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Early menopause linked to mental decline

Thursday May 8 2014

Early menopause linked to mental decline

“Premature menopause is linked with poor thinking and reaction times,” The Daily Telegraph reports. A large French study found that women who had their menopause before the age of 40 had memory problems and delayed reaction times.

Eczema may help protect against skin cancer

Wednesday May 7 2014

Eczema may help protect against skin cancer

"Eczema may reduce risk of skin cancer: Condition means sufferers are more likely to shed skin containing cancerous cells," reports the Mail Online. This headline follows a study which found that mice with a defect in their skin barrier were less likely…

Non-smokers shunning e-cigarettes

Monday Apr 28 2014

Non-smokers not taking up the e-cigarette habit

“E-cigarette users have tripled to 2 million since 2012,” The Guardian reports. This is just one of the finding from a survey by anti-tobacco public health charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

Lung and pancreatic cancers may be on the rise

Thursday Apr 24 2014

Lung and pancreatic cancers may be on the rise

"Lung cancer will soon become the biggest cancer killer among women," the Mail Online reports, while ITV News reveals that pancreatic cancer "poses [a] growing threat". Both headlines are prompted by…

Edible flowers not proven to prevent cancer

Wednesday Apr 23 2014

Eating flowers unproven as cancer preventer

“Eating flowers grown in British gardens could help to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, according to a new study,” The Daily Telegraph reports. However, the study the news is based on did not actually involve any humans…

Cheap holidays 'increased' melanoma rates

Tuesday Apr 22 2014

Cheap holidays 'increased' melanoma rates

"Skin cancer rates 'surge since 1970s'" BBC News reports. A press release from Cancer Research UK highlights the fact that there has been a sharp rise in melanoma rates since the 1970s…

'Silver surfers' may have lower depression risk

Tuesday Apr 22 2014

'Silver Surfers' may have lower depression risk

"Silver surfers are happier than techno-foges [sic]: Internet use cuts elderly depression rates by 30 per cent," the Mail Online reports after the results of a US study have suggested…

No way to reliably identify low-risk prostate cancer

Friday Apr 11 2014

Prostate cancer testing giving men 'false hope'

“Men with prostate cancer being given 'false hope',” The Daily Telegraph reports. UK researchers have examined the accuracy of different methods that have sometimes been used (mostly outside the UK)…

Removing copper from body could slow cancer

Thursday Apr 10 2014

Removing copper from body could slow cancer

"Copper can block growth of rare cancer," is the rather unclear headline in The Daily Telegraph. Researchers have found that a drug that reduces the amount of copper in the body may also be able to lessen the growth of some kinds of tumours…

Could a blood test be used to detect lung cancer?

Tuesday Apr 8 2014

Could ultrasensitive blood test detect lung cancer?

"Simple blood test could soon diagnose if patient has cancer and how advanced it is," reports the Mail Online. But this is a rather premature headline given the early stage of the research that the news is based on...

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