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What is the risk of miscarriage?

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If a pregnancy ends before the 24th week, it is known as a miscarriage. Miscarriages are quite common in the first three months of pregnancy and around one in five confirmed pregnancies ends this way. Many early miscarriages happen because there is something wrong with the baby, such as a chromosomal abnormality. There can be other causes of miscarriage, such as medical problems.

A later miscarriage may be due to an infection, a poorly developed placenta or a weak cervix that opens too early in the pregnancy.

Symptoms of miscarriage

A miscarriage in the first few weeks can start like a period, with spotting or bleeding and mild cramps or backache. This can progress to heavy bleeding, with blood clots and quite severe cramping pains. With a later miscarriage, you may go through an early labour.

If you bleed or begin to have pains at any stage of pregnancy, contact your GP or midwife. You should also contact your local early pregnancy unit (though they may want a referral from your GP before they see you). Find hospital maternity units near you.

If you are more than six weeks pregnant, you may be referred for an ultrasound scan to see if your baby has a heartbeat. Sometimes the bleeding stops by itself and your pregnancy will carry on quite normally. Find out about bleeding and pain in early pregnancy.

Some women find out that their baby has died only when they have a routine scan. If they have had no pain or bleeding, this can come as a terrible shock, especially if the scan shows that the baby died days or weeks before. This is called a missed miscarriage or a silent miscarriage.

Some women find out at a routine scan that they have a molar pregnancy, which means that the pregnancy has not been successful and a baby will not develop. This is not the same as a miscarriage. Surgery is needed to remove the molar pregnancy and careful follow up is required to ensure all the pregnancy has been removed.

Treatment for a miscarriage

There are three ways a miscarriage can be managed. 

Watching and waiting

This involves waiting 7-14 days for the products of pregnancy to be passed naturally.

Pills to empty the womb

This involves emptying the womb using vaginal (prostaglandin) tablets. Depending on the circumstances, these may work better if preceded by another tablet (mifepristone) taken by mouth. The pregnancy is passed vaginally.

Surgery to empty the womb

This involves emptying the womb by an operation. This is usually done under general anaesthetic, but some units also offer surgical evacuation under local anaesthetic. The procedure involves gently opening the neck of the womb and removing the products of conception (pregnancy) by suction.

See the page on the treatment of miscarriage for more details about each of these methods. There are benefits and risks of each option that you should consider when making your decision.

If you have surgery, any bleeding or pain you are experiencing because of your miscarriage should quickly improve. However, all surgical procedures carry their own risks. Medication avoids the need for surgery, but can cause increased pain and bleeding. Waiting for the tissue to pass naturally avoids taking medication or having surgery, but can take several weeks. It is also possible that not all of the tissue will be passed, and that you will later require surgery.

Discuss the options with the doctor in charge of your care. 

Your fertility after a miscarriage

One early miscarriage is unlikely to affect your chances of having a baby in the future. If you have three or more early miscarriages in a row, you should be referred to a specialist for further investigations. However, sometimes no clear cause can be found.

Both women and men can find it difficult to come to terms with a miscarriage at any stage. You will almost certainly feel a sense of loss. You'll need time to grieve over the lost baby, just as you would over the death of anyone close to you, especially if the miscarriage has happened later in your pregnancy.

Recovering from miscarriage

You may feel shocked, distressed, angry or just numb. You may feel guilty, wondering whether your miscarriage was caused by anything you did or did not do. It is important to know that, whatever the cause, miscarriage is never anyone's fault. If a miscarriage is going to happen, there is very little that anyone can do to stop it.

Some people find that it helps to have something to remember their baby by. In early pregnancy, you might be able to have a picture of a scan. If you have a late miscarriage, you may be able to see and hold your baby if you wish. You might also be able to take photographs, footprints and handprints as a keepsake. Some hospitals offer parents a certificate to commemorate their baby. This is done because there is no formal registration of a baby who dies before 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Talk about your feelings with your partner and those close to you. You might also want to contact The Miscarriage Association or Sands (Stillbirth & neonatal death charity).They can give you information and put you in touch with other women who have experienced a miscarriage. has videos and written interviews of women talking about their experiences of miscarriage

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Charlie_9 said on 02 October 2015

I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. I started to bleed 2 days before my scan. I felt anxious like something was wrong from 9 weeks but I had no physical reason to think that. Anyway the staff were all very good except the senior dr who told me I had some mascara smudged... um yes I've been crying! Idiot!
The after care however is appalling. I know it happens a lot, but my husband and I both suffered badly with depression after. No follow up offered. I'm certain the early pregnancy unit said I would be offered an early scan next time but I am now pregnant an have been told I will have to wait until 12 weeks unless there is something wron. Well last time there were no signs anything was wrong! I appreciate a scan only tells you things are not okay or they are okay in that moment and the next day baby could not be okay but I'd rather find out sooner than later again and also a positive scan massively helps anxious parents to be cope after miscarriage while waiting for their 12 week scan. Christ most people pay to go private for a scan to help them get through the 12 weeks, so fill a niche and make some money for the maternity unit and offer a private scan at NHS hospitals for £50 or something. Help the hospital and help those really struggling to get through those 12 painful weeks. I do think it is appalling, I appreciate miscarriage is common but a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks is traumatic to say the least. And I am actually a midwife and would have fought to reassure my patient to get an early pregnancy scan. Really saddens me.

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edgleyamy said on 10 September 2015

It dont say anythink about having a healthy baby then having to miscarriages after having a healthy baby and I never got help from my doctor or hospital Ido want to try again but im to scared to please get back to me please

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Baylis said on 22 February 2015

I am sorry to anyone else going through miscarriage and I hope this information can help someone else.

I have just had a missed miscarriage, which apparently means that my body carried on producing pregnancy hormones and doing everything it should and gave me no signs that the baby to be had stopped developing.

I had no idea how often miscarriage can happen, I had been so scared of it because books on pregnancy were littered with references to miscarriage and I now understand why those frequent references were there. As horrible as they are to see, it is really important to know that this does happen without you having done anything wrong to cause it or it being a sign that you will not be able to have a healthy pregnancy when I have given myself time to heal physically and emotionally.

I am sad to see how many bad experiences couples have had of a lack of sympathy and appropriate care and would like to share how amazingly supportive the staff at Northampton Hospital were to me and my husband. The lady carrying out the scan explained very gently that there was no heartbeat and that the size of the baby suggested it had stopped at 9 weeks. I was sent to the emergency gynecological unit where the staff were well briefed and took us to a private room until the Doctor was free. The Doctor was incredibly kind and made sure I asked all the questions about why so that she could firmly say “it was not your fault”. The scan to confirm everything had cleared as it should was at this same unit so we didn’t have to see pregnant women and was pain free and handled kindly.

Some extra advice from me is don’t drive, only go to places with good disabled toilets so you can have help if you need it and wear incontinence knickers for confidence to move about. Contact Miscarriage Association and ask friends and family for support. Keep talking and support each other.

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Dani_s said on 30 August 2014

My experience has left me very scared, the staff at the RLI were fantastic apart front the senior doctor, very sensitive and attentive.

I am very sorry to hear of all your experiences, I don't think anybody can explain until they have been through this, or have been through this with somebody who is very close.

My parents and husband have been amazing and hopefully in time to come we will have some good news when the time is right.

I will never forget our little person that could have been.

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Dani_s said on 30 August 2014

I had my 13 week scan on the 7th of July 2014. I must say I only had a couple of weeks through the first trimester when i felt a tired and sick, but never actually sick. I did feel a little worried from time to time as I felt completely active and normal. The day before my scan I became incredibly nervous and on edge. We went into the scan room first appointment that Monday morning,, the curtains were closed and the screen came on. I noticed straight away that something was not right and the lady asked me how far on I was, I said 13 weeks as my periods have always been 4 weeks to the dot. She went silent and then asked if she could do an internal, I felt numb I knew something was not right. Unfortunetly she then told us we had had a missed misscarraige. Our baby had stopped forming at 6.5 weeks. We then had to sent to LRI and had to under go another scan to confirm. LRI Did confirm this but measured the baby at passing at 8.5 weeks. We then after waiting on the pregnancy unit were told to go home for 7 days as there seemed to be an issue between the two scans? So they wanted to re scan us then. I did not understand this and after going through 2 scans and no heartbeat i felt confused as this was mine and my husbands first pregnancy we had not been through this before. I asked to speak to somebody more senior. The doctor who came to see me in a side room then asked me very aggressively what I wanted, I was gob smacked and so was the other Two nurses beside her. I said I could not emotionally go home for 7 days knowing there is still no heartbeat, she said 'If I did not I would be giving my baby the full chance' My husband and I were absolutely discusted. I said I wanted to leave. We went for a walk and emotional talked things through. By this time the first nurse who had attended to us had been for 3rd and 4th opinion with both scans and they and had both advised no re scan. We then had our baby removed the following morning. The rest of the staff were amazing!

