Video: children's eye tests

Watch a video in which consultant paediatric ophthalmologist Michael Clarke talks about how children's eyes develop, the importance of eye examinations, and why it's important to check their vision.

Sight tests for children

Find out when children need eye tests, what the test involves and why it's important.

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Anne Grenyer Association of Optometrists said on 04 February 2010

As a community optometrist and a mother, I'm very conscious of the fact that eye checks at age four (or indeed any form of eye check) are not universally available throughout the UK. Parents are largely unaware of this and assume that all children get an eye check when they start school. This is often not the case and many children are missing out on essential eye care.

Optometrists are available in the community to carry out a comprehensive eye check, funded by the NHS, for all children. Ongoing testing after the age of four is recommended and optometrists can advise on children’s eye care at times to suit parents (including after school and at weekends). I feel very strongly that this service should be encouraged by the whole of the medical profession. The Transitions Eye Know Eye Care campaign made a good start in this area but we still have a long way to go.

Polly Dulley
Chair of the Association of Optometrist’s Children's Eyecare Initiative

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Susan Bowers said on 10 June 2008

As an Optometrist I am able to screen children for eye problems such as Amblyopia (lazy eye) from birth. Every year we examine two thousand children under the age of sixteen at my practice. I agree with David Burns comments

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David Burns said on 10 June 2008

The video could mention that optometrists also have the necessary training and facilities to manage most babies and small children with sight problems, and are particularly accessible.

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