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'Piggy-backing proteins' could kill cancer cells

Wednesday Jan 8 2014

'Piggy-backing proteins' used to kill cancer cells

“Cancer-killing "sticky balls" can destroy tumour cells in the blood and may prevent cancers spreading,” BBC News reports. The headlines follow a laboratory study which found that “piggy-backing” two proteins to white blood cells…

Early animal research into blocking breast cancer

Thursday Jan 2 2014

Hopes for injection to prevent breast cancer

"An injection that prevents breast cancer is being developed by scientists," is the exciting news on the Mail Online website. The injection uses small packets of RNA to "shut down" the genes inside cancerous cells…

Can frankincense really fight cancer?

Monday Dec 23 2013

Could frankincense - the gift for the baby Jesus - be a cancer cure?

"Frankincense 'fights cancer'," is the festive health headline from the Mail Online. The "aromatic substance from the Nativity story could help treat ovarian tumours," it says...

Study tracks health effects of fracking chemicals

Wednesday Dec 18 2013

Fracking is controversial, but could it be bad for your health?

"Chemicals used in fracking could cause infertility, cancer and birth defects," the Daily Mail has reported. The story comes from a study that examined whether 12 of the chemicals used in "fracking"...

Clues to why 'vaccine' for prostate cancer works

Monday Dec 16 2013

There is currently no vaccine to protect against prostate cancer

A new vaccine that for prostate cancer "could save thousands of lives", The Daily Telegraph reports. The paper says that "scientists at Nottingham Trent University believe they have found...

Anastrozole may cut breast cancer risk

Friday Dec 13 2013

Anastrozole has been tested in a blinded randomised controlled trial

The Daily Telegraph reports on a "remarkable breast cancer drug that could save the lives of thousands of women". This solid and believable headline, along with similar ones from The Times and The Guardian, was based on large-scale...

UK cancer survival rates below European average

Thursday Dec 5 2013

UK cancer survival rates below European average

"Cancer survival in Britain the worst in Europe," The Daily Telegraph reports. This and many other similar headlines are prompted by a major new study on cancer survival rates in Europe from 1997 to 2007…

New test shows if DCIS breast cancer will spread

Tuesday Dec 3 2013

Breast test could avoid unneeded treatment

"New test for breast cancer that could spare thousands needless treatment,” the Daily Mail reports. Researchers have identified a molecule – integrin αvβ6 – that appears to be associated with the development of invasive breast cancer...

HPV vaccine could be offered to boys

Friday Nov 29 2013

HPV vaccine may be offered to boys

"HPV vaccine could be given to boys as well as girls in UK," The Guardian reports. It goes on to say that, "Government advisers are to consider whether the HPV vaccine, routinely offered to girls...

Study identifies marker for high-risk prostate cancers

Tuesday Nov 19 2013

Test may help spot deadly prostate cancers

"Prostate cancer patients could be screened to detect aggressive tumours after scientists identified a protein linked to severe forms of the disease," reports The Daily Telegraph…

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