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SAKH_8178 said on 10 July 2014

Hi all, sorry to hear about losses. Unfortunately, my first pregnancy too ended up being missed miscarriage. We were nine weeks, and during my second scan the nurse told me that the baby size is small (5 weeks) and there is no heartbeat, which she said is normal as heartbeat could be visualised next time. I went back after 10 days, completely positive and with zero suspicion that there might be something wrong. As soon as the nurse broke the news, we were devastated. All I could do is crying and blaming myself. After speaking to my mom who is also a nurse, I decided to go for medical treatment. Unfortunately, I turned out to be one of the 30% for whom the medication is ineffective. I didn't know until I had high temperature/ever and went back to do scanned and was told the pregnancy was still there. I had to stay in the hospital and had a surgery this morning. Still devastated and shocked, but trying to be positive, staying health and start planning in a few months time, once my body is ready. For others out there, please don't worry and stay positive. Look after yourself and try again when ready. Love xxx

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Daani_babyyxo said on 07 July 2014

I had my very first scan today. Baby was measuring at 8 weeks which I calculated right.. But there was no heart beat :'( at this stage could it be picked up wrong cause of the baby's position? I'm showing no signs of miscarriage and don't know what to think! Help please :(?

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Adams99 said on 28 May 2014

Hello to you all, I'm so sorry for your losses x I too miscarried earlier this year and it's been a very emotional time. Sadly I don't feel that I received the correct support or even a thorough explanation of what happened and I believe that made it more difficult to deal with. I was having a variety of pains and around 9 weeks so went to a&e who scanned to discover an empty sac. After a nerve wracking week I returned for a re-scan to find out that there was no foetus in the womb but possibly one in my Fallopian tube (large cyst seen on scan) this had been missed on the scan the week prior. I had to go for emergency surgery (d&c and a laparoscopy) expecting I may have to have my Fallopian tube removed. Fortunately, the cyst on my tube came away when they did the d&c (they said it was pregnancy tissue but could not confirm if it was an embryo or not) and I have both of my tubes in tact. I was so relieved but get frequent pains from the resulting scar tissue which are now a constant reminder of the loss :( My parter has been amazing throughout and I hope that one day our dream to be parents will come true. Love and hugs to you all x x

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JBGC14 said on 15 May 2014

Firstly I'm really sorry for your loss. Its such a hard time but trust your body,it will do what it needs to do even if its hard. During my first miscarriage I was 8 wks and had early bleeding. I had the scan and the baby measured 5 wks.They said they could not be conclusive as baby is too small for a heartbeat .But as my hormone test was low, to expect a miscarriage and to come back in 2 weeks. I was devastated and for 2 weeks nothing happened just light spotting,I had no idea what to expect. Then out of nowhere the cramping started.It was a bad bloating squeezing feeling that intensified for 1 1/2 hrs, I had a lot of blood and tissue loss and I thought it was over. But then a hour later it started again, this time it was labour like contractions for several hours, I was in so much pain I was curled in a ball screaming in pain for it to stop. Each time the contractions started it followed with a discharge of tissue and bright red blood and then I had short break and it started again.I must have filled 8-10 pads.I was so overwhelmed I nearly passed out and it took me a good 10 days to regain my strength and deal with the shock of it all.The second miscarriage was equally as upsetting but the physical experience was no where near as painful.Same situation I was 8 weeks, had bleeding & scan showed baby as 5 weeks. I was told it was threatened miscarriage and to come back in 1 week so they could confirm it .But I knew it was not good so I asked for the blood test which confirmed I had 0.07% chance. I had back ache & heavy period like bleeding over the next few days with mild cramps. Day 3 the cramps got worse but was manageable and bright red blood & tissue loss occurred.Day 7 cramps started again and got worse but still manageable, then I went to the toilet to wipe and the sac had come out, which was a big shock but a relief it was over.

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Sacardequicio said on 13 April 2014

I have read that no morning sickeness or vomiting are linked to higher probabilities of having a natural miscarriage. as I am not having horrible morning sickness, just feel dizzy now and then, I am staring to feel worried. can someone help me??

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bc3327 said on 08 April 2014

I feel your pain and loss. I had a missed miscarriage 2 weeks ago and I felt no pain, small, tiny no way near a light period for 2 weeks before. I phoned NHS 24 and I was referred to my Dr who then referred me to my EMU, I was scanned that day and there was a heartbeat and they advised I was only 6 weeks but my dates should have put us at 8.5 weeks. I knew then there was a problem, my extremly light bleeding continued and I had had cramps the whole way through, was ok. I then reported not feeling well to the EMU department a week later but they didn't have spaces to give me a scan. I waited another full week and then found out at 10 weeks there was no heartbeat. I was then given terrible advice and sent home within 10 mins, my partner was driving over to be there but they did the scan an hour early. Yes it's matter of fact but good God, I've just lost a baby and told to go home and let it pass!? I didn't want to go through that so phoned them and advised I wanted it removed. It was arranged for the Wednesday after and that morning I passed most of it, how awful and I was terrified as Been so long and also how much came out. I wish they had advised me as the day before I had to attend the breast clinic for biopsys, it could of happened there. I must advise that the staff where I did go to have the rest removed were amazing and so very thoughtful.
I'm so scared now to try again as my symptoms were not painful and I was told it's common and ok. But on the upside I have a 14 year daughter and we both still work.

Love and strength to anyone going through this. X

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Pennell123 said on 14 March 2014

Went up to a&e on Thursday as I had a little dark blood and I was 11weeks and 6days the doctor said everything is fine and no sign of miscarriage as dark blood is old blood and sent me home and didn't scan me because I had my first scan booked in for Tuesday. the next day had a little more blood so I went into my doctors and my nurse sent me back with a letter. Once I got there the doctor said its fine as there is no red blood but still gave me an internal they said my cervix is closed and there is no sign that I had/having a miscarriage and about to send me home but my mum pushed them to scan me as it's my first, but they didn't want to as I ant high risk. As I was leaving I got called back due to a space to have a scan. When the lady scanned my she said my baby had died around 9weeks old. I am booked in on Monday to have the baby removed as I don't want to take the pill. Can I ask to be scanned before they go to remove it? To clear my mind? Also can she be wrong? I've had no sign of miscarriage and my bump has grown over the past week and my body still fills pregnant. I fill so confused as I'm sure my body would of known as the baby had died 2+ weeks ago. A word of advice girls if u fill something is not right you have to push these doctors if my mum didn't I would of gone home thinking everything fine again for the second night and gone to my scan on Tuesday with my partner thinking everything is okay cose the doctors said.

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kizzikirsty said on 04 March 2014

My heart goes out to u hunni my first baby passed while in the shower on the 26th and went in today for DnC for the other baby we didnt even no we were having twins was only detected after a scan check from passing the first baby. I had my op this morning at 10 and im in agoni tonight my legs back and tummy is sore was given paun killers to take and also anti biotics to stop infection in the cervics. Just hopin it doesnt last too long the pain of loosin the twins is bad enough without being sore all the time :((

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Em13 said on 27 February 2014

In December 2013 I was 9 weeks pregnant when I experienced some minor bleeding after sex (a browny colour). After a phone call to Gynae they made an appointment at the early pregnancy unit for a scan. I was now 10 weeks when I had the scan, the sonographer told me there was a sac but not what was expected for 10 weeks so they'd book another scan for a weeks time. The doctor examined it looked very much like a missed miscarriage, but they'd know more at the return appointment. In the early hours of the next morning I woke up knowing I was bleeding. I rushes to the toilet and was bleeding very heavily, and passing clots the size of the palm of my hand. The bleeding was so heavy that we decided to go to hospital. There I was given a saline drip and passed lots more large clots & blood. Gynae came to see me and told me it looked as though is had a complete miscarriage now. I was sent home, with instructions to take a pregnancy test in 3 weeks and if it was negative then all products of conception had been passed. For me the bleeding post miscarriage lasted for about 5/6weeks.. This was worrying as I thought it was too long, but after a visit to the Drs & a blood test & swabs I was assured that it's normal. My first period after the miscarriage came about 3 weeks after the bleeding ceased & was heavier than normal.
I hope this helps anyone going through the same.

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s3003 said on 19 February 2014

Hi was wondering if anyone had a similar situation i had a scan last week and was told only the sac could be seen and to come back in 2 weeks as maybe the dates were wrong, iv had a few pains but no bleeding and done another preg test and the line was alot darker any advice ?

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LP1991 said on 13 February 2014

After having no signs and symptoms of a miscarriage it came as a huge shock to my partner and I when we were told at our 12 week scan that our little person had no heartbeat. I broke my heart for days. I feel in denial about it all and guilty. I hated being told by many professionals that it was common, it may be a common thing but to my partner and I, it's not common, we lost our baby, our little person.
So sorry for your losses, I truly wouldn't wish this awful experience on anybody.

