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Gum disease linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease

Tuesday Aug 22 2017

"Gum disease sufferers 70% more likely to get dementia," The Times reports. A Taiwanese study found that people with a 10-year or longer history of chronic periodontitis had a small but significant increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease…

Vitamin C injections could play a role in treating blood cancers

Monday Aug 21 2017

"Super-strength vitamin C doses could be a way to fight leukaemia," the Mail Online reports. Research in mice found vitamin C could help combat the effect of a mutated gene that can cause uncontrollable stem cell growth…

'Junk food' may increase cancer risk in 'healthy weight' women

Friday Aug 18 2017

"Women who eat junk food such as burgers or pizza are increasing their risk of cancer even if they're not overweight, new research has warned," reports the Daily Mail. The story is based on research from the US looking at the diet of postmenopausal women…

People who regularly groom their pubic hair at risk of injuries

Thursday Aug 17 2017

"A quarter of Americans are injured and hospitalized by tidying up 'down there'," the Mail Online reports. The headline is prompted by a survey which asked 7,570 adults about pubic hair removal and "grooming" (such as waxing)…

'Alternative cancer therapies' may increase your risk of death

Wednesday Aug 16 2017

"Cancer patients who use alternative medicine more than twice as likely to die," is the stark message from The Independent. Researchers found that people who chose alternative medicine instead of conventional cancer treatments…

'Fat but fit' people may still be at risk of heart disease

Tuesday Aug 15 2017

"Concept of being 'fit but fat' is a myth, researchers say," ITV News reports after a Europe-wide study looked at associations between body weight, metabolic health and heart disease…

Reports that antibacterials in pregnancy are 'harmful' unfounded

Monday Aug 14 2017

"Warning to pregnant women, don't use antibacterial soap! Chemicals in the products can make children fat and disrupt their development," is the alarming, yet entirely unsupported, headline from the Mail Online...

Gene editing brings pig organ transplant closer

Friday Aug 11 2017

"Gene editing to remove viruses brings transplant organs from pigs a step closer," The Guardian reports after researchers used the new CRIPSR gene editing technique. CRIPSR acts like a set of molecular scissors…

Vitamin B3 found in Marmite not proven to prevent miscarriage

Thursday Aug 10 2017

"Like it or loathe it, but Marmite could help prevent millions of miscarriages and birth defects around the world," is the overly optimistic headline in The Daily Telegraph. The news is based on research into just four families…

Saliva 'may speed healing' but 'kissing it better' probably won't

Thursday Aug 10 2017

"Kissing it better really works: Saliva found to have properties that help speed up the healing process," reports the Mail Online. Researchers in Chile investigated how human saliva may help wounds to heal more efficiently…

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