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Is shop-bought baby food 'too sweet'?

Thursday Sep 3 2015

Babies: not always this happy to be spoonfed

"Baby foods found too sweet to encourage variety of tastes in children," says The Guardian. The newspaper reports on a survey of how much...

Many white English and Irish pensioners 'drinking to excess'

Monday Aug 24 2015

Many white English and Irish pensioners 'drinking to excess'

"One in five people over 65 who drink is consuming an "unsafe" level of alcohol, say researchers," BBC News reports. Their research found "unsafe drinking was far more common among the white British and Irish population"…

Just one drink a day 'may raise breast cancer risk'

Thursday Aug 20 2015

Just one drink a day 'may raise breast cancer risk'

"Just one drink a day raises breast cancer risk" is the front page headline in the Daily Mail following the results of a new study. While the health risks of heavy drinking are well established, the effects of light drinking are less clear…

Low-fat diet 'better' than low-carb diet for getting rid of body fat

Friday Aug 14 2015

Low-fat diet 'better' than low-carb diet for getting rid of body fat

"Low-fat diets 'better than cutting carbs' for weight loss," says BBC News. But wait, the Mail Online says: "Low-carb 'is best for weight loss". Confused? Traditionally, weight-loss diets were based on the concept of eating a low-fat diet…

Butter 'not bad for you' but trans fats may be 'harmful'

Wednesday Aug 12 2015

Butter 'not bad for you' but trans fats may be 'harmful'

"Butter unlikely to harm health, but margarine could be deadly," The Daily Telegraph reports. A major analysis of data found no link between saturated fats and heart disease, stroke or diabetes, but there was a link with trans fats…

Does red meat affect male fertility?

Tuesday Aug 11 2015

Chicken linked to increased male fertility, red meat to infertility

"Want to be a dad? Cut out sausages and eat chicken," the Daily Mail reports, prompted by the findings of a recent study into diet and fertility outcomes for couples undergoing fertility treatment…

Can eating white bread and pasta make you depressed?

Friday Aug 7 2015

Pasta is a starchy food with a high glycaemic index

"White bread and pasta 'may increase the risk of depression'," reports the Mail Online today. The news outlet is reporting on a study of post-menopausal women’s diets and their depressive symptoms over time...

New brain diet 'slows mental decline'

Thursday Aug 6 2015

New brain diet 'slows mental decline'

"Eating food rich in vitamins and minerals keeps the brain younger," reports the Daily Express. The headline was prompted by a US study of a new diet called MIND, which appeared to slow down ageing of the brain...

Could eating spicy food help you live longer?

Wednesday Aug 5 2015

Could eating spicy food lower the risk of dying early?

"Curry really could be the spice of life," says The Daily Telegraph, reporting on a study looking at the link between regularly eating foods that contain capsaicin – found in chilli peppers – and the risk of dying early...

Is there really a middle-class drinking 'epidemic' in over-50s?

Friday Jul 24 2015

'Epidemic' of harmful drinking in the middle-class middle aged

"Middle-class over-50s have become a generation of problem drinkers," the Mail Online reports – a headline that actually has little basis in fact...

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