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BLeeS said on 18 January 2014

Had our second scan yesterday, we had early scans due to becoming pregnant whilst on contraception and not knowing how far along the pregnancy was. At our first scan we saw two little sacs and one heartbeat. The lady told us we were 6 weeks along with a twin pregnancy and to come back in four weeks to be rescanned as the 2nd sac had not yet developed as much as the confirmed "live sac." We went away thinking the 2nd baby was maybe conceived later and would hopefully be ok - and if not at least we had one healthy heartbeat- as the doc had said the 2nd sac may survive or just be absorbed into the body. Anyway, yesterday morning my husband and I had dropped our four year old off with family and sat waiting for our scan wondering weather we would have one or two babies. Eventually a lady called us through to be scanned, she scanned me, quickly stopped, a nurse then joined her as she carried on. She stopped after what felt like forever, and said "there is one baby, but I'm afraid this baby has no heartbeat." We were taken to a room where a different nurse joined us and explained the baby's heart had stopped at 8.5 weeks (we should have been 10 weeks+ ), The lady booked us in for the pregnancy to be removed on Monday and sent us on our way.
I feel they explained everything, and comforted us, and booked us in straight away to have treatment. However I do feel so lost, how could I have seen a heartbeat and know it has just stopped? What did I do wrong? We never assumed anything bad could happen after we saw that little heart beating away.
We are only 26 and realise we have a healthy child and have the potential to have more - but when people say that I am angry, because we have a child, and can hopefully have more children, doesn't make this situation any easier. I am hurt, angry at myself and everyone who comments with a 'bright side' comment. Will this pass soon?
I am deeply sorry for every single loss discussed on this page. Xx

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dmf70 said on 16 January 2014

I had a miscarrage last month. Was referred to St James EPU as bleeding backpain and pain in side told not as far on as previously advised asked to come back the following week things progressing only a couple of days later started to miscarry. End up in St James a&e who arranged a further scan the next day but was also told id an infection which was so advanced it was in my blood which could have triggered the miscarriage. Was so annoyed as EPU when the rescanned said they dont check to see if you have an infection unless you think you have one so any point in providing the urine given it seems they only checked it to confirm i was pregnant then a nurse has the cheek to say we should have checked yet she had my notes in front of her so should have known the answer to that one. Really dont see the point of epu if they aint gonna check everything.

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tell 1995 said on 14 December 2013

I just lost my baby at 12 week after going to ST James A+E with bleeding and pain and they passed it of as ligament stretching and sent me home the next day I rang an ambulance as the bleeding became heavy and got really big clots and they sent me home again with a scan 2 day later to find no heartbeat I was devastated and so was my partner I feel like I've been let down by my hospital because u went 3 Times before they would do anything

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Sweetpea1983 said on 12 November 2013

I had a missed miscarriage at 17 weeks plus 5 days our son was born on 18th July 2013! I had no bleeding or pains I only found out during a routine appointment when they went to listen for babies heartbeat there wasn't one so I was rushed for a scan which confirmed he'd died! He was perfect in every single way he was tiny, they have no idea why but I know he's well cared for above with his grand parents :) the EPU nurses & staff where amazing to me, they helped in ways they'll never understand & I'm truly forever grateful! Our son was cremated & his funeral was amazing & I think he'd be proud of us plus his brothers :) all his brothers said wonderful tributes & I strongly about involving our boys through the grieving process because Oliver wasn't just my baby he was there's too :) they have been amazing through everything & have been so comforting & they always talk of Oliver because he's apart of our family :) we are expecting again & all was well until yesterday midday I was out shopping my partner was with me as he's off work for a few days but I got some pains so I rubbed my belly then I took just two steps then I felt a gush at first I thought my waters had gone then I looked down there was so much blood & the pains were like contractions they were awful my hubby got me to the hospital asap I went to the EPU early pregnancy Unit & I was very pale clammy feeling so faint they took to a bed & I had to wait ages for a scan but I got one & I honestly thought my baby has gone but to my amazement there was a strong heartbeat :) I cried with relief & the doctor checked my cervix it's closed he has no idea why I'm bleeding but I've been summoned to bed rest at home! I have another scan Thursday so fingers crossed there is always hope & I believe Oliver is watching over this one & I pray I get to watch this miracle grow up xxx

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Nicnak32 said on 22 October 2013

Iv had 2 misscarriages this year , the first time I couldn't fault the epu they were very caring and understanding, I was 10 weeks when thus happened , there was no hesitation to scan me which I what I expected, the misscarriage went on for a whole month until I finally passed it all naturally, after a very painful couple of hrs of labour pains. Second misscarriage was at 5.5 and 2 doctors at my surgery were concerned it was eptopic because of the type of pain and where it was, however the epu would not scan said it was too early to detect a heartbeat, but the doctors concern was position of pregnancy and considering how dangerous eptopic can be epu didn't seem interested. The pain got really bad so went to a&e at this point all pain With slight spotting but not enough to be concerned of misscarriage , still epu didn't want to see me but eventually I was referred to be made to wait a hr in a v quiet clinic to be given an internal examination to be told they don't know what's goin on need to go back in 2 days to have a blood test, which I did and it turns out my hormone levels had gone down by half so they weren't goin to scan, it was all very matter of fact when I was told over the phone it's likely I am miscarrying I felt empty and very let down by the epu. I'm confused because how can they tell if eptopic or not without a scan , I have to go back next week for another blood test to check hormone levels ,I'm stil having cramps with hardly any bleeding concerned as this is different to last time , it's odd how iv been dealt with very differently this time compared to last time , maybe as iv been through it before the support and care isn't the same but it's just as hard this time round as it was the first .

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sarahelizabeth88 said on 03 October 2013

Sorry for spamming, the site has continuously freezing everytime I try to send a comment. 2000 characters is not enough; rather than me send it again; you will be able to read it in full on my site I created just for this:

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sarahelizabeth88 said on 03 October 2013

I am so sorry for all of your losses. I found out for definitely that we lost our baby on 06/09/13. It started off on Sunday evening 31/08/13 when I noticed I was spotting. I first noticed this after showering, I immediately sat down on the toilet to check and I kept saying to myself it was because I was bending down to do the necessaries. It was only slight spotting and tried to keep calm and noted not to bend over so much when showering.

The next day came, and at around the same time I was showering and again I noticed the spotting was heavier. I was overwhelmed with panic and immediately spoke to my partner who tried his best to calm me down. I then rushed to find the phone number of the EPU I had been to prior to my miscarriage (at the beginning of the pregnancy, I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t keep any food down, I lost about half a stone within a week or so; the doctors wrote it off as being when the sperm was trying to fertilise the egg, but when the pain and sickness didn’t subside after about a week, my partner and I went to our local hospital, as we thought it could have been an ectopic pregnancy. We went on to have multiple visits to the EPU, to have multiple vaginal scans, this spanned out across 2-3 weeks, we then found that the sac had formed and that my HCG levels had continued to rise, which was promising, but were then told to come back in 10 days to find out if our baby was growing. 10 very long days might I add! Anyway time went on and I was discharged from their care.)

When I had called the EPU to advise that I was spotting, and that it was getting heavier, I was greeted by a doctor who said that there was nothing that they could do, I wouldn’t be able to go to the hospital because I needed to be referred by my GP. I then explained that it was 11PM, that my GP was closed and that I was frantic. He then went on to say to wait until my GP was open and if my GP was concerned then they would refer me.. Continued...

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sarahelizabeth88 said on 03 October 2013

Continued...That if I had any more concerns then to contact my GP for further guidance.

The days dragged past; and having been off work due to annual leave (in readiness for our house move) it was hard to focus. Spending time reading up on miscarriage symptoms, our minds always changing back and forth whether this was a miscarriage or not. The bleeding was gradually getting heavier. Bright red blood, as I read indicated a miscarriage.
The day of the scan couldn’t have come any sooner. In the waiting room, other pregnant women waited to have their scans. I found it hard not to be teary eyed, especially when the receptionist handed me my pregnancy guide, I felt like saying I don’t think I need it, but smiled and said thank you nevertheless. My partner was my rock, and still is; comforting me just being there for me always.

We were called into the room, and I remember explaining to the nurse that I think that our baby has died. At that moment, I could see that the nurse genuinely felt our pain and angst. She allowed me to take a seat and I lay back nervously waiting the results.
As we thought, our baby had died. At this point I should have been 10 weeks, but was advised that our baby had died at 8 weeks and 2 days into the pregnancy. That was it- the waterworks had been set off, I couldn’t control it. It was as if something had been snatched away from us. I had done everything in my powers to be healthy. I had stopped smoking 2 weeks prior to finding out I was pregnant; I was t-total where alcohol was concerned and I was eating healthily. I felt like all my efforts had been for nothing, because I felt I was a failure. I understand that it could have been a number of things that lead to the miscarriage, but all the women of our family had successful pregnancies and not one miscarriage; I felt as though I was the black sheep.
After the scan, we came out of the room, and I could see the wave of faces all feeling sorry for us... Continued...

