5 A DAY tips

A few small changes can help you and your family get the recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day.

Why 5 A DAY?

Your 5 A DAY forms part of a healthy, balanced diet, and getting it is easier than you think.

5 A DAY: what counts?

Almost all fruit and vegetables count towards your 5 A DAY, including frozen, canned and dried varieties.

5 A DAY on a budget

A diet full of fruit and vegetables doesn't have to be expensive. Here's how to get your 5 A DAY and save some money.

Plan your 5 A DAY

This meal planner makes it easy to get your 5 A DAY. It's packed with tasty recipes and compiles your weekly shopping list for you.

5 A DAY and your family

Cooking for a family, including a fussy eater or two? These tips will help your kids get their 5 A DAY.

Tips for growing your own fruit and vegetables

Find out how growing your own fruit and veg can help you get your 5 A DAY, and get tips from other gardeners.

5 A DAY on the go

Juggling a hectic work schedule and a busy social life? Here are some easy ways to fit in 5 A DAY.

5 A DAY portion sizes

One 5 A DAY portion of fruit or vegetables is about 80g or around one handful.

5 A DAY recipes

Try our 5 A DAY fajita recipe and download a 5 A DAY recipe leaflet, plus more healthy recipes for you and your family.


We answer some frequently asked questions about the 5 A DAY programme.

5 A DAY school scheme

The 5 A DAY school fruit and vegetable scheme entitles all children aged four to six to a free piece of fruit or vegetable.

How to wash fruit and vegetables

How to store, wash and prepare fruit and vegetables to prevent food poisoning, including E. coli.

Hearty vegetable soup

Packed with tomatoes, celery, carrots and beans, this is a great option to include more vegetables in your diet.

Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you

How much is 5 A DAY?

Exactly how much is one portion of fruit or vegetables? Dietitian Azmina Govindji explains

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5 A DAY meal planner

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5 A DAY meal planner

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