy, despite being deemed safe by food regulators in the UK, EU and US...

Following UK dietary advice may cut heart disease risk

Thursday Mar 19 2015

Following UK diet guidelines may cut heart disease risk

"Sensible diet cuts heart attack risk in months," The Times reports after a randomised controlled trial found evidence that following current UK diet guidelines can reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors…

Obese people 'underestimate how much sugar they eat'

Tuesday Mar 17 2015

Do obese people underestimate their sugar intake?

"Obese people are 'in denial' about the amount of sugar they eat," the Mail Online reports. Researchers looking into the link between sugar consumption and obesity found a "huge gap" between overweight people's self-reported...

Diet, exercise and brain training may help keep the mind 'sharp'

Thursday Mar 12 2015

Diet, exercise and brain training may help prevent dementia

"Dancing, doing Sudoku and eating fish and fruit may be the way to stave off … mental decline," The Guardian reports. A Finnish study suggests a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and brain training may help stave off mental decline...

A diet rich in veg and fish may reduce bowel cancer risk

Tuesday Mar 10 2015

A diet rich in veg and fish may reduce bowel cancer risk

"Becoming a pescetarian can protect against bowel cancer, new research suggests," the Mail Online reports. The US study found people who mainly eat fish and vegetables, and small quantities of meat, had a significantly reduced risk of bowel cancer…

No proof 'alcohol will make you more gorgeous'

Thursday Mar 5 2015

No proof 'alcohol will make you more gorgeous'

"How having just the one drink can make you look more gorgeous, according to science," The Independent reports. But the "science" turns out to be an experiment carried out under highly artificial conditions…

Coffee can 'cut risks of heart attack' claims

Tuesday Mar 3 2015

Coffee can 'clean arteries' and may prevent heart attacks

"Three coffees a day cuts the risk of heart disease and strokes," the Daily Mirror reports. A large study of 25,000 adults from South Korea has found that people who drink between three and five cups of coffee per day were less likely…

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