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Shelleo said on 02 September 2013

I'm so sorry for all your losses. I too feel let down by the nhs service I received when I had to have my identical twin boys induced at 17 weeks after the ultrasound found no heartbeats on the scan. Days before I experienced lower back pains and pelvic pain which I went to the doctors and was told I had sciatica and to take paracetamol and rest. All weekend I didn't feel well and didnt feel my self, I phoned the midwife in charge of my twin pregnancy because the pain had increased moved under my ribs and shoulders and lower back, and to go to the walk in centre because it sounded like I had a bug well obviously she was wrong, I wasn't offered a check a scan or asked to the EPAC, after taking a tablet I was told to return to the hospital 2 days later to be induced on a side room in the delivery suite, only to receive a phone call to say to go to ward 30 I didn't know what ward that was, but apparently as I found out its a gyne ward were women go to have abortions I am mortified. Not once during my labour or after did I feel like a mother who had just given birth and feel robbed. We got 20 minutes with our two beautiful perfect little boys because I had to be taken to theatre to remove the plancenta that had been left half attached for nearly 6 hours. Everything I was told would happen and get I didn't my funeral director had to arrange their certificates and take their footprints before we buried them on the 15th August. The full process I have had no leaflets on anything even though the nhs website says you do and after been put on iron for a couple of month I've never seen a midwife during my hospital stay or after not even a phone call things seriously need to change I was robbed of even giving birth on a bed to be told what would be the point as I couldn't see them straight away why? They were my boys bigger than my hands who looked exactly like their brother and sisters its absolutely heart breaking, once again I'm sorry for your losses

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Pcb1408 said on 16 August 2013

My deepest sympathy to all the mothers who have suffered a miscarriage. As per the calculation I was 7.5 weeks pregnant on 12th Aug when I started brown discharge and mild cramping . I rushed to A&E and after waiting for 4hours I finally got checked by a Doctor. A blood and urine test was done and no infection was found, I was asked to return only if heavy bleeding starts as brown discharge is normal in some cases. For my satisfaction I went to EPAU and they did an US and found that I was 5w and the gestation sack looked empty , they tried a Vaginal scan still it looked empty. Midwife said its too early to see anything in the scan and asked to return if heavy bleeding. Same night at 2am my cramps got worse by mins and I felt as though I am about to start my period. I went to the toilet at 6am when I realised blood is dripping and there was a big blob of clot. After that I started having severe contraction pain which lasted for 1.5hrs. At 8:30am I went to EPAU again and a blood test was taken to check the hormone level. I waited for 4hrs and finally the midwife came and said I am having a miscarriage and my levels are dropping . I was given a heavy dose pain killer and she also promised a call back today to check upon me and schedule my US appointment to check if everything was cleared. I waited until 4pm and finally called myself and got an appointment next week. Please help me and advise who should I ask the reason for the miscarriage ? I want to know the reason if it was a blighted ovum or I have a weak cervix? I want to take precaution before I TTC again. Please help! Thanks

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ayanbare said on 05 July 2013

hi everyone, i am new on the site, i was wondering if anyone had the same experience as me. my first pregnancy was 2011 had my son still-birth at 25 weeks and 3 days, second pregnancy was still-birth at 26 weeks and 3 days had my little boy in 2012, then had delayed miscarriage in December last year at 6 weeks, they done some test and they think i have blood clots, anyway, to make long story short i find out i was pregnant again went for scan at 5 weeks, they said they was small area bleeding around the sac, i start bleeding on Sunday a bit, i was spotting for 5 days now, took pregnancy test again to today, it come out positive, i got scan on Tuesday I'm so confuse i don't know what to think and i really want have fun.

anyone got advice for me, i am so stress i cant even sleep

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Kaz2013 said on 07 June 2013

Hi, has anyone else had this problem and not miscarried? I should be 7.5 weesk pregnant, but an early scan today has showed that although there is a really strong heartbeat my baby is only the size of 5.5 weeks. My dates are correct, and the scan I had 9 days ago, showed it was only a few days behind size. Ive had several m/c before and am really worried. The hospital will rescan in 1 week to see if it has grown, would love to hear of others who have been in the same boat.Thanks

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MUOV1G said on 04 June 2013

Hi to everyone who has posted, my deepest sympathies to all who have gone through, or are going through a miscarriage.
It seems so sad that the care people get at such a difficult time is so different depending on the hospital you go to or where you live. Luckily, I found the way our local hospital and GP handled our situation was good and right for me, perhaps not others.
Sadly, I had to undergo a surgical evacuation (an awful term), two weeks ago at 13 weeks. All was well with the pregnancy until we had our scan. The heart was beating well, limbs where they should be then, then nightmare, it was discovered that the baby had a serious condition that meant it wouldn't survive.
Everything happened so quickly and "the options" were being discussed after a matter of minutes. Within an hour and a half I’d signed surgical consent forms and had been swabbed for MRSA prior to the surgery. To some I'd image this might seem quite cold and clinical (but believe me, lots of tears were shed), but in hindsight I actually found it helpful to be very matter of fact about the situation. We were offered the opportunity to have a picture of the scan, a cremation, and given details on organisations / groups if we felt the need to talk, but to me this would have been more upsetting - I guess remaining detached is my way of coping?
Also, I have a healthy child at home, I’d imagine that if it had been a first pregnancy or we had been trying to conceive for a long time I may have felt very differently.
I guess what I really wanted to say, was that everyone deals with things differently, it’s very personal, but everyone feels a sense of loss and upset. No one really understands unless they have been through it.
I’m amazed how positive I feel after such a short time and thankful that modern science allows such awful conditions to be picked up early in pregnancy. Here’s to being positive and looking to the future, sometimes easier said than done, I know.

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hico73 said on 31 May 2013

I am going through a miscarriage and I honestly can't say a bad word against the staff at my local hospital. They even called me today to ensure I was ok! I was 9 weeks and it is very traumatic. The staff were and are very caring and have been very good to me and my husband. The bleeding continues and so do the cramps but I'm told if I have any concerns I can call them at any time which is very reassuring. It is horrible and emotional but these things happen for a reason and this is something I must remember!

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Bee4u said on 19 May 2013

I was 5 weeks pregnant when on a Sunday night I started spotting brownish discharge. I had just mild period pains. The next day Monday I had a doctor’s appointment, but that morning I had massive cramps, I couldn’t even walk. I went into the doctor’s office and I was told my HCG level had fallen from 780 to 218. I had taken some pain killers and because I wasn’t bleeding and the pain had stopped I went home.
On Tuesday I went to the emergency room at the hospital, I was admitted and while waiting for a scan I went for a pee and passed a clot. The size of the clot was approximately 6.5cms x 2.0cms. I was taken out of the cue for the ultrasound because I was in too much pain. When I finally went for the ultrasound they couldn’t see the baby and I was told that I had a complete miscarriage. I had an appointment to go back two days later on the Thursday to monitor my HCG.

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dylanbaby said on 26 April 2013

i lost my baby last year at 17 weeks i had a little boy went to my local hospital 3 times with severe pain and bleeding i said i felt like i was in labour but was told it was a urine infection i got home i hemoraged and i called an ambulance and i gave birth to my son in the ambulance. i felt like my baby was let down by the people i trusted with his life i felt if they had listened they might have been able to try and stop the contractions and stop the labour i know its not a gaurentee but my baby was not given the chance. today i went to my doctor with badpain in my lower back and lower tummy and i have been bleeding quite heavy for three weeks this was the earliest appointment i could get since monday the doctor does a pregnancy test it turns out im pregnant but with all the bleeding was sent to the hospital turns out im losing the baby again. i did here you were only meant to bleed for two or three days but i have been bleeding for 3 weeks now i dont know how long this will last and how long the misscarriage takes to complete i had some test taken and was told to come back next week to check the baby has all left my body. but last time i only bled for 2-3 days then my period came about two weeks later but the girls who are asking about the bleeding when it happend to my sister she only bled for two or three days then your period follows a week or two later. but i would get acheck up from your doc to make sure everything has left your body thats meant to encluding the baby so there is no infection or complications. good luck its good to see we are not alone because at times like this you do feel very alone. x

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dylanbaby said on 25 April 2013

i lost my baby last year i went in to earlie labour at 17 weeks went to the hospital 3 times was not even checked in enyway was told i had a urine infection was in so much pain and was told to go to my doctor in future as hospital was for more serious things i would not have went there if i was not in so much pain i was in tears i had been in so much pain for 3 days i said to the doctor who was i gyno doctor i thought i was in labour he said no i was not how can he tell without checking he never even felt my belly. was sent home my boyfriend was working out of town so was by my self on my hands and knees screaming in pain until the earlie hours i hemmoraged the blood was just pouring out i called an ambulance and gave birth to my son in the ambulance i nearly died to was given a blood transfution. but i felt so guilty my baby died and i was ok i got to hold him i had him all day and night leaving him was the hardest thing i ever did i feel like my baby was let down by the people i trusted with his life. babys born under 24 weeks is not viable they say it makes me sick. the girls asking about the bleeding when you misscarry this way it is only normal to bleed for two days as this is the baby and the sack leaving you but your period will follow quite soon but do get a check upto see if everything has left your body thats meant to sorry for your loss good luck.

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Jayt1 said on 24 April 2013

I finally fell pregnant after 2 years of trying, had 3 positive preg tests last week worked out I was about 5 weeks. Began spotting 2 days ago and then yesterday started bleeding quite heavily with cramps, i suspected the worst. Went to hospital and negative tests confirmed miscarraige. They gave me no advice on what to expect but this afternoon I have already stopped bleeding. Is it possible to only bleed for such a short amount of time , as a regular period would normally last up to a week for me. Should I expect a regular period to arrive in a few weeks ? Any advice would b much appreciated xx

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elwira k said on 22 April 2013

I am sorry to hear about all the stories on this site. I have found out that I am pregnant last week at 4weeks from my last period. I went to GP and without any additional tests he confirmed I am pregnant and booked me an appointment with a midwife. next day i felt abdominal pain and I did a test again, came negative. rushed to the walk in centre and had repeated negative test. also found out that I have bladder infection. didnt get any support on what next and whether I should do a check up or anything, just 'it happens all the time'. it was my frst pregnancy. the same day i started to bleed and have severe abdominal pain. the bleeding lasted only 2 days and i am not sure what shal i do next? is it possible that the bleeding after early miscariage can last just 2 days? i would be grateful for any advise! all the best x

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Youngbing said on 10 April 2013

All of these stories are so so sad. I am sorry to everyone who has to go through this. I recently found out at my 12 week scan that my baby had died at 8.5 weeks. We were handed a leaflet explaining 3 types of ways to remove our baby. Disgusted by the lack of support we decided a d&c would be best. My experience in the hospital was horrendous and was in a ward with abortions, babies and ultrasounds. I was given tablets to insert, assuring me that it was to "soften my cervix" ready for surgery an left for 3 hours in labour (after signing a piece of paper saying I wanted my baby surgically removed as I couldn't mentally have given birth) asked then to walk from one ward to the other end of hospital in my gown to the theatre. When I came round from op I was still contracting badly and went into shock. I was let out that same day with no support or information about what I would feel. I have also been to see my local GP who says that should never have happened to us. My husband has since had a break down and we feel this is mainly because we were treated so terribly. There needs to be some kind of support in place for women and men, it doesn't matter whether the babies heart stopped at 2 weeks or 39 weeks, it still hurts. I will never forget this experience.

