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No way to reliably identify low-risk prostate cancer

Friday Apr 11 2014

Prostate cancer testing giving men 'false hope'

“Men with prostate cancer being given 'false hope',” The Daily Telegraph reports. UK researchers have examined the accuracy of different methods that have sometimes been used (mostly outside the UK)…

Removing copper from body could slow cancer

Thursday Apr 10 2014

Removing copper from body could slow cancer

"Copper can block growth of rare cancer," is the rather unclear headline in The Daily Telegraph. Researchers have found that a drug that reduces the amount of copper in the body may also be able to lessen the growth of some kinds of tumours…

Could a blood test be used to detect lung cancer?

Tuesday Apr 8 2014

Could ultrasensitive blood test detect lung cancer?

"Simple blood test could soon diagnose if patient has cancer and how advanced it is," reports the Mail Online. But this is a rather premature headline given the early stage of the research that the news is based on...

Review recommends plain cigarette packs

Friday Apr 4 2014

Review recommends plain cigarette packs

“The government has announced its support for the introduction of standardised cigarette packets, following a review,” BBC News reports. The review concludes that plain packaging would have a positive impact on public health.

Is frequent mouthwash use linked to oral cancer?

Friday Apr 4 2014

Frequent mouthwash use may be linked to oral cancer

"Experts warn using mouthwash more than twice a day can give you cancer," the Daily Mirror reports. The news comes from a European study that compared the oral health and dental hygiene of 1,963 people diagnosed with cancers of the mouth, throat…

New genetic clues about skin cancer

Wednesday Apr 2 2014

New genetic clues about skin cancer

"Skin cancer: Genetic mutations 'warn of risk'," reports the BBC News. The science behind the headline involved sequencing the genetic material of 184 people with a strong family history of malignant melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer…

Single men risk ignoring melanoma symptoms

Wednesday Apr 2 2014

Single men at increased risk of skin cancer deaths

“Men who live alone at greater skin cancer risk,” The Daily Telegraph reports. The headlines are based on a population study from Sweden, which followed almost 30,000 people diagnosed with malignant melanoma…

Breast cancer exercise advice may change

Wednesday Mar 12 2014

NICE found little evidence to support the theory that exercise would be bad for women with breast cancer

"Exercise advised for lymphoedema after breast cancer," reports BBC News. The headlines follow the publication of new draft recommendations by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence...

'Peeing' in pool may create harmful byproducts

Friday Mar 7 2014

'Peeing' in pool may create toxic by-products

Peeing in the pool could be bad for your health the Mail Online reports. As well as being deeply impolite, new research suggests that urine can react with chlorinated water creating potentially harmful byproducts…

Five-year 'death test' provides few answers

Wednesday Feb 26 2014

Five-year 'death test' provides few answers

A “death test” that supposedly predicts the chance of a healthy person dying in the next five years has been developed by scientists, The Daily Telegraph reports…

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