Special report: Alzheimer's in the news

Behind the Headlines

Friday August 12 2011

Reports about Alzheimer's often feature in the news

Alzheimer's disease is a major topic in health news, covering everything from potential cures to possible ways of preventing the disease in the first place.

With an estimated 465,000 cases of Alzheimer's in the UK this news coverage is keenly read, not just by those whose lives have been affected by the disease, but also people worried that they might develop the disease in their later years.

Since 2007, Behind the Headlines has examined dozens of news stories on dementia and Alzheimer’s. This report, Alzheimer's in the news (PDF, 5Mb: opens in new window) looks back over this coverage to identify some of the more important stories and to examine those that were wide of the mark.

The report also identifies key themes and common problems in the news and aims to help readers judge future reports for themselves. Finally, we ask leading experts what research and experimental treatments they predict will be making headlines in the months and years to come.

Analysis by Bazian

Edited by NHS Choices


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