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Bexbeckboo said on 30 March 2013

You decide...Wednesday is was 9 weeks with my second. I began to spot. Locum out of hours doctor said I had a urine infection and prescribed antibiotics. Thursday, went to GP who referred me to EPU. We've now moved onto a light bleed with clotting, lower abdominal pain/constant cramp. Urine test = no infection, internal showed cervix closed. Sent away with a scan booked for Friday. Back to hosp for my Friday scan, still light bleed, no heartbeat found a measuring 5 weeks not 9. This was yesterday. I was given an appoinment for a weeks time, Friday 5 April, to repeat measurements and check for heartbeat. Zero I information given other than that. I'm at home, cramping, still bleeding and quite frankly feel abandoned.

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MrsRowe said on 19 March 2013

To be honest with you that has given me a lot of room to heal, just to be able to have a conversation with him. I really do feel very humbled by this whole experience because I now realise that family and love is exactly where my true happiness resides. I remember having fights with my husband because he wanted 7 kids and I wanted a career, after all that I have been through I am now looking forward to having a big family. The love that a mother has for her child is out of this world and I am so thankful that my baby boy had made me out to be a much better person. I can go as far as saying that my baby has completed me, again, dead or alive. I am so honoured to be his mother and I will forever carry the image of his innocence in my heart.

Please find peace amongst your broken pieces and remember to honour your child and remember your child for who they were and not for who they were not. If someone was to ask me if I have any children I would say yes I have a son. I will never deny my son just to make the situation or to make other people feel comfortable. Finally do something to honour your child. I am going to write a book and dedicate it to my son. I am not saying you must therefore write a book but do something in remembrance of your child, you know and I know that just because we had a miscarriage, it doesn't mean that this person never existed!

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MrsRowe said on 19 March 2013

My son did not have to go through any of that, in fact he had a smile on his face the whole time I was with him. His smile told me that he was fine and was in a much better place. I understand how many of you are not only mourning the death of your child but you are also mourning the un-lived memories that I could have shared with him. It is very easy to think about what kind of person your child could have been, for about a few days all I was thinking about was that I never got the chance to breastfeed him (since I gave birth, my body began to naturally produce milk within hours of his delivery), burp him, clothe him, bathe him, and worse, to watch him grow up to be this wonderful person and be the big brother I always wanted him to be. I did realise that when I focused on what could have and should have been it takes you to this hopeless and helpless state of mind and you have no choice but to get emotional. So rather than focusing my attention of what my son is not I focus on what HE IS. My son, IS my first-born, he IS my angel, he IS my blessing and he most certainly IS my hero. To be frank that is good enough for me. Before I had him I was selfish, all I cared about was my career and how I needed to get there as if it was going to bring me all the happiness in the world. After everything I have been through these last few weeks all I want is my son back in my arms. I would most certainly give my life to spend another second with him, dead or alive. As far as I am concerned he mattered even if society doesn't agree or understand, he is still my son and I am still his mother. I will definitely tell my future kids about him because he is still part of the family regardless. I now take comfort in visiting the cemetery where he was buried. I talk to him and tell him all of my feelings and let him know what is going on in my life as if he was still a part of it in the physical sense... To be Continued

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MrsRowe said on 19 March 2013

I was reading most of these comments and it is so heartbreaking and unfortunately I know all too well what each and every one of you are going through. I will briefly explain my story but more importantly I would like to share how I have managed to find peace within these broken pieces of my miscarriage story...

So on 06/03/13 I found out that my baby had no heartbeat during a routine appointment with my midwife, I was quickly rushed to a local hospital for an emergency scan and after 30 minutes and after 3 different confirmations it was concluded that my baby died. I was 17 weeks at the time. on 09/03/13 I was given tablets vaginally to induce labour as my miscarriage occurred mid trimester and I was experiencing a silent miscarriage. I finally gave birth to my first child and it was beautiful baby boy (I always wanted my first to be a boy) and he had passed at 14 weeks. I spent a couple of hours with him, holding him, taking pictures and videos and he honestly looked as if he was sleeping so I was completely in heaven when I was spending time with him. I then said my final goodbyes and I called for the nurse to take him away. That was the hardest and most painful thing I ever had to do because I knew I would never see him again. I was hurt, confused, guilty, I felt less than a woman for having a miscarriage. On the 13/03/13 I buried my son (the service was funded by the hospital I gave birth to him in) at that point I was numb and I honestly can't remember much of that day...

This Wednesday as in 20/03/13 it would have been a week since the burial and 2 weeks since finding out I lost my baby. All I can say that is helping me through this time is that in his death he was the most innocent pure and peaceful person in the entire world and he never experienced any pain. There are plenty of family's who had to bury their child because someone took their life or they were involved in a terrible accident.... To be continued

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dinkdink said on 15 March 2013

I am devestated because after 14yrs of trying I found out I was 5wks pregnant I misscarried 4wks ago it was a shock because Iwas told my tubes were blocked I still have hcg in my system how and why did I fall pregnant only for it to be taken away like that i dont understand please help I'm so upset

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Clarabella0610 said on 03 March 2013

Its so sad to read all the comments on here, my heart goes out to everyone! I have just experienced a miscarriage, I lost the baby at roughly 5-6 weeks but only found out at my 12 week scan. Devasted does not describe how my husband and I are feeling. This was our first preganancy so we are hoping to have better luck next time.

In comparision to some of the comments on here, NHS Scotland have treated me exceptionally well. I was referred to the Early Pregnancy Unit on discovering my "silent miscarriage" and they have been really good with us, providing us with all the information we needed to deal with our grieve and even providing a shoulder to cry on. When I went for my surgery, the nurses were all considerate of my situation and made a point of giving me privacy after my surgery to grieve.

I'm not sure if all NHS hospitals have an Early Pregnancy Unit but if they do look them out as they are a godsend. I am planning on trying again soon and they have told me to get in touch as soon as I'm positive as they will give me an early scan.

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jennive said on 02 March 2013

I have just been informed that i am having a missed misscarraige at 10,5 weeks we had seen babys heat beating at 8.5 weeks they say it stopped at 9. Once i was told they put me in a room on my own for 45 mins i was deverstated and they never even came to talk to me to tell me anything. I was sent home with all these questions i wanted to ask and when i phone in they just fob me off everytime. Im back in in two weeks to see if i have natually passed this baby but i am so scared they did not tell me how it would feel they just asked me to catch fetus placenta and all tisuue so i could take into them. Im so worried that this will cause more sadness and I really want to know what its going to feel like. I just wish the hospital would see me as a human being going thro a great loss instead off fobbing me off.

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Dandan121 said on 25 February 2013

Speaking after a terrible weekend of visits to a and e and epu I feel that the majority of nhs staff I dealt with have lost all compassion and people skills needed to deal with somebody who is having a miscarriage. I have been sent home to wait for my baby to pass. I understand that in medical terms, what was my 10week old baby was not yet classed as a baby but surely they realise that it is still a devastating and traumatising event. The attitude of most medical staff was robotic and lacked any emotion or caring quality what so ever. I have heard of so many people having miscarriages and staff displaying 'so what' attitudes. Bassetlaw hospital, thank you for your lack of empathy, care and information. I had a friendlier experience at the petrol station on the way home.

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JR89 said on 21 January 2013

I suffered a miscarriage back in September last year and it was truly the most horrific, heart-breaking experience for me as I know all to well it is for all women going through the same thing. I also (though it took me a while to accept) that miscarriages are common and whilst very unfortunate and very unlucky they do happen fairly often.
What I do not accept is the appalling treatment I was subjected to following my miscarriage. I was asked to sit in a ward of expectant mothers where it was fairly obvious for everyone else around me what had happened. The sympathetic staring I encountered was avoidable and extremely upsetting/uncomfortable for me. Prior to this I had gone to a&e as I had experienced bleeding and pain. I had blood taken by a nurse where the cannula felt out of my arm and blood ran down to my wrists and onto he floor, then waited hours for the results to come back to be told no scan could be done, I'd need to come back the following week (it was a Friday). When I was eventually told of my miscarriage I was given a load of medical jargon that made no sense to me about how to proceed with the miscarriage. I opted for an erpc and was told to call in the next day. I had to call at 7am for three days to book a bed for the procedure, each day coming in and waiting in excess of 4 hours to be told an emergency had come in and to try again tomorrow. In the end I took some tablets to help he process along-terrifying, horrendously painful and exactly what I wanted to avoid. The treatment put me off trying again until now and I am currently 5+ weeks pregnant, nervous and excited but not expecting too much because I found my last experience so harrowing. I ask why the care of pregnant women has such a low priority nowadays and why my mother (who lost a child over 20 years ago) experienced a far superior care to me and is equally disgusted with my experience? I hope the NHS review it's practices around miscarriage to make a very sad time less distressing.

