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Tomato rich diet 'reduces prostate cancer risk'

Thursday Aug 28 2014

Tomato rich diet reduces prostate cancer risk

“Tomatoes ‘cut risk of prostate cancer by 20%’,” the Daily Mail reports, citing a study that found men who ate 10 or more portions a week had a reduced risk of the disease. The study in question gathered a year’s dietary information…

Depression therapy aids other cancer symptoms

Thursday Aug 28 2014

Depression therapy aids other cancer symptoms

"Depression therapy could help cancer patients fight illness," reports The Daily Telegraph. A UK study surveying people with cancer and depression has found that depression therapy can alleviate cancer-related symptoms...

Botox may be useful in treating stomach cancers

Thursday Aug 21 2014

Botox may be useful in treating stomach cancers

"Botox may have cancer fighting role," BBC News reports after research involving mice found using Botox to block nerve signals to the stomach may help slow the growth of stomach cancers…

Is breastfeeding inability causing depression?

Wednesday Aug 20 2014

Is breastfeeding inability causing depression?

Mothers who plan but fail to breastfeed their babies are more likely to suffer from postnatal depression, report BBC News and the Independent.

Macmillan finds cancer survival 'postcode lottery'

Friday Aug 15 2014

Tower blocks in Dagenham: the area has one of the worst cancer survival rates

"Cancer postcode lottery 'costs 6,000 lives a year'," reports The Times. This, and similar headlines, are based on cancer survival figures compiled by Macmillan Cancer Support...

Is UK obesity fuelling an increase in 10 cancers?

Thursday Aug 14 2014

Obesity is known to be associated with increased risk of cancer

"Being overweight and obese puts people at greater risk of developing 10 of the most common cancers," reports BBC News. The news is based on research using information in UK GP records for over 5 million people...

Salt injections: not a cure for cancer

Wednesday Aug 13 2014

It's unwise to inject yourself with table salt

"Salt injection 'kills cancer cells' by causing them to self-destruct," reports the Mail Online. Despite this headline, there is no new treatment for cancer using salt...

Exercise may cut breast cancer risk, study finds

Monday Aug 11 2014

Breast cancer: you can take action to change your risk

"Exercise lowers risk of breast cancer after menopause," reports The Independent. This and similar headlines were sparked by a large study of postmenopausal teachers which found...

Daily aspirin 'reduces cancer risk', study finds

Wednesday Aug 6 2014

Daily aspirin 'reduces bowel and stomach cancer risk,' study says

Taking aspirin every day could cut your risk of developing cancer, report BBC News and The Daily Telegraph among other news outlets, after the publication of a large-scale review of the evidence...

Combined Pill may raise breast cancer risk

Friday Aug 1 2014

Contraceptive pills may double breast cancer risk

"Some contraceptive pills double risk of breast cancer," The Daily Telegraph reports, as a new US study found an increased risk of 50% with use of the combined oral contraceptive pill, commonly called "the pill"…

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