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Exercise may cut breast cancer risk, study finds

Monday Aug 11 2014

Breast cancer: you can take action to change your risk

"Exercise lowers risk of breast cancer after menopause," reports The Independent. This and similar headlines were sparked by a large study of postmenopausal teachers which found...

Daily aspirin 'reduces cancer risk', study finds

Wednesday Aug 6 2014

Daily aspirin 'reduces bowel and stomach cancer risk,' study says

Taking aspirin every day could cut your risk of developing cancer, report BBC News and The Daily Telegraph among other news outlets, after the publication of a large-scale review of the evidence...

Combined Pill may raise breast cancer risk

Friday Aug 1 2014

Contraceptive pills may double breast cancer risk

"Some contraceptive pills double risk of breast cancer," The Daily Telegraph reports, as a new US study found an increased risk of 50% with use of the combined oral contraceptive pill, commonly called "the pill"…

Study explores effect of plain cigarette packs

Tuesday Jul 15 2014

Study explores effect of anti-smoking images

"Long-term smokers find the taste of plain-packaged cigarettes worse than that of branded cigarettes," The Guardian reports. The news comes from Australian research into the impact of plain packaging and health risk warnings on packets of cigarettes…

Vasectomy-associated prostate cancer risk 'small'

Friday Jul 11 2014

Vasectomy prostate cancer risk 'small'

“Men who have the snip increase their risk of suffering fatal prostate cancer, according to research,” the Daily Mail reports. However, while the increase in risk was found to be statistically significant, it was small in absolute terms…

Cycling linked to prostate cancer, but not infertility

Wednesday Jul 9 2014

Cycling linked to prostate cancer, but not infertility

"Men who cycle more than nine hours a week are … more likely to develop prostate cancer," the Mail Online inaccurately reports. The story comes from the publication of an online survey into cycling in the UK and its effects on health outcomes…

Aggressive breast cancer protein discovered

Monday Jul 7 2014

Scientists make breakthrough in breast cancer research

"A breakthrough by scientists could lead to a new treatment for one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer," the Mail Online reports. Researchers have identified a protein called integrin αvβ6…

Frozen testicle tissue produces mice offspring

Wednesday Jul 2 2014

Frozen testicle tissue used to produce live births

"A sample of frozen testicle has been used to produce live offspring in experiments on mice," BBC News reports. The technique could be of use for boys whose fertility is damaged due to treatment for cancers such as leukaemia…

Blood test for breast cancer 'has potential'

Friday Jun 27 2014

Blood test for breast cancer could be possible

"Blood test could give early warning of breast cancer," The Guardian reports. Researchers have identified a genetic signature that may be useful in predicting whether a woman is likely to develop non-inherited breast cancer…

Menthol cigs 'encourage teens to smoke more'

Tuesday Jun 24 2014

Menthol cigs 'encourage teens to smoke more'

"Menthol cigarettes ARE more addictive," the Mail Online claims, based on a survey of 5,000 teenagers. The 2010-11 Canadian school survey found that 16% of teenagers aged 14 to 18 smoke cigarettes…

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