The first time I gave blood was 17 years ago.

The way I've always looked at it

is that I've always wanted to help people.

Seeing a big red "Give blood" van was an easy way for me to do it.

This is my blood donor card.

I've given 41 pints and I would love to give more.

My blood type is a rare blood type

so it's important that I do give blood.

It just brings a smile to my face and a glow inside

that I really am helping someone.

So what I've always wanted to do seems to be coming true.

I started boxing when I was 12 years old.

I used to get bullied at school and my mum said, "Go and learn to fight."

As I got better I got to number nine in Britain

When I was boxing

I got to travel around the world and see different people.

Then I saw how great the world is

and I just wanted to help those who I would never get to see every day.

And giving blood, that was ideal.

All different kinds of people need to give blood

for ourselves and to help other people as well.

So it's not a hard thing to do,

to take five or ten minutes of your time to give a little bit of blood

to save someone's life.

We encourage everyone to give blood,

right down to my own children and my wife.

I think it's very important to celebrate Black History Month

because when black people came over

from their motherlands to find work

they sacrificed a lot.

They left our homeland to come to England

and make things better for our families as well as build Britain.