Travel health

Sun safety FAQs

Stay safe in the sun, including advice on buying and applying sunscreens, sunburn, heat exhaustion, eczema, child safety and moles.

Family alerts travellers to deadly fake alcohol

The family of a backpacker who died from methanol poisoning are warning travellers of the dangers of fake alcohol.

'Malaria nearly killed me'

Mo mistakenly thought he was immune to malaria when he visited family in Sierra Leone.

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Before you travel

Practical advice if you're travelling abroad, including vaccinations, DVT, travel insurance and sun safety.

Travel health checklist

Expert advice on what to pack to stay safe and healthy abroad, including first aid essentials.

Travelling in pregnancy

How to travel safely and comfortably, and when you might need a doctor's note.

Safer sex on holiday

Protect yourself from a sexually transmitted infection or unplanned pregnancy on holiday.

Food and water abroad

Find out how to protect yourself against illnesses from contaminated food and water.

Prevent DVT when you travel

Reduce your risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during a long-haul flight.

'I got DVT from flying'

Mark Pownall developed deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on a long-haul flight from New Orleans to London.

Travelling with asthma

Tips for travelling with asthma, including taking medication, vaccinations, air travel and insurance.

Travelling with cancer

Advice when travelling with cancer, including travelling with medicines, vaccinations, insurance and air travel.

Travelling with diabetes

Travelling with diabetes, including diet, taking medicines, vaccines, insurance and air travel.

Travelling with a heart condition

Travelling with a heart condition, including vaccinations, travel insurance, air travel, pacemakers and ICDs.

Apply for a free EHIC card

If you're travelling to an EEA country, you need to tak a free EHIC card. Here's how to get one.

Ebola virus disease

Ebola virus disease is a serious, usually fatal, disease for which there are no licensed vaccines or treatments

Zika virus

Zika virus

Zika virus disease is mainly spread by mosquitoes. For most people it is a very mild infection and isn't harmful. It may be more serious for pregnant women, as it's been linked to birth defects – specifically, abnormally small heads

Travel health advice by country

Link to Nathnac website

Travel in pregnancy

How to travel safely and comfortably, and when you might need a doctor's note

Video: European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Get ready for your holiday and make sure you're covered for all eventualities. Is your EHIC still valid?

Don’t forget your passport

You can renew your passport up to nine months before it expires – check now

Healthy holidays

How to keep your family healthy during the summer holidays. Includes beach safety, camping safety and free activities

Travel health videos

Watch our travel health videos and get ready for your next holiday, including tips on beach safety and how to apply sunscreen.

Travel health

A simple guide to health precautions when travelling abroad, including vaccinations, taking condoms and a first aid kit, and being careful about drinking water.

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Travel vaccinations

Learn about the vaccinations available for travellers, and the diseases they protect against

Video: beach safety

A holiday at the seaside is fun for the whole family. An RNLI lifeguard explains how to stay safe on the beach.

Protect your skin and eyes

How to keep safe from sun damage (including from sunbeds) and reduce the risk of skin cancer

Treatment abroad

Thinking of going abroad for dental or medical treatment? Find out about the risks and make an informed decision