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steffania said on 12 January 2013

I feel that I want to share my miscarriages, in the hope that I will
heal my soul... my first miscarriage it was in April, the second in October when I lost so much blood that I had to have 3 units of blood tranfusion and I still have to take iron tablet. I am pregnant again 5 week, I have some lower pain that I try to ignor...Is still a long way till I see a doctor..........

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Emmaj1981 said on 29 December 2012

We found out yesterday that we have miscarried or the 3rd time since the end if July. I started to bleed yesterday morning but only very slightly, I called out local epu and they told me to come down to check everything out. After a scan I was told that my baby had died at around 9.5 weeks, this is the 3rd time it's happened I really don't understand. We already have 3 children and there has never been any problems. This one has hit is harder than the other 2 because everything seemed to be fine I have been sick nearly every morning sore breasts and very tired. I would like to get some answers to why this is happening or if its just a ase if bad luck.

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Anonymous said on 11 December 2012

Recently when I was 10 weeks pregnant I started bleeding so was sent for a scan and it showed there was no heart beat and the baby had stopped developing at 6 weeks, which was really hard to take in as I was still 'feeling pregnant'. We had been trying for our second baby for a year and a half so it was a bitter blow. I felt I had to leave a comment as the staff, nurses and doctors at Furness General Hospital were really good, explaining everything and looked after me brilliantly, and then I had an operation under a general. I only found it strange that after leaving the hospital it was quite a lonely experience as there was no one to talk about it as when I did I just got told that I had to just 'get over it'!! I have just found out that i am pregnant again but instead of happiness I am filled with dread that it will happen again.

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gemkizz1 said on 29 October 2012

On the 25th of October 2012 I went for 1st scan, 10 weeks 5 days, I took my friend along with me as my partner was away working (long distance lorry driver). At 2.40pm my name was called, my friend and I stood up and went into the room. the lady doing the scan was doing whatever she had to, she then said the baby wasn't measuring what it should be for gestation, she then asked me to go and empty my bladder as she needed to do an internal scan.... Moments later she said she was sorry but there was no heartbeat and the baby was only measuring that of 8 weeks gestation. Gob smacked not knowing what to say or do she showed my friend and I into a side room, moments later what seemed like a lifetime a midwife came through with various pieces of paper with information on them of what the next steps were. As my partner was away and i wasn't thinking straight i said i would go away and talk to my partner. That evening i spent alone, crying, asking myself why, what had i done wrong etc.The next day partner came home threw his arms around me and we cried together, we went away for the weekend as we planned with our other 3 children, then on Saturday i started bleeding, it was only light and occasional, today (Monday) i went back to the hospital who have said just to see what the rest of the week brings and if nothing passes by next Monday 5th November they will discuss the next step. I feel so numb and empty and as this is the 2nd miscarriage in under a year. I wonder if I will ever carry the last child I long for so much, I know i can't blame myself but that is all i feel at the moment. I have some lovely family members and some great friends, I just need a big hug and reassurance that it will all be ok 1 day!!!
My thoughts go out to other people in the same boat as me as I know you feel.

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Oasis717 said on 15 September 2012

I suffered a miscarriage on 23/07/2012 at 11 weeks plus 4. I'd had brown spotting at 5,8 & 11 weeks but at 11 weeks it got slightly more and on the 22/07 it turned red and I had strong period type pains. At A & E they couldn't have been less bothered. Wanted me to wait hours with everyone else while my husband and me were in complete distress as to whether we were loosing our baby. Thanks only to my husband complaining we were put in a side room and waited an hour for a doctor. She gave me an internal and when she pulled out the wadding she'd used and it was covered in blood my heart broke. They refused give me a scan saying there was no one available so we will never know when our baby died. They were preparing to send me home to wait it out when I stood up and lost so much blood in seconds I was so scared. All hell broke loose then and all of a sudden it seemed everyone suddenly took notice and I was eventually taken to a ward. I continued to loose so much blood I had an operation within hours followed by 2 blood transfusions. The ward was amazing but a & e couldn't of cared less about me. I am now pregnant again and have just had an early scan at what should of been 7 weeks but I measured 5 weeks and the pregnancy sac was empty. I go back in 3 days for another scan to find out whether I am earlier than I thought as the nurse said miscarriages throw out your cycle and it was too early to see anything or the baby stopped developing or I could have a blighted ovum. The wait is unbearable. I don't think I could cope with another loss. My heart goes out to you all xx

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Anonymous said on 19 August 2012

I lost my baby at 17weeks and went into proper labour and gave birth to my baby a oil boy he was . I was sat in hosp for 6 hours and then went up to epu and was in a examination room for 12 hours before they put me in my own room . They gave me so much drugs for the pain but none of it worked, I honestly don't think they knew what they was doin until I gave birth because before I did it was like I was just left there with no concern xx I feel for you all . I nearly dead I got a fever Nd lost so much blood , , had a blood transfusion and lots of fluid and other stuff, it aS scary . A week has past Nd physical I can't walk up the road as my knees give way Nd my legs s tart shaking. Emotionally I won't ever stop thinking or dwelling over my baby . Xx thoughts are with you all.

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aims711 said on 06 July 2012

I have just suffered my first miscarriage, my partner and I went for our first scan 3 days ago thinking we were going to see our baby for the first time, and instead we were told there was no heartbeat and that it had died at 9 weeks. We were so upset, because I had no signs that anything was wrong. My body still thought it was pregnant so I was still feeling constantly sick, breasts were sore and always tired. Straight after the doctor told us there was no heartbeat we were sent home. Given no advice, support or anything, and told to come back 2 days later to discuss getting the fetus removed. My biggest fear was what would happen if I miscarried naturally in between and how I would cope! But nobody even went over our fears with us! 2 days later we came back to hospital and were made to wait in the ante natal clinic waiting room which was full of happy pregnant couples coming out of there scans with images! Both of us sat in tears, and in total disbelief to how cruel the whole situation was. How could any one with any human compassion put 2 people in a room full of happy expectant mothers while they were carrying there dead child inside them. To make matters worse the soonest they could do the surgery was next Tuesday, so will have known im carrying a dead fetus for over a week before we can even imagine thinking about moving on. I feel so sorry for every one who has gone a miscarriage. I was a bit naive having already got a 4 year old daughter and having a very successful and normal time with her but this has been without a doubt the worst week of our lives. All our dreams and hopes seem to disappear the moment we couldn't see our babies heartbeat.

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mumofone12 said on 30 June 2012

I am really angry about the nhs treatment for women who suffer miscarriages as myself have just lost a baby at 12 weeks I went to a+e with bleeding and was in agony and had to wait 8 hours!! to get to the stage where I was seen by a gynecologist then I was sent home as she could not tell me if I was losing my baby or not and had to wait until 2pm the next day for an emergency scan. I find it disgusting that somebody with a fracture gets seen and treated quicker than somebody losing a baby as it is a frightening and upsetting process to go through on your own. Until now I never thought too much about women having miscarriages but to experience it for myself you realise how much a woman goes through and how much lack of information and support the nhs really do not provide!

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AngelaM5972 said on 26 June 2012

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I am so very sad and angry for everyone who has posted about a terrible experience made worse by lack of empathy and human kindness. I am 12 and a half weeks pregnant and have started to have some bleeding and dizziness - have been to see my GP and contacted my midwife, both of whom have been kind and suportive, but no-one has been able to offer me a scan date yet sooner than another two weeks away (1st scan). I know there is nothing anyone can do, but if it is a missed miscarriage or similar I would just like to know as soon as I can. It's horrible for me and my partner not knowing if our baby is alive or not. We are very lucky in that we already have two beautiful kids, but that doesn't mean we won't cry for this one if it tuns out that way. Sending a big hug to all the ladies (and gents) who have been through this and a big thank you to all the equally overworked nurses and carers who still somehow manage to remember that they are dealing with people, and their hopes and dreams. x

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mmnov18 said on 19 May 2012

I have just posted a comment on my recent experience with the NHS, and I have only posted this once. There is absolutely noting confidential, offensive or anything contained that might break the rules, and yet I have had this removed by the moderators with the excuse that it was posted twice? So can the moderators please at least get this right. Or is the NHS really falling apart at the seams? Freesom of speech remember....I know all about it. Please return my post. Thank you.

