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Late cancer diagnosis 'costing lives and money'

Monday Sep 22 2014

Late cancer diagnosis 'costing lives and money'

"Almost half of cancer patients diagnosed too late," says The Guardian, citing a new report that explored both the financial and health impact of late cancer diagnosis…

'Angelina Jolie effect' doubled breast gene tests

Friday Sep 19 2014

'Angelina Jolie effect' doubled breast gene tests

“Referrals to breast cancer clinics more than doubled in the UK after Angelina Jolie announced she had had a double mastectomy,” BBC News reports. NHS services saw a sharp rise in referrals from women worried about their family history of breast cancer…

Chokeberry extract 'boosts pancreas cancer chemo'

Thursday Sep 18 2014

Berries 'boosts chemo' for pancreatic cancer

“Wild berries native to North America may have a role in boosting cancer therapy,” BBC News reports. It has been found that chokeberries may help increase the powers of chemotherapy drugs in pancreatic cancer...

HPV urine test could screen for cervical cancer

Wednesday Sep 17 2014

HPV urine test could screen for cervical cancer

"A simple urine test which can detect the human papilloma virus (HPV) could offer women a much less invasive alternative to cervical cancer screening," The Independent reports. Research found urine-based testing…

Wearing a bra 'doesn't raise breast cancer risk'

Monday Sep 8 2014

Wearing a bra doesn't up breast cancer risk

“Scientists believe they have answered the decades long debate on whether wearing a bra can increase your risk of cancer,” reports The Daily Telegraph. There is an "urban myth" that wearing a bra disrupts the workings of the lymphatic system…

What is proton beam therapy?

Wednesday Sep 3 2014

Proton beam therapy may be useful in treating rare children's cancer

Proton beam therapy has been discussed widely in the media in recent days. This is because of the controversy surrounding the treatment of a young boy called Ashya King, who has medulloblastoma...

Lumpectomy 'as effective as double mastectomy'

Wednesday Sep 3 2014

Double mastectomy no better than lumpectomy

"Double mastectomy for breast cancer 'does not boost survival chances'," The Guardian reports. Statistics from California cast doubt on the notion that removing both breasts in cases of breast cancer has a greater benefit than less radical surgery…

Study finds plain cigarette pack fears 'unfounded'

Friday Aug 29 2014

Plain packs don't lead to 'unintended consequences'

"Cigarette plain packaging fear campaign unfounded," reports The Guardian. After Australia introduced plain packaging laws in 2012, opponents of the legislation argued it would lead to a number of unintended consequences…

Tomato rich diet 'reduces prostate cancer risk'

Thursday Aug 28 2014

Tomato rich diet reduces prostate cancer risk

“Tomatoes ‘cut risk of prostate cancer by 20%’,” the Daily Mail reports, citing a study that found men who ate 10 or more portions a week had a reduced risk of the disease. The study in question gathered a year’s dietary information…

Depression therapy aids other cancer symptoms

Thursday Aug 28 2014

Depression therapy aids other cancer symptoms

"Depression therapy could help cancer patients fight illness," reports The Daily Telegraph. A UK study surveying people with cancer and depression has found that depression therapy can alleviate cancer-related symptoms...

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