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E-cigarettes could help some smokers quit

Wednesday Dec 17 2014

E-cigarettes could help some smokers quit

"E-cigarettes can help smokers quit or cut down heavily," The Guardian reports. An international review of the evidence, carried out by the well-respected Cochrane Collaboration, found evidence that they can help some smokers quit…

HIV drug may slow the spread of prostate cancer

Monday Dec 1 2014

It is hoped that the drug can help prevent prostate cancer spreading into the bones

“A drug used to treat HIV infection can slow the spread of prostate cancer, research has shown,” The Independent reports. The news centres on the drug maraviroc (Celsentri), which researchers have found may slow the spread of prostate cancer…

UK 'among worst' for cancer linked to obesity

Thursday Nov 27 2014

An overweight man doing the right thing: exercise

“Britain almost the worst in the world for obesity-fuelled cancer,” reports The Daily Telegraph. This and other headlines report on the outcome of an international study into the rate of obesity-related cancers...

Cancer guidelines may improve diagnosis rates

Thursday Nov 20 2014

New cancer guidelines may improve diagnosis rates

"Doctors to get more help to spot cancer early," The Guardian reports. NICE has produced new draft guidelines that may help GPs pick up on possible early warning signs of cancer…

Report links obesity to advanced prostate cancer

Wednesday Nov 19 2014

Obesity 'probable cause' of advanced prostate cancer

"Being overweight raises risk of men developing aggressive prostate cancer," The Guardian reports. A major new report from the World Cancer Research Fund has found strong evidence obesity increases the risk of aggressive prostate cancer…

Triclosan soap linked to mouse liver cancers

Tuesday Nov 18 2014

Washing your hands probably won't give you cancer

"A chemical ingredient of cosmetics, soaps, detergents, shampoos and toothpaste has been found to trigger liver cancer," reports The Independent. The chemical in question, triclosan...

Long-term mobile phone use and cancer

Thursday Nov 13 2014

We still don't properly understand the long-term effects of mobile phone use

"Do mobile and cordless phones raise the risk of brain cancer?" asks the Mail Online today. There are now more mobile phones than people in the UK, so you would expect the commonsense answer to be...

Genes tweaked to 'starve' prostate cancer cells

Tuesday Nov 11 2014

Prostate cancer is one of the commonest cancers in men

"Prostate cancer could be 'halted' by injections," reports The Independent. While this headline rather simplifies the research findings, the research it's based on demonstrates an interesting way to stop prostate cancer – for mice, at least...

Could sex with 21 women 'cut prostate risk'?

Wednesday Oct 29 2014

Sex with 21 women 'lowers prostate cancer risk' claims

"Sleeping with more than 20 women protects men against prostate cancer, academics find," The Daily Telegraph reports. The study in question included more than 1,500 men diagnosed with prostate cancer and a matched…

Lab-grown killer cells could treat brain tumours

Monday Oct 27 2014

Lab-grown killer cells could treat brain tumours

"Scientists … have discovered a way of turning stem cells into killing machines to fight brain cancer," BBC News reports. While the results of this study were encouraging, the research involved mice, not humans…

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