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mmnov18 said on 19 May 2012

Having suffered early miscarriage before, I was quite pragmatic about the experience. It was early, the baby did not form for a reason, and it was somehow easier for me to deal with. However, I just discovered 2 days ago, that my baby has died at 14 weeks. The horror of seeing my baby so clearly on the screen, and then realising he was dead, was just unbearable. The sonographer did not say much other than 'sorry', no information was provided. I was taken from the scan room to the ward, where I was seen by a nurse who calmly pointed out as if this was an everyday event, that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, like it is standard NHS script that is delivered to people. Well I wanted to scream at her that no this is not a 1 in 4 situation. This was a healthy baby that was perfect in every way, had been perfect on three previous scans, the last one only two weeks before. Losing a fully formed perfect baby at 14 weeks does not in any way compare with my previous 'early' miscarriages. I was given the options, told surgical was best and quickest., given a pile of information for 'Early Miscarriage' and sent home. When we rang back Wednesday evening to let them know our preferred option..I was stunned to be breezily told that the earliest they could fit me in was..Thursday next week!! In a state of anger and shock, we rang the nearest private hospital, and the wheels of motion sprung into action. Not only that, having seen the senior obstetrician yesterday, he was stunned that I was told I was suitable for early miscarriage surgery, as I was well past the cut-off for that. They did another scan and rather than the cursory 3 second measurment the NHS sonographer did, he dated the baby nearly a week older. I have started the medical management treatment and will be going in for the final stage this evening. I feel like I am in safe caring hands..people who actually care and give the time of day to even bracket this stage of loss in the correct way.

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jojo86 said on 29 March 2012

I have had 3 miscarridges in just over a year. I type 1 diabetes but with my 3rd pregnancy my doctor keept a very close eye on my i went to see him every week and had blood tests every 2 weeks. He was very happy with my sugars the whole time. Yet when i lost my 3rd baby i was transfered to a gynecologist. As soon as i got in there she blamed it all on my sugars (even tho i had been told it wasnt) so she refused to do any type of tests on my or my husband. I could not belive the way she was so rude. I ended up being depressed and blaming myself for the loss of my baby. i still to this day 1 year on have not had no tests. I dont know where to tern or what to do. We have been trying for a baby for 9 years now. I feel a failure and feel like im letting my husband down. Im scared of falling pregnant now incase i go through this again :(

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Lucy213 said on 05 January 2012

I miscarried twice in 2011 first in April and again in November. In April, I started spotting one evening at 7 weeks. The local surgery was closed and we contacted the out of hours doctor and were advised to go to Barnet A&E.

We arrived at A&E around 7pm, were not seen until 830pm for the initial assessment; were then asked to wait again. After another 2 hours, we were called in for blood test. A nurse took blood and just left me sitting in a chair. Because I was feeling dizzy, one of the nurses reluctantly found me bed to lie down (mumbling all along showing every sign of impatience). I was left for another 2 hours during which time the bleeding intensified and I just could not stop crying. My husband went to ask the duty nurse a couple of time what would be happening as no one once looked in and told us what would happen. Luckily we brought water and had a bit of snacks.

At about 1am, finally a nurse came in to take more blood. She couldn't locate the vein and was poking around first my left arm then my right. I was terrified and hysterical at that point. She then went out to "get help" and another nurse came in. This time she poked around the vein near my wrist. After 2 minutes when I opened my eyes, I saw that she had put a tab on my wrist. She then promptly walked off with no explanation! A while later, someone came in and put me on a saline drip. We were again left to wait and were not examined until 430am for 5 minutes. We were also told the tab and saline drip were totally unnecessary!

We appreciate the pressure A&E staff is under but the utter lack of care to and interest in the patient at a time we we needed it just left us so angry.

When I miscarried the second time, the local hospital won't give me an appointment for a scan and we just went private. We were given proper information, were treated with decency and compassion.

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Jadeleanneproctor said on 23 August 2011

I recently miscarried at 16 week 4 d, a week prior to losing my baby, i had some pain and minor bleeding. I went to a&e in the middle of the night as i knew something was wrong, i waited 2 hours to see someone and then my blood pressure was taken i was then made to wait just under 3 hours more for the doctor to pat my back and say they couldnt do anything for me but book me a scan for the following day.
My scan the following day confirmed my worries, i had very low amniotic fluid and was told my babys chances of making it were very slim.
I started to miscarry a week later, i went to the hospital and was told to take some tablets to induce the labour. I was not given much feedback or warned of the pain to come, i was left to it. My partner was with my holding my hand through out. When i finally gave birth to our baby there was no nurse around so my partner had to check for me if it was in fact the baby as i was too scared. we rang the emergency button and after about 10 minits someone came and took my baby away without a word. I was left alone throughout the whole thing. Although the nurses werent unkind or cruel to me they were in no way supportive or caring and the head doctor who came to see me was very cold and matter of fact. my mum was in the waiting room and the doctor came out to her and told her i was "absoloutely fine" wich i most certainly was not. There is alot more to the story but as a result i feel let down. My midwife didnt even contact me till a week after id lost my baby when i had been leaving messages upon messages asking her to get back to me as i had low fluid and was scared i was losing my baby. I am 21 years old and this is my first pregnancy. I feel angry about the way i was treat and i sincerely hope that no other woman is ponced off as another miscarriage the way i have been.

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am11 said on 28 July 2011

Part 2
Our nurse comforted us,gave us privacy & essentials.The anaesthetic explained the process.The amazingly kind registrar touched my shoulder,gave us her condolences, talked about the op,encouraged us to ask questions,said if at ANY STAGE I had second thoughts,they'd stop & discuss alternatives,if there was anything they could do,any help,they were there for us.We felt safe.In the holding area,my husband was allowed to stay with me.The recovery nurses so kind.The one who took me in the anaesthesia room shook our hands & promised to keep my glasses.At 10.30 my husband left,giving me amazing strength & the anaesthetic asked me if I felt ready,put the i.v & some pain killers,explained exactly how it would make me feel(& it was as such),asked if I was ready for the anaesthesia & that was it.I woke up at 11.10,my robes neat,my body comfy,snugly covered with blankets,the recovery nurses on top of me,telling me everything went well.In seconds,the wonderful registrar,touching my shoulder again,saying everything went well,asking how I was feeling & obliging in answering my questions,kindly comforting me,offering any help of any kind.At 11.20 I was taken up.During my absence,my wonderful husband was kindly looked after by our nurse-offered coffee & sandwiches every 5’(he couldn’t eat a thing bless him,his colour greyish green,worrying our nurse).Our nurse offered both of us food & coffee(twice!the second came as I take it,without me asking,during my trip to the loo).I was allowed to dress,feel normal & after 3 hours,making sure I was fine,telling us not to hesitate to call if we had any questions or worries,we came home…

Thank you all for reading. I apologise for the length,I only felt that my amazing,supportive husband & the wonderful ladies who cared for,looked after & comforted us with such great respect,kindness & humanity,deserved every detail to be told!

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am11 said on 28 July 2011

Part 1...
I am so sorry for everyone that had to post a comment on this page. What motivated me to write about my experience though is the sadness I felt for all of you ladies that were badly treated. I am really sorry. I know there's nothing else anybody could say to make any of us feel better and therefore I will not even attempt it. I just wanted to share my experience and to praise Gloucester Royal Hospital and all the members of staff that cared for and looked after us. My husband and I went for our dating scan all cheerful and exited and worried at the same time. The moment the transducer was on my tummy and I heard the terrible silence I knew there was something wrong...The sonographer was very kind and talked to us and explained all the terrible details. That was in Cheltenham's ultrasound unit. We were send to Gloucester's Royal hospital to talk to a doctor. When we arrived all we said was our name, no details were asked. A registrar who talked to us in a private room and explained all the possible reasons that could have lead to our delayed miscarriage. She also talked us through the different options we had and all the advantages and disadvantages of them. We were given time to discuss it and were told not to worry about reaching a decision there and then, the telephone line was open 24 hours a day, we could call even in the middle of the night to discuss it again, or pop in...We were comforted and consoled and were given the leaflet and were encouraged to call them or seek more detail on the miscarriage org webpage.We left...My husband called some hours later to confirm that we would prefer the erpoc operation. Again, he wasn't asked for details, they had the file and knew our names...They booked us for some bloods next morning and a doctor went through all the operation details with us with great respect and privacy. Two days later we went in for the op.Said our name and were shown to our room...

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GVZ said on 17 May 2011

I started to miscarry in March at 11 weeks 3 day and I went to A&E Hillingdon Hospital where I was told that I was over-reacting and being silly and that I must stop worrying and that everything will be fine. The EPU (at Hillingdon Hospital) called me the next morning to book an appt and we saw them the same afternoon where we were told that there was no heartbeat and the baby was only measuring 6 weeks. When we left the EPU we were given a leaflet on miscarriage and they didn't give me any painkillers (I have never ever experienced pain like that in my life), and they didn't tell me what to expect they just said that if I pass clots bigger than my fist I must go to A&E. Ended up in A&E 2 days later with unbearable pain and heavy bleeding and stayed over night.
I can't believe that the EPU just sent me on my way without telling me anything at all about what was going to happen - it was (and still is) the most terrifying experience I have ever been through - thankfully I had a friend that has been through this a couple of times and she told me what was going to happen.

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GVZ said on 17 May 2011

I started spotting/bleeding (11 weeks & 3 days) and I went to Ealing Hospital (as I was at work at the time) and they did a pg test, which was positive and I had no infections but couldn't give me a scan to check because the EPU was closed. Went home and passed a small clot and phoned Hillingdon Maternity Unit and they said that I should go into A&E and they did pg test, which was still positive, and no infections and basically told me that I was over-reacting and being silly but they would get the EPU to phone me to book in a scan for the next day. EPU called 9am the next morning, and went to see them in the afternoon and there was no heartbeat and the baby was only 6 weeks (missed miscarriage) - after the scan we were taken into a little room and the GP came into speak to me and my husband where she told us that "these things happen" and "it is no one's fault" and that she will book me another scan for a weeks time. As we were leaving she gave me a leaflet and told me if I pass clots as big as my fist or experience pain I can't handle go to A&E. As it turns out I ended up in A&E and staying overnight 2 days later, the doctors there were great - gave me painkillers and told me what to expect - I can't fault them. The EPU on the other hand ... I couldn't believe that they just sent me on my way, not telling me what to expect (except for a leaflet) - absolutely nothing - it wasn't like I had been through this before as it was my first pregnancy.

