Digestive health

How's your gut?

Digestive complaints such as constipation, heartburn and bloating are very common, but can usually be fixed with lifestyle changes and pharmacy remedies.

Beat the bloat

Tips for getting rid of bloating, including cutting out "windy" foods and fizzy drinks and taking regular exercise.

Good foods to help your digestion

How to eat and drink to ensure good digestion, including the foods to avoid and which ones to fill up on.

Should you cut out bread to stop bloating?

Is bread triggering bloating and other digestive symptoms? Find out how to combat wheat sensitivity.

How to get more fibre into your diet

Most people need more fibre in their diet. Find out which foods are high in fibre.

Five lifestyle tips for a healthy tummy

Five ways to banish common digestive problems such as heartburn, constipation and bloating.

Food allergy or food intolerance?

Around 2% of people have a food allergy, but many more have a food intolerance. What's the difference?

How to prepare and cook food safely

How to prepare and cook food correctly to reduce the risk of food poisoning, including E. coli

10 ways to prevent food poisoning

How to prevent food poisoning, including tips on hand washing, food storage and thorough cooking.

Does the 'five-second rule' really work?

Is food dropped on the floor ever safe to eat? We put the 'five-second rule' under the microscope.

Foods to avoid if you're over 65

Find out why over-65s are at higher risk of food poisoning and what foods are risky.

'My life with Crohn's disease'

Fame Academy voice coach Carrie Grant has suffered from Crohn's disease since she was 18.

Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you


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A healthy fajita recipe to help you get your 5 A DAY of fruit and veg

Lose weight

Weight loss resources to help you lose weight healthily, including the NHS 12-week diet and exercise plan