STIs (sexually transmitted infections)

Genital herpes: Marian's story

Marian contracted herpes from her boyfriend. She talks about the symptoms, how it can be treated, and the issue of discussing herpes with your partner.

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Get tested for HIV if you think you've been at risk

It's important to get tested for HIV, so you can start treatment at the right time if you're HIV positive.

Coping with a positive HIV test

Find out how to cope if you test positive for HIV and where to go for help.

Can oral sex give you cancer?

Discover the link between oral sex, HPV viruses and cancer. Plus how to have safer oral sex.

Visiting an STI clinic

What to expect at an STI clinic, including tests, treatment and the questions you may be asked.

Sex activities and risk

The risks of getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) through various sex activities, including oral and anal sex.

STI symptoms that need checking

Find out the symptoms that could mean you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Sexual health FAQ

A sexual health expert answers questions on infections, discharge, itching, smells and anal sex.

Where can I get sexual health advice?

Where to get advice on sex and relationships, including contraception, STIs and counselling.

HIV: the facts

HIV in the UK, including who's at risk, how to protect yourself and where to get tests and treatment.

Health checks for gay men and women

Some gay people are at a higher risk of certain health conditions because of their lifestyle, and so need regular screening.

How to wash a penis

Find out how to keep your penis and testicles clean, healthy and fit for purpose.

Keeping your vagina clean and healthy

Find out about keeping your vagina clean and healthy, without using a douche, scented wipes or perfume.

What if my partner won't use condoms?

Some people think it's acceptable to pressure their partner into having sex without a condom. It's not. Find out how to respond to common condom excuses.

Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you


Need help now?

Where to get sexual health help urgently, including advice following unprotected sex and sexual assault

Talking about sex

How to talk about sex to your partner, teen or younger child, and why it's important.

Sex and young people

Answers to sex FAQs, including saying no, what to do if a condom splits, being gay and more

Focus on chlamydia

Where to get a test for chlamydia and how to treat the most common STI among young people