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cj86 said on 01 March 2011

When I was 17 I found out that I was pregnant when I did a test with the local nurse. I was absolutely petrified and didn't tell my mam n dad anything. At about 8 weeks I noticed that I had bled a little bit but it stopped as suddenly as it started so I didn't worry about it. At 16 weeks pregnant I started getting severe stomach cramps and started to bleed alot too. I had no choice but to tell my mam and when I did she rushed me straight to the hospital. When I went in they did a pregnancy test which came back positive and they decided to keep me in as my BP was raised. That night the cramps got loads worse and even paracetamol didn't take the pain away. No one came to check on me to see if I was ok and eventually the next morning came around. I was offered a bath and then a doctor came and said he wanted to do an internal scan and unfortunatly said that there was nothing in my womb. I was discharged and told to see my GP.

I got home and went to bed for a bit as I'd had no sleep the night before. When I woke up suddenly to go for a wee I ran to the toilet and when I sat down I saw two little legs. My mam rushed me back through to the hospital where they checked and found the baby. They pulled it from me and within 5 min asked me for a name and funeral arrangements. I wasnt offered any councilling or was i told my babys gender

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thumper54 said on 04 November 2010

I did a test yesterday and it was +v - yippee! Stood up to get off the toilet and started to bleed, saw my gp within 20 mins, told me I would be 5 weeks pregnant but it a waiting game to see if pregnancy lasts. Bleeding only there when i wipe myself, feel useless and had to tell my partner 'hey, you're going to be a dad' and then explain not well - read on internet that it could be what they call implanting bleed but doubt it very much - anyone have any suggestions?

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pops91 said on 30 October 2010

I found out i was pregnant end of september (roughly) me and my boyfriend were so exited.few days later i started to get cramps went to doctor as i was worried he said it was nothing it was normal for pregnancys, few weeks later cramps didn't go and still thought nothing of it!
sunday night 24/10 i went to a&e as i was bleeding, was worried and scared, the a&e was empty the took pee test and than 5hours later took blood and decided to keep me in! 5 hours waiting no doctor checking up on me either!!

next morning they arranged a scan for me. the doctor showed me my baby on the screen,black shade... from then i knew that wasn't right 9weeks pregnant should have looked more than that,i know it should!

5mins later they broke the news i lost my baby at 4weeks :/

having a scan on monday 1st/11 to make i have no infections etc..

I feel empty and helpless,i blame myself for this all...

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charlie flynn said on 06 September 2010

I had a missed miscarriage in Feb 2010 and a miscarriage last Thursday.

I felt I had to leave a comment as the EPU in Heath Hospital, Cardiff were fantastic with me both times. The staff were very sympathetic and compassionate.

They explained everything to me so I knew exactly what was going on and who to speak to if I wanted to ask questions.

The miscarriage last week was very traumatic as I was rushed into hospital but they completed all tests and scans before clinic opened so I would not have to return.

I could not have been in better hands

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cassie194 said on 14 April 2010

well yesterday i started bleeding VERY heavy, my GP said my cervix and everything was fine, and sent me home, the bleeding got worse, so I went to me EPAU unit, waited 5 hours bleeding very heavy, I passed 2 big clots and they said they wasnt my baby as they checked them, it was just blood, I had a scan they saw nothing. there and said i lost my baby, but i could be 6 weeks so they wouldnt see it anyways, I had a urine pregancy test about an hour later at the hospital which came back positive, and i had a HCG blood test which my hormone levels are 270, i have to go back tomorow for blood tests and they are checking for an Ectopic pregnancy. I got home yesterday bleeding so heavy its was through 3 pads at a time every 20 mins, and they told me to stay at home. I am only 17, and I had a termination last year as i was very ill and im thinking my termination has something to do with this and I am feeling very low, and they are making me wait another day to see if im still pregnant, If I Lost a twin (why im bleeding as the same happend to my mum) or if im having an Ectopic pregnancy which is very dangerous! How nice to put a 17 year old through all this! The hospital i went to was very appalling, waiting 5 hours and i was the only person in the EPAU unit! !

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MsF said on 02 April 2010

I happily went for my 12 week scan on Wednesday only to find that my baby doesn't have a heartbeat. It had stopped growing at around 8 weeks and I didn't have a clue that something was wrong. I never had morning sickness and felt fine.
My experience may be different to others because I was at the hospital when I found out, but I was sent straight to the gynae ward and had my options explained to me.
The problem I have found is that I opted for the operation on Wednesday, but because of the Easter bank holiday can't have it until Tuesday.
I am now in limbo, waiting to go in, knowing that I am carrying my dead baby with me.
I have started bleeding a little bit and am dreading the thought of having a miscarriage in the meantime.
In some respects I was lucky, the nurse at the hospital explained to me exactly what will happen, but that also means I know what will happen and know I don't think I could cope with it.
I know that sounds daft because women go through this all the time, but its very scarey and frightening.
I am lucky though. My husband is fantastic and so is the rest of my family, its just horrible feeling in limbo for so long.

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GB73 said on 31 March 2010

I had a miscarriaged in July 2009 at 10 weeks and was told that the baby had stopped developing at 6 weeks. My HCG blood levels were still showing as 10 weeks when I went to A&E. I was totally devastated. I had two normal pregnancies previous to this and my children are now 9 and 6. I am now 6 weeks pregnant and am petrified at going through the miscarriage process again. At the moment I'm cramping as if a period is going to start and have a slight vaginal discharge. My boobs are still really sore and sensitive but I don't remember if this is 'normal'. I had a blood test last week which confirmed HCG levels as 5-6 weeks, but I can't be assured by this due my previous levels being 10 weeks even though the baby stopped developing 4 weeks previous. It's a horrible feeling to think that the worst is going to happen. It should be an exciting time, but the only feeling I have at the moment is dread!

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zuzanabrown said on 29 March 2010

I've had my miscarriage at 11 weeks in december 2010. I was quite calm the first week as I had a feeling something was not right, I had no pregnancy symptoms what so ever, no sickness, sore nipples, nothing like that, so I wasn't really surprised. When I started bleeding, I called the NHS Direct after trying to contact a midwife - there was only answer machine then. They called me back twice before sending me off to the local hospital where they took great care of me for the next 3 days, as my bleeding was very heavy. However I do agree that I have not been given much information and I was in great shock when I passed 3 big parts, or blood clots, which to me were my baby.. I was in tears as I did not expect that at all and nobody prepared me for that. I was also devasted when all the scans and appointments afterwards were made for me at the same time when the waiting rooms were full of happilly pregnant women.. It made me think how funny it is that you don't even think when you are all happy in waiting room, someone next to you might be there because of your loss.. I also hated being told all the time that they can't say for definite that I have lost my baby after all this.. I have a 2 years old daughter from my first pregnancy which was perfect, textbook pregnancy, home water birth and I am now trying after the miscarriage for my second baby. There could definatelly be more compassion and information from SOME medical staff.

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NJI said on 27 January 2010

I miscarried in October 2009 at just under 6 weeks and when I started bleeding heavily I was scared and upset. I telephoned my midwife - she didn't want to know! She told me to ring the EPA at the hospital - they closed at lunchtime. A midwife who answered the call told me to ring my GP. I telephoned my GP's surgery for an urgent appointment and even after crying at the receptionist they said all they could do was tell me to come down to surgery and sit and wait til after 6pm (this was at 2.00pm!) otherwise go to A and E. Nobody was helping me so my husband took me to A and E and they whisked me through up to the gynae ward and were fantastic. I was disgustd at the lack of compassion shown by my midwife and the EPA and GP's surgery. Starting to miscarry is a very lonely and devastating experience and I would have expected a little more assistance and compassion from the so called caring medical profssionals I tried to get help from.

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SM0810 said on 25 January 2010

I had the reverse experience to the person above - my local hospital was superb (and I should have gone straight there), but my GP was appalling - so perhaps there's always a weak link the NHS chain somewhere.
However, in terms of the hospital, although my experience may not necessarily reflect the standard of care across the board, I was treated with nothing but respect and great kindness by all those involved on the maternity ward at my local hospital.
I felt I had a great deal of support, at a very difficult time, all the more noteworthy when I found out the ward was very under-staffed on the days I was there. I totally respect the person's comments above but the compassion I was shown – from triage in A&E through to the gynae ward - meant I felt I should leave a comment. I do feel that hospital staff often have a very difficult job to do under extremely high pressure circumstances - the day I miscarried, my hospital ward alone had already had 8 suspected miscarriages.

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leah m said on 19 January 2010

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when i miscarried in october last year i had no support at all after it noone told me about things or places i could go to to talk to people about it or anything. when i thought i was losing my baby i phoned my local hospital and talked to a lady on the materinty unit to be told that they can do anything or help me in anyway as i wasnt over 16 weeks coz it wasnt classed as a baby yet. IT WAS TO ME!!!!!

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